Wisdom Wednesday: Rear view Mirror Runner…Only for Checking.

We have rear view mirrors on our vehicles to briefly check behind us for any oncoming traffic, human beings wondering around aimlessly, and/or other things that might be obstructing our path. And this is a beautiful parallel for life. Often times our past failures seem bigger than what they really are…as with the rear view mirrors… Our past is only meant for a brief check. Not to gaze behind long in regret, or could haves or should haves…

Go ahead and check your past.

observe what went wrong; what went right.

review what needs to change, if anything.

pause for a moment to allow things to pass or move out of your way so you’re not plowing ahead or behind and running people or ideas over without care.

but what ever you do, do not stay stuck.

because who you are today is not who you were yesterday, but you wouldn’t be who you are TODAY if it wasn’t for yesterday….did I lose you?

I am not who I was yesterday. Thank the LORD!

we are constantly learning. growing. shaping.

don’t let past failures shape your future. rather, allow lessons learned grow you.

This is also a practical application for your physical training, like marathon training. I like to review past workouts to see what worked and what didn’t. But I refuse to dwell on where I goofed for too long. Instead, I press forward to find new ways to work on my training. One method didn’t work. Oh well. We move on.


pssst..please review THIS past post briefly to WIN NUUN! Thanks, y’all are the best.

How often do you check your “rear view mirror” in life? Do you keep a running or fitness log to review?

blessed and beautiful running.



#MarathonMonday Week 12 Trust in the Training

22milerun.jpgHey y’all! I’m working on very, very little sleep today. The kid woke up about 12:45 and got, er, very, very sick all over his carpet floor and bed. So we are sitting at home sanitizing every inch of our home. And I’m praaaaaaaaying that I don’t fall victim to the nasty little tummy bug myself.

I’m marathon training. And my son says he HATES missing PE day!!! (he is his mother’s son) Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Get on with yo bad self buggy boo and get outta here!

I keep worrying (they say worry is a sin. and I shouldn’t worry. but I’m having the hardest time!) that I will have this insanely perfect training cycle only to have something horrible cancel the big race or that I’ll get awfully sick. But let’s pray that all will continue on strong and that my little dude will get better soon. I’ve had him re-hydrating his system with NUUN All-Day hydration. Beats pouring nasty chemicals and sugars in his body! NUUN isn’t only great for running and working out, it’s the best way to stay hydrated daily with necessary electrolytes without the sugars and chemicals so many “sports drinks” offer. So, thank you NUUN for keeping the kid and myself well hydrated and healthy.

Fruit Punch

So here we go…

For the past 11 weeks I have been training hard and blogging every Monday about it in #MarathonMonday. Inspired by  #MotivateMe Mondays with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel I decided to take on my own Mondays and remain accountable during my marathon training with YOU. The beauty of #MotivateMe is that it can be motivation for anything health/fitness related. So if you’re not into the marathon thing head over to #MotivateMe Mondays and link-up! I fully believe that linking up with them back in December helped me achieve my base mileage building phase. So if you’re currently training, fixing to begin, or just starting to wet your feet in the fitness area feel free to follow me as I continue on the road towards a BQ in Nashville this April!

I am FIVE weeks away from the big M-day!

For the past 11 weeks my training has been pretty solid. Hitting all key running workouts, enjoying a few easy runs, getting in strength training, and practicing yoga. I feel pretty confident, but not. If you read Sunday’s post then you know we all have a little doubt that likes to creep in every once in a while. I’ve basically been coaching myself with a plan derived from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathons. I follow the plan near religiously but have been creating my own paces. In the past I have relied on a book of some sort to tell me how fast I should be running my tempos, speed intervals, and long runs. This entire training I’ve  been going solely on feel and what I feel I am capable of. I’m wondering if how I’ve been training myself is good enough… It would be nice to have a coach to tell me to push harder when needed or rest when necessary but I’m trusting in myself to hit all the right paces and recover smart.

Trust myself. That in itself is kinda scary. But if you’re in tune with your body, it will tell you what it needs.

This week is a cut back week, thank you sweet Jesus! I’ve managed three solid weeks of mileage ranging from 51-60 and  my body is ready for a break from the past three monster long runs.

So here’s the goal training plan this week:

Monday: REST/yoga/stretching

Tuesday: 10 miles w/8 @MP

Wednesday: 6 E w/6 strides (NASM CPT exam day!!!!) + upper body strength

Thursday: 9 miles w/4×1 mile intervals

Friday: 7 E + core

Saturday: 14 LDS

Sunday: 8 E + yoga

Total Miles: 54

How my body is feeling: 

Minor fatigue, soreness. But drinking tart cherry juice has been a lifesaver! NO ibu for this gal. Hips are getting more stable with corrective and strength exercises like clamshells, walking lunges, awkward machine...

What I’m thinking:

For the first time during this marathon training cycle I thought to myself, “I am freaking crazy. I’ve lost my mind.” I’ve put my life on hold for a 16 week training plan just so I can try to qualify to try and run Boston. What am I thinking? I’m not. I’m simply following my heart…. and I fully believe there is a reason for this…eye on the prize. Pressing on to encourage the world.


Do you every question your sanity when marathon training? Do you use a coach or self-coached? Have you ever gone through a stellar training season only to have your plans interrupted by illness or a canceled race? Favorite run or workout this week??

blessed and beautiful running.


Wisdom Wednesday: NEVER, Ever Give Up.

pressonnevergiveupIn short before I began my 10 miler tempo run this morning I was feeling exhausted. Wasted. Bloated. You name it. But I have a goal. And I keep the end goal results burning in the back of my mind. Especially on days like this. You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO, look beyond today. Beyond this moment. Because moment pass quicker than we realize and suddenly we find ourselves often where we don’t mean to be, because we quit. We give up. We “promise” ourselves we will do it tomorrow. Living in the moment is a good and beautiful thing. However, if you are living in the “I feel like crap and I just don’t want to do anything” moment then you better get out of that quick. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is by fixing your eyes on the prize. Look past the tired, the sore, the clouds, the humidity, the cold, the heat, the you-name-it-whatever-it-is that’s holding your motivation hostage and get after it! Now we all know if you are experiencing genuine pain then STOP and rest. That’s a whole other can of worms we can dive into another day. But for today I tell you, I got up and ran my ten miles, started out feeling a little rough, picked up the pace, began to realize that I was going to finish strong, and at the end of it felt like a champ. Because I chose to get up outta my funk.

How do YOU #PressOn? TWEET THIS.

Press on. Fight the good fight. Remember the why behind your mission. YOUR moment is coming!

How do you #PressOn?

blessed and beautiful running.