Compression Rocks My Socks Off GIVEAWAY!

Totally nerding out and going to work like this:

Think you know what compression is for? Compression is so much more than just for thrombosis and marathon running! It’s for marathon recovery and training, for long work days, hard workouts, long runs, & looking super fly.


My poor feet and legs can become so swollen from standing on my feet all day at the pharmacy and then add marathon training in…and I usually have some pretty swollen puppies. 

Theses socks were a God send to me. Thanks TIUX!

cool phrase inside sock says, run. jump. go. BUT wear socks unfolded up top. I just wanted to show off the the coolness.

cool phrase inside sock says, run. jump. go. BUT wear socks unfolded up top. I just wanted to show off the the coolness.

So why Tiux vs other leading brands?

The biggest reason for me is affordability. Finally an affordable option. For more info on how they keep costs SO low check out their about page HERE.

As a certified personal trainer do I advocate compression? Yes, in short I do. But not necessarily to build fitness, PR, or race faster but because they are awesome for recovery. There are some rough studies out there on compression socks for athletes and performance, but nothing quite conclusive yet. However, there’s nothing that suggests it’s harmful. 

Benefits may include:

  • Increase in blood flow, increasing circulation throughout the legs aiding in free radical flushing 
  • Decrease lactic acid build up
  • Decrease in swollen feet
  • Quicker recovery 
  • Quicker recovery = quicker return to training hard 

How did I feel personally about them? 

  • I loved the color!
  • Great fit. True to size
  • Not as itchy as other brands 
  • Not too warm (ran in the 60-70*)
  • Plenty of cushion on heel 
  • Compression in all the places 
  • Felt like a total leg massage 

All I kept thinking was I wish this compression went all the way up to my butt! It felt that good! I have worn them  running and at work and I will say I experienced less swelling for sure!!

At the end of the day I feel compression is a totally personal choice. And if you do choose it I strongly recemmend TIUX because you’re saving some moolah. The extra cash could go into another race fee. Yes, please!! If you need further reason to purchase from TIUX you should know they are a giving back company. They give to MAG Mines Advisory  Group. For more info on that click on the photo below. 

They keep things simple with few color choices, no store front buildings, and cutting out the middleman. I’m all for simplicity! Especially if it saves lives, saves a dollar, and gives me better recovery. 

So my good friends at TIUX have graciously offered to give one of my stellar readers a pair. Luck YOU! 

To enter to win:

Enter by following the Facebook Rafflecopter link. Don’t worry, it’s easy and fun!


*Giveaway runs from Tuesday (today!) 25th until Tuesday Sept 1st at midnight.   

*Must be a U.S. or Canada resident

*Enter via Rafflecopter honestly!

*Spread the word!!


Will be selected at random next Wednesday at 12:00 pm and announced on my new Facebook personal trainer page!! Go ahead and ‘like’ Pink Payne Fit to stay in the know!!  
How do you recover from a long work day, hard workout, or run?


blessed and beautiful running.

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of TIUX compression socks at no charge in exchange for an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All thoughts, expressions, and opinions are my own. 

Track Tuesday Tales Get in Yo Lane Home Slice! 

  Uuuuugh. Agxsshhhmiufgtfrrrryiiitfreewweurttyfiuuiiiurezbkpgbkxxxy!!!!!! Precisely. That’s exactly how I feel. Or felt rather…But I have to let it go. I need to for my own good health…. And I mean there’s serious things I need to let go in my personal life. But for now I’ll give you humor. There are 8 lanes on a running track and generally speaking if you’re a walker you walk on the far outside lane…

But. You sweet, sweet old lady. *sigh*

Everything started out all peachy keen with sweet 120 year old walking in her designated lane. I’m plugging along with my warm up laps in my designated lane 5 because there were college speedsters in lanes 1 and 2. So in consideration of everyone I picked the middle lane, 5. 

Then I hit the speed button and go off on 100 meter sprint one and all of a sudden I look ahead at a very startled lady shuffling her feet like a wild goose trying to waddle her way around me. What?! Where did she come from?! I thought she was safely walking in lane 8 out of my fire lane? I suppose she traveled across lanes. So I kindly gestured her to her appropriate lane. She didn’t.  And she nearly got ran over again and again.  After a few laps of this crap I gave up and ran on the 8th lane. 

In the grand sceme of things what does it matter? So the little old lady was lost in her walk and skipped lanes. Oh well. That is probably someone’s precious grandma.

How to let it go:

Belt out…let it gooooo. Let it gooooo!!

Just kidding. 

Seriously, take a deep breathe close your eyes and ask yourself, in ten years will this matter? Probably not. But, in the event the answer is yes, then seek immediate help. Can’t help you there. 

But more often than not the things that drive is totally bat guano cray cray has more to do with what’s inside ourselves. ‘But Jess you just don’t know my MIL from Uranus! You don’t know my crazy kids! That woman was in my  lane. You should’ve seen the looks I get!! You just don’t understand my liiiiiiife!!!’ 

No. I don’t. You’re correct on that statement. There’s many things about your life I’ll never know. However, I do know that life is too dang short to be hung up on someone else’s problem. People are just people. Let it go. 

Go for a run darling. Run in a different lane if needed. Usually running has a way of opening your mind to what’s really bothering you….It’s all gonna be okay. Focus on the beauty that is life itself. Paint a picture. Read a book. Sing a song. Dream a new exciting adventure up. Get your mind off that negative crap. K? ūüôā

Yours truly, 


TNT Tuesday: Micro Nutrient Needs for the Endurance Athlete. 

**Disclaimer: I was provided a one month sample of EnduroPacks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No other form of compensation was offered.

You work hard. Sweat hard. Redlining is your norm and giving training your all is a daily practice. You. Got. Determination.

Then you pass out because you lack some vital electrolytes and micro nutrients.

Since being introduced to EndurPacks my training has drastically changed…for the better.¬†I may not be an elite or even a serious competitor, but I fare pretty ok in the age group awards from time to time. I’m not mega competitive but I DO like to push ¬†myself as hard as I can go. And for the first time in my running “career” (3.5 years)¬†7:30 minute miles finally feel comfortable.¬†I then took almost 6 minutes off my 10k summer time in one year…

photo 5

You know the race of the season I typically pass out in? I remember just a year ago when I felt like an 8:00 minute mile was smokin’ fast for me. It’s amazing to see how strong you truly are through hard work and dedication.

But you need to support your body’s vitals to keep pushing. Want to see yourself accelerate and beat out the competition? Even if the competition is with yourself?

Fuel the right way.


Your body needs more than carbs to sustain. Most of us are pretty good at getting our macro nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) but eh, on the micro¬†front….

You know those little important things like selenium, magnesium, potassium, boron…etc…

EnduroPacks has ALL that covered and packaged at an affordable rate. I compared other GNC type products on the market and all in all, you get a bangin’ deal for the whole kit and kaboodle with EnduroPacks.

I’m eternally grateful the good folks at EnduroPacks sent me a care package. Perfect timing for my summer training.

IMG_4103To break it down for you the monthly kit contains:

All-Natural, Gluten-Free, and GMO-Free products manufactured in the USA, with organic and vegetarian ingredients.

  1. Liquid multi-vitamin that has ALL your needs covered.
    1. favorable taste once you become used to it. Makes me feel like a kid to take the liquid.
    2. has every vitamin plus minerals you need.
      1. as a side note, I am a FIRM believer in acquiring all your nutrient needs through natural consumption. ie food. But sometimes we fail in our diets. That’s where a good solid multivitamin steps in.
    3. Take in the morning.
  2. Concentrated Electrolyte spray to mix with water and use during workouts.
    1. mix 10 sprays with 8-16 oz of water.
    2. when mixed there is zero flavor.
    3. support your muscles, immune system, and body’s tissues WITHOUT the extra sugar and syrups found in some sports drinks.
  3. Protein patch to build.
    1. apply after workout for 4-8 hours
    2. helps build torn muscle.
  4. L-Glutamine for recovery.
    1. take this at bedtime to aid in recovery.
    2. recover muscles and body.
    3. prevents aches, fatigue, soreness

the patch is barely noticeable. It can be worn on the abdominal area or inner arm.

Check out this short under two minute video form EndruoPacks

So how well did the claims hold up in my personal training? 

I’ve reviewed other products like EnergyBits but I have found EnduroPacks to really give me the edge I need.

I’m able to push my body harder and recover faster.

I ran my best 10k summer time. This is a combination of good ‘ol hard work coupled with the perfect micro nutrient supplements.

I don’t get dehydrated on my runs as much.

I feel stronger. Run stronger.

Sleep better.

My energy levels are higher throughout the day. As my schedule is usually jam packed I NEED the energy.

If you can’t take my word for it check out elite, Tina Muir. You can read her review HERE.

Would you try EnduroPacks? Do you have a secret supplement weapon? 
blessed and beautiful running. 


A New Kind of #MotivateMe Monday. Goal: No Goals!

Hellllllllooooo Monday!! I’m so happy you’re here. What?! Yes. I am. Because, it’s a new week. A fresh start. And I just got back from the gym so I’m feeling all kinds of pumped positivism going on. And after much thought about the race this past weekend, I’ve decided that I’m ridiculous and that I should totally celebrate a new PR…

my good friends at Sports Spot in town have spoiled me again!

So to celebrate a shiny new PR (in every distance even this year 5k, 10k, 10 miler, marathon!!) I splurged on some new running duds. Positive mindset is back in full force friends!! Sometimes you need to sulk for 24 hours or so then you’re recharged and realize how silly you’ve been. We are HUMAN. not machines.

Getting to spend time with this kid helps remind me what truly matters most in life:

Love this kid. We had a fun time uptown during the 4th festivities.

And like cheeseburgers and wine. But seriously this stuff was yum! I was like whaaaat? Cheeseburgers are my favorite thing and now there’s a wine for that?! I found it at our local shop in town, Broad Street Wines. I don’t drink a lot or even very often but a nice glass of red after a hard race was pleasant.

then there was wine…cheeseburger wine.

And like our garden’s fresh blooms. I love, love, love flowers!! God’s creation is pretty much perfect. and we are blessed. so stop and smell the flowers y’all. It’s just good for the soul.

Allow life’s beauty to encompass you. Draw you in. And forget the troubles.

So as far as this week’s line-up for miles, I have zero goals. I don’t care if I run 60 ¬†miles or 0 miles this week. I just want to enjoy life as it comes at me. With no worries. No stresses. No preconceived ideas of how life should run.

Goals are important. In fact I strongly recommend having goals, setting them, and smashing them to¬†completion. Goals give us that motivation and boost we need to get things done. On the flip side we can become so dependent on meeting or crippled when not meeting goals that we forget to take life as is. It’s nice to cruise through life one in a while. Allow the scene to take you in where it wants you. In two weeks I will be back at marathon training and giving it all I have. Because I want to qualify for Boston darn it!! But before I get back to serious training or goals I need to be seriously healthy on the inside. That’s a huge part of my personal training regime, making sure women feel secure on the inside!

So here it is, NO MORE negative talk. No more “I’m not good enough” garbage. Just because I’m not an Olympian, elite, pro, or even first place finisher doesn’t mean I’m not great in my own right.

I started running when I was 25. I was that¬†girl who hated running. And now look where I’ve brought myself. I’ve come a long way, baby. And for this, I celebrate! And YOU should celebrate YOU. No matter where you are currently in life. You can only move forward once you’ve accepted where you are currently and have a healthy mindset to tackle life’s challenges.

How do you celebrate life? Have you had cheeseburger wine? What do you purchase to celebrate a running PR?
blessed and beautiful running.

#MotivateMe Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! It’s Not the Failure. Sometimes It’s the Goal.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I am not a cookie cutter woman. I am imperfect, flawed, broken beyond repair, damaged, wild, and chaotic. I can be completely unruly and out of line.

But all of this is what makes me beautiful. Or this:

me on Monday.

Yeeeeahh, last week’s #MotivateMe Monday did not work last week. I did blog more than once though…. there’s something.

You know, sometimes we set goals that seem to be bigger than our own briches. Then sometimes we set goals blindly. Like for example, trying to squeeze in a 40 mile week knowing I had a FULL week ahead with visiting the kid at camp, visiting in-laws, long work week, training clients, picking up the kid from camp… With the 6 hour round trip drive to my son’s camp…twice last week, I think aiming for a 40 mile week was a bit unwise. Then, I fell sick Monday. I think I more or less had ¬†some kind of summer cold I caught from my son’s camp. Also, combined with being over worked and stressed to the max trying to be everything. But whatever it was it caused me to lay out on Monday and feel lethargic Tuesday.

To be totally honest with you all, I was beginning to feel depressed. Of all my great plans and goals…I had stupid thoughts like, “You’re not good enough to pull off this personal trainer gig. Who do you think you are? You SUCK at being a wife and mom. Maybe you should just stop trying. Give up. You’re not a real runner. Those runners this weekend are going to kick your BUTT. You’re not fit enough yet. Maybe you should cook more you lousy ‘homemaker’. You’re just a terrible human being with the worst attitude.”

I know. I know…..But that’s part of blogging. Being real with each other. And thank the LORD it was only a crazy temporary mind battle.

But today is a new day! A new month in fact. I had plenty of solid sleep and this morning I sprung out of bed like a fresh daisy:

I feel recharged and refocused. I know my miles haven’t been high and I’m racing a 10k this Saturday. But it will be what it will be. And it will be just fine. Instead of focusing on mileage or times at this point I will focus on making sure I stay sane and healthy. Then beginning on July 20th I will start focusing on mileage again.

Though I felt discouraged due to my lack of running with an upcoming race looming overhead, I know I have been giving every day my all. And then in my little red book I read this:

“Erase from your mind that your preparation must be perfect. Hard work + dedication =a shot at your dreams. Keep believing.” Kara Goucher

Life is inherently imperfect. As long as you know you are giving each and every day your best, then that’s what it takes to be successful. We are all human. We all have busy lives at times and other things in life must take precedence over the sport of running. *gasp* I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true. Unless you get paid to run, have no job outside of the home (or in home for that matter), have no family or children at home, trying to maintain solid high mileage week after week will become near impossible at times. And that is OKAY. So bottom line:

Set SMART goals.

Refocus when needed.

Practice enjoying the journey.

Keep priorities straight i.e. family.

Get back at your running/fitness goals ASAP.

Meditate, practice yoga, and enjoy hot bubble baths often.

Know you’re not alone in this adventure. We all struggle from time to time.

July goals
  • Race a strong 10k July 4th. Regardless of time. My goal is to race as strong as I am capable.
  • Hit 40 miles by July 20th in prep for marathon training.
  • Remain focused.
  • I will think harder before setting goals.
  • I may or may not read that book I said I would…
  • Have 5 clients by the end of the month and see my current clients succeed!

This week’s line-up:

Monday: sick day

Tuesday: rest/light yoga and stretching

Wednesday: 4 miles w/hill sprints + yoga

Thursday: Easy 5 miles

Friday: Rest/light yoga stretching

Saturday: 10k race!

Sunday: easy 5 miler shakeout run

On another less serious note:

just another day at the office.

My office outside of the pharmacy. I’ve been typing up plans and notes for clients for two hours now and I need a break! So I blog. Try blogging on the ball. Nice little core workout with proper form. Oh wait…I need to be typing up my own plan now…I almost forgot…. #PersonalTrainerProblems

Have you ever set unreasonable goals for yourself and then felt like a loser? Have you had similar stupid thoughts? How do you get rid of them? How are your summer goals coming along?

blessed and beautiful running.