Fun Friday!!! My Week in 5 Photos…hint; Beer Relay!

Happy Friday y’all! After a full week of waking up before the rooster even thinks about crowing I’m excited to have a full work-at-home-at-my-leisure kind of day. But enough about my boring life. Here’s a few exciting things instead…

First check out some fun photos from our weekend Beer Relay:

yes. I know. we are smokin' hot! literally.

yes. I know. we are smokin’ hot! literally.

I know I didn’t provide you guys with a full race review because I’m pretty sure I’m the lousiest blogger on the planet, ever. I mean, I can’t even spell worth a fart half the time.

But here’s a short synopsis:

Date: July 18th

Place: Race was held on the Oskar Blues REEB Ranch in DuPont (one of the most beautiful places on God’s green earth.)

Time: Started at 11:00 am aka: hotter and more humid than the devil’s armpit. After a one measly mile warm up we were sweating from head to toe, but according to A that’s cause we are so darn fit. I’ll take it.

Details: We had a full 16 ounce beer can as our “baton”.

Drink a 12 ounce beer, get a 2 minute time bonus. My BRF and I opted out of that. And we still kicked some serious booty. We ended up coming in first place female duo category. woo! A is the coolest and came up with our team name, “Speedy Shawtys” We are short. But we are fast, baby.

Course: She ran the first lap, then I went. We each ran two laps. We expected it to be a 5k loop but it ended up only a two mile loop, which was okay with me by that point because I was dying from a heat stroke. I know I’m a total wimp, check this mess out, after my first lap I was like “ommmggeeee I just can’t go again. I just can’t!!!” loser. But of course I did it. This just goes to prove that i am a human being to the 100th degree. I might think I’m a tough cookie, oh, but I can be broken down. Just trow in a few baby hills, heat, humidity, and three creek crossings and you get pathetic jess. ha!! I would like to note that I used EndroPacks electrolyte spray and I attribute that to my not dying of dehydration and helping me push through! Oh, and thanks Bill for the ice cube!!! He literally saved my life.

Hot racing tip: suck on ice cubes and shove the rest down your bra. Amazing.

The course was beautiful though. I wouldn’t have traded that for anything! First half winding up through the forest, second half out in the brutally hot sunny field.

We had a great Brevard crew out that kicked booty as well. Racing is more fun when it’s on trail and with friends!

Oskar Blues had a great festival going on, Burning Can, with music, food, and such but we didn’t stay too long so I can’t provide insight to that but I hear it’s always a great time.  The whole beer and camping thing isn’t really my scene. Music and running yes, but I can get by just fine without the former.

This also proved to me that I have a LOT of mental strength to gain. Which I attested to in one of my previous posts. Anyway. Look, yay I’m having fun! The rest of the photos of me were complete crap. I mean CRAAAAP. If you want a good laugh feel free to visit their site and check out bib number 31. Ew.

only two good pics.

I’ve been having fun in our garden and if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already noted this.


squat and weed

Then my husband and I stayed up late reminiscing our honeymoon…finally downloading wedding pics 9 months later..

ahhh Antigua... can we go back now please???

ahhh Antigua… can we go back now please???

Then I got myself a new toy!

medicin ball push-up

medicin ball push-up

I am really enjoying the medicine ball. It’s super versatile and you can create a full body workout with it. Think you’ve mastered the push-up? Try it on a medicine ball! It’s an excellent tricep target and core stabilizer!

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What’s been fun in your world this week? Do you drink and run? Trail or road races? Any hotter than devil’s armpit races for you? What’s your favorite workout “toy”? Mine is still my good ol legs…running! But the medicine ball is fun!
blessed and beautiful running.


#WisdomWednesday The Struggle is Real. But Yes, You CAN!

“Don’t say I can’t. Say I presently struggle with.” – Tony Horton

It’s okay to think you can’t until you’ve had your coffee…

This has been me. Every. Single. Morning. Can’t move until caffeine has taken over body and mind…..Wait, what?! It’s Wednesday already? Amazing how time flies by like that. I’ve started my new work schedule where I work longer days but have one more day off to focus on my personal training gig.

So how did I fare with my zero goals for #MotivateMe Monday? Perfectly. And apparently one of my zero goals was to not blog sometime in-between last Wednesday and now. ha! I ran when I wanted. How I wanted. I read a little more. Enjoyed a weekday with my kid, went to the movies, had a date night with the husband at my fav place Olive Garden, enjoyed the pool, ate brownies and ice cream…yeah. I’m a human being!!! Yes, a crazy running machine (LOLOLOL) but also very, very human. I refuse to act like I have all my crap together all the time. Because I don’t. I’m honest. Raw. Real. But I’m also dedicated and motivated. So it really was the best thing I could have done for my overall well being. I tend to push myself to the limits. Since I’m starting marathon training up again next Monday I figured a good mental and physical break was needed. I take my marathon training pretty serious with diet, strength training, and running so taking a few weeks to let the body and mind wonder is a refreshing take from the strict training weeks.

And no. I’m not an Olympian. But yes, I still take my training seriously. Why? Because if you have the mindset of an Olympian you can achieve great things in life. Not just running goals either. But having that dedicated mindset will translate into every crevice of your life creating a bold and confident lifestyle.

I’ve been running super low mileage lately but this past week I’ve been up a bit more and this week I’ll be up a bit more and ready to rock next week! I have a pretty aggressive 16 week plan laid out ahead of me. Which brings me to my main point. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed with everything we “have” to do that we forget that it is a blessing to be able to do so. And even when we do “fall short” on getting things done it’s not the end of the world! The earth will continue spinning and no one will think any less of you if you just couldn’t get to that last load of laundry. I promise. And if they do have a problem with that, then they obviously have the problem and need to live life on the edge a little more like, “ohmygosh I’m a total rebel. Totally NOT washing the dishes today. I’m going on a hike instead. Living on the edge baby!!!!” Life was meant for work, yes, but more for exploring and enjoying!!

After working with my client today I had the opportunity to go for a run since my sister had the kid and took them to an afternoon movie in town. Yay! Run! OUTSIDE! But wait, it’s like almost 11 and it’s really warm outside…so I can’t run outside. I’ll just die! I just know it! #thestruggleisreal

But so is the solution:

I remembered I live next to this incredible thing called the forest, where it’s cooler. Trail running…It’s like pure freedom. A kid with candy running wild without inhibition through an amusement park. That kind of happy y’all! I mean look:


you’d run this all day too if you could!

Yes it was still warm but I just slowed my roll and focused on breathing and just being in nature. Trail running is therapy. And on my run today I was reminded of how good God is. And how blessed I truly am! The daily struggle in life is real, but His strength is real too. I need to stop trying to work in my own strength on the daily because I do nothing but exhaust myself and always feel that I come up short.. Running away in Pisgah took me to a place of peace.

hello Pisgah Forest! been too long…

muddy sweaty legs=one GREAT run!

You might not think you can right now, but yes, yes you can! For almost every problem there is a solution. You may just have to get creative. Long work hours? Set your alarm a little earlier in the morning to get that workout in. Stuck eating out too much? Pre-pack a few quick snacks and dishes. The Lean Green Bean has the best food and meal prep solutions!

A few tips on overcoming the life struggle:
  • Plan ahead.
  • Prep foods.
  • Allow yourself some grace.
  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier to take a time out with yourself. Coffee. Tea. Read. Whatever you need to have a quite moment. I can not do my day without this!
  • Break your problems down into bite size pieces. Looking at a weekly mileage log of 50 miles seems like a lot, but if you take it just a few miles at a time each day it’s not so bad.
  • Tomorrow has enough troubles of it’s own for you. Be present in your today.
  • Drumming up problems inside your head will stress you out to no end. So how about you stop that. Right now! Instead drum up positives. Solutions. Ideas. Goals.
  • Remind yourself that you are human and capable of so many great things but not EVERY single great thing.
  • Keep a “blessing” or “grateful for” journal. Write down one thing each day that you are grateful for. Re-read as needed.
  • Take a week to simply enjoy life! Eat the brownies for Pete’s sake! (whomever Pete is. I’ll never know….) But DO NOT eat them daily. Once a month is enough… I usually save my big treats for post race grub.
  • Connect with others who are in similar boats. Link arms with them!
  • When all else fails: just close your eyes and BREATHE.

What do you presently struggle with? What’s one thing this week you can do to overcome that struggle? Anyone else gearing up for a marathon training season?
blessed and beautiful running.


Wordless Wednesday: Just Run.

photo 5 (2)

so blessed to have this as my running playground.

Just run. It’s a beautiful world out there.

photo 1 (3)

miles ahead. worries behind. sunscreen + sweat= happy spring runner but annoyed eyes.

**And don’t forget the sunscreen and NUUN during the warmer days! 

blessed and beautiful running.


#Motivational Monday: But She Be FIERCE! 

Hello Monday!!  Since the marathon has come and gone I’m getting back at the more traditional motivational Monday thing. I saw the above quote on Pintrest and of course immediately fell in love because I stand tall at 5 foot. flat. Dynamite comes in small packages, baby. I feel like 2015 is my year to really amp up the running department and I’d say it’s off to a great start.

So let’s talk recovery, group running, and what the game plan is shall we…

Here’s what my recovery week looked like

I want to preface this with saying that recovery week is a bit of a challenge for me. I tend to get a little down on myself because I feel like if I’m not running or working out somehow I’m immediately losing fitness.. Which is totally bogus and we all know better. After 26.2 miles of hard running your body NEEDS rest! And lots of it!

Monday: lots of stretching, walking, and a nice Epsom salt bath and back at work on my feet all day was a total killer!

Tuesday: more stretching and more work. Pharmacy has been high stress! Still felt a little lethargic post marathon and traveling.

Wednesday: Garmin FREEEEE easy 3.5 miles. some of the happiest miles.

Thursday: gym time.  elliptical and some weights with the pulley and double pulley. kept things light. just enough to feel like I did something.

Friday: 5 miler jog in town. sunny and happy.

Pisgah Forest is SO green this time of year. love it!

Saturday: Garmin FREEEEE trail run with the BRF. roughly 7 miles. some more of the happiest miles ever! Running on trail is so much kinder to your body!

Sunday: Stabilization/strength 30 minute routine. I plan on creating a poster of the workout and sharing it with y’all this Friday! Mind the little things (ie boring stability workouts) so the big things don’t crush you. + an easy 2.5 mile walk/jog with this crazy group of gals:

Sunday evening  group run #FlyingFeetChicks

I started a weekend group run in part to help new runners to have a safe, no judgement zone place to start. We have a mix of beginners to more experienced. There is no too fast and there is no too slow. You just run, walk, or jog whatever YOUR pace. A huge component of my personal training style is encouragement of playing in the great outdoors. When you’re out having fun you don’t even realize your working it out! If you’re in the western NC area and are interested in joining in, get with me and I can add you to our growing group.

Right now Flying Feet Ladies Group Runs are Sundays @ 6:30 PM.

What’s next for me

Onward…my personal game plan until July 20th is to fiercely work on core strength, overall strength/stability, and slowly work on building mileage back up to a solid 40 mpw (miles per week).  Don’t worry. I’ll be back at the marathon training soon enough. 😉 it’s an addiction. I know. And I plan on ramping up the next season’s training even more. I am so stinkin’ ready to shave off those 11 minutes and BQ by a landslide!! FIERCE. During marathon training I tried keeping core strength a priority but it honestly just did not happen enough. I mean isn’t running 50,000,999 miles enough?! no. no it’s not. After the marathon my lower back ached a little which is a tell-tell sign that my core wasn’t strong enough.

And this week’s focus takes us back to the good ‘ol 5k. Laura over at Mommy Run Fast talks about speed and man, has she got some! She also shares 5 workouts for a faster 5k HERE.

This Saturday I’ll be running the Tata Trot in Rosman to test my 5k fitness. I haven’t raced a 5k since last Novemeber so I’m super curious to see how well I fare. I think the 5k can almost be more challenging than the marathon. I’m so used to running long and slow that running hard and fast hurts.

Then I will loosely train for the half-marathon in June and 10k in July. The last time I raced a 10k was back in 2013…Been a little while. And I haven’t really ever raced a half-marathon. So before I start marathon training July 20th I’ve got a tune-up game plan. See where I run fitness wise.

I’m ready to run FIERCELY.

Any Summer races coming up? Do you struggle with the rest period post marathon? Do you find the 5k harder than the marathon?

blessed and beautiful running.



Friday Five: 5 Bloggers Who Will Inspire Your Socks Off

Friday Five Landing Page

This week I’m linking up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for the #FridayFive! For their rules and list of future topics click HERE.

This post is soshort and unspectacular that I’m almost embarrassed to share it. Oh well. Its Friday. I’m a full-time working mother runner on my lunch break. Y’all will still love me…right?!

This week I’ve chosen five bloggers that I read on a daily basis and who inspire me as a runner, blogger, and overall happy human being.

  1. Jen at Jen Chooses Joy is one of my top favs for a happy place!
  2. Melanie at Runner Girl in a Rocking World always upbeat and racing and running!
  3. Jess at Blonde Ponytail personal trainer and mom. Nuff said! She rocks!
  4. Heather at Relentless Forward Commotion – I like her authenticity and rockstar attitude.
  5. Nicole at The Girl Who Ran Everywhere – she’s fast. one day…

Oooomeeegeeersh there are so many others I enjoy as well….So for other blogs I enjoy click HERE!

Who are some of you fav bloggers? Any fun weekend plans? I think I’m ready for a trail run!! Have you ever posted a blog post so short you were almost too embarrassed to share?!

blessed and beautiful running!