TNT Tuesday: Creative Cardio on a Budget, TKO Jump Rope 15 Minute Workout!

Hello you! The one who can’t stand the the thought of jumping on a treadmill or who can’t afford the gym membership. Or the you who is completely bored out of your mind with workouts. Or the you who just needs something fun.

Yeah YOU! What if I told you there is an incredibly affordable and freaking fun way to jump your way into a quick cardio workout that did not include a dreadmill or elliptical? We are going old school!


Introducing TKO JUMP ROPE!  Find it HERE at Macy’s online.

A few quick benefit notes about the product:

  • Easily portable. No excuse to not get a quick workout on vacation.
  • Lightweight, vinyl rope 9 foot long means little to no pain if you whack yourself. If you’re like me you most likely will. 😉
  • Comfortable grasp handles
  • Metal ball-bearings which prevents jumprope from tangling
  • Consistent swing motion
  • Smooth swivel design for agility training
  • Affordable
  • Versatile, think HIIT workouts!
  • Um, it’s fun!!
  • Can be a total body workout focusing on agility, coordination, footwork, quickness, endurance.


I personally enjoy this product. It’s definitely going into my bag of tricks! You’d think any ‘ol jump rope was a jump rope. But the TKO company really has perfected the tool! Their slogan, “Whatever It Takes” lives up to my expectations and exceeded them even. I was surprised at how fluid the motion of this jump rope was.

Try this 15 Minute Workout and tell me you haven’t broken a serious sweat! Increase the workout by adding one or two more rounds!

You’ll need:

  • Your body
  • A yoga or exercise mat
  • TKO Jump rope!
  • Water near by!

Workout: Perform with no break in-between unless repeating entire sequence more than two times, in this case allow a 1-3 minute break. 

2 minute basic jump-rope Warm-Up

30 seconds push-ups, as many as possible

1 minute twisting jump, jump-rope

30 seconds Sumo Squat

1 minute alternating feet jump-rope

30 seconds V-Ups

1 minute criss-cross legs jump-rope

30 seconds mountain climbers


Finish with one minute easy jump-rope.

Do you like jump roping or do you incorporate it into your workouts at all? What other creative ways do you workout?
blessed and beautiful running.


**Disclaimer: I was provided the TKO Jump Rope at no charge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Also, although I am a certified personal trainer it is important that you check with your family doctor before beginning any new exercise routine or program.**

TNT Tuesday: Micro Nutrient Needs for the Endurance Athlete. 

**Disclaimer: I was provided a one month sample of EnduroPacks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No other form of compensation was offered.

You work hard. Sweat hard. Redlining is your norm and giving training your all is a daily practice. You. Got. Determination.

Then you pass out because you lack some vital electrolytes and micro nutrients.

Since being introduced to EndurPacks my training has drastically changed…for the better. I may not be an elite or even a serious competitor, but I fare pretty ok in the age group awards from time to time. I’m not mega competitive but I DO like to push  myself as hard as I can go. And for the first time in my running “career” (3.5 years) 7:30 minute miles finally feel comfortable. I then took almost 6 minutes off my 10k summer time in one year…

photo 5

You know the race of the season I typically pass out in? I remember just a year ago when I felt like an 8:00 minute mile was smokin’ fast for me. It’s amazing to see how strong you truly are through hard work and dedication.

But you need to support your body’s vitals to keep pushing. Want to see yourself accelerate and beat out the competition? Even if the competition is with yourself?

Fuel the right way.


Your body needs more than carbs to sustain. Most of us are pretty good at getting our macro nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) but eh, on the micro front….

You know those little important things like selenium, magnesium, potassium, boron…etc…

EnduroPacks has ALL that covered and packaged at an affordable rate. I compared other GNC type products on the market and all in all, you get a bangin’ deal for the whole kit and kaboodle with EnduroPacks.

I’m eternally grateful the good folks at EnduroPacks sent me a care package. Perfect timing for my summer training.

IMG_4103To break it down for you the monthly kit contains:

All-Natural, Gluten-Free, and GMO-Free products manufactured in the USA, with organic and vegetarian ingredients.

  1. Liquid multi-vitamin that has ALL your needs covered.
    1. favorable taste once you become used to it. Makes me feel like a kid to take the liquid.
    2. has every vitamin plus minerals you need.
      1. as a side note, I am a FIRM believer in acquiring all your nutrient needs through natural consumption. ie food. But sometimes we fail in our diets. That’s where a good solid multivitamin steps in.
    3. Take in the morning.
  2. Concentrated Electrolyte spray to mix with water and use during workouts.
    1. mix 10 sprays with 8-16 oz of water.
    2. when mixed there is zero flavor.
    3. support your muscles, immune system, and body’s tissues WITHOUT the extra sugar and syrups found in some sports drinks.
  3. Protein patch to build.
    1. apply after workout for 4-8 hours
    2. helps build torn muscle.
  4. L-Glutamine for recovery.
    1. take this at bedtime to aid in recovery.
    2. recover muscles and body.
    3. prevents aches, fatigue, soreness

the patch is barely noticeable. It can be worn on the abdominal area or inner arm.

Check out this short under two minute video form EndruoPacks

So how well did the claims hold up in my personal training? 

I’ve reviewed other products like EnergyBits but I have found EnduroPacks to really give me the edge I need.

I’m able to push my body harder and recover faster.

I ran my best 10k summer time. This is a combination of good ‘ol hard work coupled with the perfect micro nutrient supplements.

I don’t get dehydrated on my runs as much.

I feel stronger. Run stronger.

Sleep better.

My energy levels are higher throughout the day. As my schedule is usually jam packed I NEED the energy.

If you can’t take my word for it check out elite, Tina Muir. You can read her review HERE.

Would you try EnduroPacks? Do you have a secret supplement weapon? 
blessed and beautiful running. 


TNT Tuesday Getting the Evening Workout Done + RnR Savannah Race Discount!   

Typically I’m a morning runner but sometimes I oversleep so I plan for the evening…but…We’ve all been there. It’s been a loooooooong workday. Or mommy day. Or both day. And our workout still eludes us. It would be so easy to justify our desire to sit it out. But then one missed day turns into two..then a week..then before you realize it you’ve gone months without working out! 

This is exactly how I felt last night. Just uuuuggghh. Luckily I had my husband to meet me at the gym. Our workout may have felt tired but at least we did it. 
So here’s my tips on getting it in when you just. don’t. even.:

  • Plan ahead!!! Even if you write your plans on sticky notes. 
  • Have an accountability partner or friend or coach meet you. You wouldn’t break a date would you??
  • Keep a log. You’ll be inspired to keep those pages filled with something
  • Tell yourself you’ll only go for 10 minutes. Barter with yourself. Mind games work! You’ll more than likely give more.
  • Have a bit of fuel like 1/2-1 ClifBar especially if you’re working out post j-o-b. You’ll need some energy. 
  • Have a rockin’ playlist to get you pumped. 
  • Read inspiring motivation posters or blogs. Like this one. 😉  
  • Stop thinking about it. Just do it. 

“The way I see running is, I don’t think about it, I just do it.” – Joan Benoit Samuelson

  • Register for a race or event to keep you motivated to train. There’s something about committing to a race and having a specific goal. 

Okay, so now that you’ve got some quick motivational tips, how about you register to race with me in Savannah?! The good folks at Rock n’ Roll race series have given my readers a $10 off coupon code for the Savannah Rock n’ Roll half or full marathon!! Use: FLYINGFEET at checkout. 

Best the price increase AND grab my discount code!! Prices go up 6/30!!   

How do you get motivated for evening workouts? Are you a morning or evening person? Will YOU be racing Savannah with me?!

blessed & beautiful running. 

Thinking Out Loud: Running Can Change Instantly, What To Do When…

It’s amazing how you can go from rocking 7:30 minute miles for 10 miles then barely struggle to hold right under 8 minute miles for half the mileage and need to stop a few times just to breathe!! Yeah. That happened today. I was absolutely not in it to win it. My breathing was labored, my heart rate was rising too quickly, and my mind was exhausted. These are all signs of over-training well…or a bad case of PMS. TMI? eh. whatever. It’s my blog and I’m just that real.

rough. rough. rough.

Sometimes your body has other plans. Don’t let this discourage you. It’s important that you learn to know your body’s limits.

Even though I felt like my body was rebelling against me it really was simply reminding me to mind the little things. As a personal trainer I feel strongly about preaching this and I must practice what I preach. So I took my sweaty mess self home and re-evaluated my game plan for the day. I opted for the yoga mat.

Too much sweat.

There is a time for every thing. Including endurance work. But for now my body needs to build strength and stability. And it also is in desperate need of good hydration. I’ve been pouring out a ton of sweat lately and not making hydrating a priority. Partly due to my current pharmacy career and partly due to my excess amount of coffee…

So what do you do when: your body rebels on you on the run?
  • Go home and take care of your body. Don’t punish it and don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes I think we #WorkingClassAthletes push ourselves beyond what our bodies can honestly handle. And I don’t think we are always honest with ourselves…I found THIS short yet precise article about why exercise might not make you healthier.
  • Try yoga and mediation. Calm your mind and body. It’s time to get in touch with your inner core.
  • Work on light flow flexibility/stability exercises. I have one leg that is longer than the other so I’m constantly battling my right knee’s little twinges. By minding the little things, like hip strengthening exercises, I’ve been able to keep myself injury free for the three years I’ve been running. But lately I’ve just felt this ridiculous need to keep pushing. I’m not sure why, the only pressure I have is completely self-induced. And it is absolutely maddening. My main priority is remaining injury free so I can continue to run until I’m 99 years old. Lord willing.
  • Focus on good nutrition and hydration. I’ve been horrible thus far downing too much coffee (trying to remain superwoman) and not near enough h2o. That’s a recipe for a super woman crash.
  • Focus on other things in life that require your attention. Plan out date nights, play dates with the kid if you have those tiny human beings, clean the house (ew. just kidding), try your thumb at gardening, meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Part of being “fit” is also being mentally fit. If you’re constantly running yourself into the ground you’ve lost the true meaning of what it means to be “fit”. I’m preaching to the choir here.
  • Write out future plans. Sometimes you just can not let go of training. So instead of hard core training at the moment write your future plans out. Keep your eye on the long-term goal. Mine would be to eventually qualify for Boston which entails keeping my body healthy and strong, which also means don’t overdo it when it’s not yet time to push it hard.

marathon training plan #5 in progress. I’ve been working out my chicken scratch method for a few weeks now…

How do you deal when you feel like your body is rebelling? Are you good at minding the “little things” like boring stability exercises? Or do you, like me, have this unfortunate “urge” to be on the run constantly? Are you good at staying hydrated daily?

blessed and beautiful running.


TnT Tuesday: Electo Pops, a Chill Way to Stay Hydrated and Healthy


Good afternoon Tuesday! I realize my posting has been a bit of a hit or miss and quite frankly sporadic as of late…you can pretty much expect that from me over the summer as I get busier. There’s that and I’ve been quite uninspired to write. Not sure why…maybe it’s because I have no marathon training going on currently? I’ve been staying busy with work, personal training, kid’s baseball, running, cross-training, and weight just kinda how ever I’m feeling. No strict must-run-this-pace plan. And I’m freaking LOVIN’ it! Yet simultaneously going stir crazy without a strict routine. *Note to self: I’ll have plenty of time later to kill self in training. Enjoy while easy running lasts.

But today I have a super cool tip for staying hydrated this summer in a new cool fancy way. Only requires two to three ingredients…depending on how much fruit you like. That and I have a totally hard time making anything more complicated than three ingredients… I kid, I kid. I can cook. When I feel like it. You see a trend here…running when I feel like it, blogging when I feel like it, cooking when I feel like it….summer has already hit my brain apparently.

Anyway, onward to our fun treat. I call them Electro Pops. Short for electrolyte. I told you it was fancy. I know, I know… you are all thoroughly impressed with my classy wit. But on a more impressive note, these little pops cost you about 10 calories or less (depending on if you use NUUN or Gatorade) each with a little burst of essential electrolytes. It’s an easy way to stave off that late night ice-cream craving and/or hydrate on a hot summer day. Also, way more cost efficient than purchasing popcicles with all kinds of refinded sugar and corn syrups in those pre-packed deals. And, the kid loves them.

Electo Pops Recipe

Step one: gather everything you need. Like this list:

  • knife, preferably a short one specific to fruit. or if you’re classy like me just grab a streak knife. whatever works.
  • straws
  • empty ice cube tray(s)
  • strawberries, blueberries (whatever fruit you like)
  • pre-mixed NUUN, Gatorade, or your electrolyte beverage of choice

Step two: cut straws into thirds and place one in each cube space

photo 1 (2)

straws and ice cube trays. super affordable and easy.

Step three: cut fruit into little cubes and fill ice cube tray. The more you stuff in there the better the straw sticks up.

cutting strawberries with a steak knife. it's okay to judge.

cutting strawberries with a steak knife. it’s okay to judge.

fill with yummy, refreshing fruit.

fill with yummy, refreshing fruit.

Step four: pour electrolyte beverage over until covering all cubes. Where’e my picture here? Think I was getting too anxious to freeze them and forgot to snap. Oh well, you get the idea.

Step Five: freeze for about 4-5 hours

one I pulled out had my strawberries shaped like a heart. proof these are good for you. ;-)

one I pulled out had my strawberries shaped like a heart. proof these are good for you. 😉

Step six: loosen tray, pull out by the straw, and enjoy! like this kid:

kid friendly. adult approved. win-win!

kid friendly. adult approved. win-win!

The funniest thing was that the kid was like, “ohmygosh these are soooo good!! Did you find this off Pintrest?” I replied, “No. No I did not. I just figured this one out on my own. I don’t need Pintrest. Pintrest needs me.”

hahaha although I am almost near positive this may have already been thought of before. I’m sure. But for now, my kid thinks I’m a total genius. 😉

So there you have it folks. A blog post and a neat, good-for-you popsicle recipe. You’re welcome.

Is your brain already geared up for summer? Any fun plans? Are you an ice-creamaholic like me??

blessed and beautiful running.