Wisdom Wednesday: Endurance in the Everyday Life.  Be the Light!       

Hello humpday! I have so much to say and yet nothing at all. So I will keep it brief with lots of pretty pictures. 🙂

Today I ran my first double digit miles since the Nashville marathon in April! And it felt so goooooood. Well, hot, sweaty, and way past my personal humidity threshold but I didn’t care. My legs were like: Just GO!

First double digit run since the marathon a month ago! #happyrunner

I ran through my quaint little town of Brevard. Looping a few times. (thinking I need to find a new route as the summer tourist start creeping in and cramping my sidewalk space…) The beauty of summer running is the no pressure factor. Well. for me it is personally. The heat and humidity will slow you down and it is totally more than okay to stop for a walk or catch your breathe or grab some water. So I took a brief moment to capture our infamous “jailhouse” hill that I use for hill work often. Observe:

beautiful Brevard with a shot of the famous “jailhouse” hill. Not sure the photo does the hill’s grade justice…trust me, it hurts.

On the way to jailhouse hill I run past our Brevard College campus. It’s one of the most beautiful campuses. I think anyway. I took a pic of the lamp because it got me to thinking… we are to be the light of the world. By we I imply we runners. Athletes. Go-getters. Motivators. And when I put myself out in the public eye I am putting myself out there ready for criticism, judgement, and/or scrutiny . But I run on anyway. I press on anyway. Because there’s someone out there who needs to see a positive light and who is ready to catch it, reel it in, and be the light.

running past Brevard College

In an attempt to boldly step out into the business owner world on my own two feet as a personal trainer, I have found that I am especially vulnerable to criticisms and judgement. People will almost always have something to say whether it be positive or negative. Some negative you can take as constructive criticism, other negative you just have to learn to toss that mess out the window. If I have the ability to change at least one person’s life, then I will have done my job. Because that is my passion. And I will not give up. It takes passion, dedication, and endurance to make a dream come true. This isn’t just a j-o-b for me. It’s a lifestyle. A true, honest, deep passion that has burned in my soul for quite some time. I want, I need people to see how incredibly beautiful and strong they are on the inside. And I believe that when you finally feel fit on the inside your outside genuinely starts to radiate goodness.

I really want to give my girl, Jenna at Jenna Leigh Photography, a HUGE shout-out. This woman. She is amazing. Not only does she capture the most beautiful photos but she treats her photography as an art. She’s not your typical point and click photographer. I am ridiculously blessed to know her. She’s responsible for my awesome running shots and our beyond perfect wedding photos. With my new pro shot I am starting to feel more official. 😉

Give her a like on FACEBOOK! See other amazing photos.

thank you Jenna for my pro shot!

In other less inspirationial news, the good folks over at EnduroPacks sent me a month’s supply of their product line including, a multi-vitamin, electrolyte spray, glutamine capsules for recovery, and essential amino acid patches. I am currently testing their products out so I will give y’all my ever so intriguing thoughts on the company and product about two weeks from now. When testing supplements I really think it’s super important to give it a few weeks before making any concise conclusions.  I will say that so far since using the electrolyte spray I haven’t been “bonking” too bad in the heat. My hot weather running seems to be going fairly well.

In the meantime while y’all anxiously await my review on the goods, head over to Tina Muir’s blog and read her review HERE. She’s an elite marathoner and she’s freaking fast. So I have high hopes in that this product will serve me well as it has her. I only need to shave, oh, an hour and change off my marathon time to compete with her. Maybe EnduroPacks is the key. hahahah. right.

introducing my new secret weapon for the summer

Anyway. So that’s about it y’all! I’m a busy woman currently working on revamping my Facebook page and other social media sites trying to reconfigure everything to suite my personal training biz. But this blog will always remain my main running site. I may be busting it out in the gym and with clients, but y’all know I am runner at heart and always will be through and through!

#PinkPayneFit “Be beautifully fit from the inside out.”

blessed and beautiful running.



Wisdom Wednesday: Be a Fiercely Passionate Human Being! 

Just a short and sweet bit of wisdom and motivation for your humpday. Get after it.

Never apologize for doing what makes you happy and what you’re passionate about. Because when you are happy and healthy you are STRONG. And when you are strong you can then lift OTHERS up. Be a fiercely passionate human being. Don’t settle for a less than life because of what others may think or say. You know your heart.

~ Jess

blessed & beautiful running. be beautifully fit from the inside out.


#MarathonMonday Week 5 Ramping Up Beauty


Well hello beautiful! It’s Monday! And I am suuuuuper late getting this post up and it’s ridiculously short with few bells and whistles (other than I figured out how to add a cute sig at the bottom. yay!)  But hey, after an eight hour work shift, three miles, weights, and dinner with my sweet fam, this is the only time I had y’all. For real. I know you feel me.

So who watched the Super Bowl last night? I didn’t. But I did watch the commercials and I fell in love with this:

Girl’s are taught at a young age what’s supposed to be “beautiful” from media, role models, parents, friends…and it’s not always good. We are told that “being a girl” is like being a kind of weakness. And that is simply just not true.

We all wish we had a little something more or less: bigger boobs, smaller waist, to be taller, shorter, straighter hair, curlier hair, stronger legs, not so bulky arms, to feel less emotional, to be more practical, smoother skin…you name it.

And if you already have all of these said attributes, then we can not be friends.

I kid, I kid!

At any rate, we as women are all beautiful in our own respects.

It’s high time we start focusing on what we DO have and what we CAN DO.

I admit, I’m rather small up top and can come across as “over emotional”,,,but WHATEVER! I have a strong heart, marathoner legs, and the capability to empathize with others. And at the end of the day it’s the strong heart that keeps me ticking right along.

So on the #MarathonMonday note… here’s what’s up this week… (nice transit between topics eh? I tell y’all.. I am tiiiired)

This week’s miles:

Monday: 3 easy miles w/3 strides + upper body weight workout

Tuesday: 8 miles hills

Wednesday: 8 miles w/6@MP

Thursday: REST/yoga

Friday: 5 easy

Saturday: 4 easy + yoga

Sunday: 14 LSD

Total Goal Miles: 42

So there ya have it. You are all beautiful and strong and I’m running 42 miles this week.

I’m keeping this post short and to the point. I. Am. Tired. I feel like an old woman wanting to be in bed by 9…

What goals are you looking at in February? What GOOD thing about YOU can you start focusing on now? What time do you typically go to bed?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


Thoughts for Thursday: True Beauty Instead

Alright ladies. Let’s get real. Really honest.
If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being total babeiliciois (Yes, that’s a word. Check the Jess dictionary.) where would you rate yourself?
Your favorite body part? Your least favorite?
I’m betting you answered the last question the fastest.
Instead, stop it. Stop tearing yourself down.
What if…

Instead of focusing on those little hairs that are out of place, we focus on the strong lungs that carry oxygen to our body? Every. Single. Breath. Is a GIFT.

Instead of focusing on the dark circles under our eyes, we focus on the GIFT that is sight? There are many where sight is a challenge.

Instead of focusing on stretch marks and loose skin (I’m preaching to the choir here!!), we focus on the GIFT that is LIFE? On the GIFT that is a miracle. Our bodies are incredible machines capable of intense work, designed in His image.

Instead of focusing on “fat” –insert whatever body part you chose– focus on the GIFT that is mobility. If you’re not wheelchair bound, or sporting a prosthetic, you have the FREEDOM to move as you please where for others it is an everyday challenge.

Instead of focusing on pimples, freckles, or whatever skin annoyance you find, focus on the strength in your muscles that have carried your far and pushed hard to create that sweat. Again, your body is an incredible thing.

I could keep going on and on. But I’ll leave you with this:

Real beauty doesn’t demand attention.


The human body truly is an extraordinary piece of art. It’s resilient and strong.
I will have get down on myself days. We all will. So this is meant as an encouraging reminder. I may need to reread this myself tomorrow!
Focus on what your body is capable of and become beautiful from the inside out.
Because you already are. You just don’t know it yet.

blessed & beautiful running.