Wisdom Wednesday Plans Shmams. How to NOT Make Plans.

Hello Wednesday we meet again. I had plans for you. All kinds of well intention, carefully drafted, time-lined, and highlighted plans for you. But instead, my car battery died. My immediate thought,

“ohhhh-emmmm-geeeee. how am I going to drive to town to run?!” #slightlyobsessedrunner

It’s okay to totally LOL at me now.

My husband, true to his ever prepared self, hands me his car keys and told me to go out and run and we will solve the car problem when I return. Ladies, this is a wise man indeed. He knows how much happier momma is when her run is in and done.

After happily driving to running destination (sounds so ridiculous. drive to run. i know.) I realized I had forgotten to grab my arm band for music at the house and my Garmin would not connect.

But. Instead of freaking out (what has gotten into me?) I calmly, almost excitedly, thought,

“hmmm. a nice no-pressure-who-gives-a-crap-what-my-slow-pace-is-today run might be just what I need.”

So happily I ran off on a 6ish mile route I was familiar with. It was refreshing. Running naked can really help you to focus on your breathing and running technique. I highly recommend running naked once a week, at least.

Thank the Lord my husband was home to help take care of me and ‘ol Focus. After my run we spent our entire morning jumping off the car, carefully driving it to town, having it looked at, and blah blah blah {{insert boring as crap details here}}. While this might seem frustrating for the A-type it was kind of nice. Instead of planning I was just living in the “now”.  Running without Garmin and music (Who AM I?!) and then it was nice to enjoy lunch with my kiddo and hubby. And this time instead of freaking out over the whole situation, as per usual, I decided to relax and enjoy the life snafu.

I feel as though God was reminding me to chill out. I have been uber stressed lately and taking it out on the world. But today instead I laugh. I smile. I am happy. I am full of joy because it is MY choice. And you have that choice too.

choose laughter when trouble comes. it lightens the load.

Not having plans can be refreshing. But it can also sometimes prevent sticking to routine! I’m currently “tuning up” so to speak, for the 10k on July 4th. So, here’s my #MotivateMe Monday schedule:

Monday: XT 20 minutes + upper body strength routine

Tuesday: 7 miles speed work

Wednesday: 6(ish) miles easy + Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Thursday: 8 miles w/6@10k goal pace

Friday: 5 miles easy + lower body stability/strength routine

Saturday: 10 slow miles

Sunday: Planning for an easy 4. Kid goes to camp here so I will be lucky to get a run in.

Total goals miles: 40

Last but not least, I introduced you guys to the Micro Nutrient company, EnduroPacks, a while back. I have now been using the product for a month and feel I can give you all a complete, thorough, and totally honest review. If there is one thing you can always count on from me (we all now know it’s not timely posts…) it’s the fact that I will always be 100% honest with my readers and do my homework before giving out any review. It will take me some time to properly type up the review as there is tons of good info. Look for it next week! For now I will just show you how it’s helped me thus far, observe below:

Finally the official review NEXT week!!

While my arms aren’t super mega buff they are most definitely way more defined than they ever have been. I feel like I am in better shape now than before I gave birth to a child.

A few key notes on the product to tide you over until next week:

  • I feel stronger and leaner
  • I have more energy throughout the day
  • My workouts have been top notch
  • I don’t dehydrate as bad on my runs when I use the electrolyte spray

Well, since my plans are a bit skewed for the day I might as well just take off to the pool now… enjoy y’alls humpday!

Are you a planner and freaker-outer (yes, it’s a word) when plans don’t go as originally planned?? If you’re married, is he/she your hero too? How are you blessed today? What makes you laugh? Have you heard of EnduroPacks? Do you use supplements?
blessed and beautiful running.



#MarathonMonday Week 12 Trust in the Training

22milerun.jpgHey y’all! I’m working on very, very little sleep today. The kid woke up about 12:45 and got, er, very, very sick all over his carpet floor and bed. So we are sitting at home sanitizing every inch of our home. And I’m praaaaaaaaying that I don’t fall victim to the nasty little tummy bug myself.

I’m marathon training. And my son says he HATES missing PE day!!! (he is his mother’s son) Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Get on with yo bad self buggy boo and get outta here!

I keep worrying (they say worry is a sin. and I shouldn’t worry. but I’m having the hardest time!) that I will have this insanely perfect training cycle only to have something horrible cancel the big race or that I’ll get awfully sick. But let’s pray that all will continue on strong and that my little dude will get better soon. I’ve had him re-hydrating his system with NUUN All-Day hydration. Beats pouring nasty chemicals and sugars in his body! NUUN isn’t only great for running and working out, it’s the best way to stay hydrated daily with necessary electrolytes without the sugars and chemicals so many “sports drinks” offer. So, thank you NUUN for keeping the kid and myself well hydrated and healthy.

Fruit Punch

So here we go…

For the past 11 weeks I have been training hard and blogging every Monday about it in #MarathonMonday. Inspired by  #MotivateMe Mondays with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel I decided to take on my own Mondays and remain accountable during my marathon training with YOU. The beauty of #MotivateMe is that it can be motivation for anything health/fitness related. So if you’re not into the marathon thing head over to #MotivateMe Mondays and link-up! I fully believe that linking up with them back in December helped me achieve my base mileage building phase. So if you’re currently training, fixing to begin, or just starting to wet your feet in the fitness area feel free to follow me as I continue on the road towards a BQ in Nashville this April!

I am FIVE weeks away from the big M-day!

For the past 11 weeks my training has been pretty solid. Hitting all key running workouts, enjoying a few easy runs, getting in strength training, and practicing yoga. I feel pretty confident, but not. If you read Sunday’s post then you know we all have a little doubt that likes to creep in every once in a while. I’ve basically been coaching myself with a plan derived from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathons. I follow the plan near religiously but have been creating my own paces. In the past I have relied on a book of some sort to tell me how fast I should be running my tempos, speed intervals, and long runs. This entire training I’ve  been going solely on feel and what I feel I am capable of. I’m wondering if how I’ve been training myself is good enough… It would be nice to have a coach to tell me to push harder when needed or rest when necessary but I’m trusting in myself to hit all the right paces and recover smart.

Trust myself. That in itself is kinda scary. But if you’re in tune with your body, it will tell you what it needs.

This week is a cut back week, thank you sweet Jesus! I’ve managed three solid weeks of mileage ranging from 51-60 and  my body is ready for a break from the past three monster long runs.

So here’s the goal training plan this week:

Monday: REST/yoga/stretching

Tuesday: 10 miles w/8 @MP

Wednesday: 6 E w/6 strides (NASM CPT exam day!!!!) + upper body strength

Thursday: 9 miles w/4×1 mile intervals

Friday: 7 E + core

Saturday: 14 LDS

Sunday: 8 E + yoga

Total Miles: 54

How my body is feeling: 

Minor fatigue, soreness. But drinking tart cherry juice has been a lifesaver! NO ibu for this gal. Hips are getting more stable with corrective and strength exercises like clamshells, walking lunges, awkward machine...

What I’m thinking:

For the first time during this marathon training cycle I thought to myself, “I am freaking crazy. I’ve lost my mind.” I’ve put my life on hold for a 16 week training plan just so I can try to qualify to try and run Boston. What am I thinking? I’m not. I’m simply following my heart…. and I fully believe there is a reason for this…eye on the prize. Pressing on to encourage the world.


Do you every question your sanity when marathon training? Do you use a coach or self-coached? Have you ever gone through a stellar training season only to have your plans interrupted by illness or a canceled race? Favorite run or workout this week??

blessed and beautiful running.


Marathon Monday and Tuesday. Oops! 

Let me tell you. Yesterday I hit the ground running at 5 am and didn’t stop until after 9 pm. I started my day off shadowing one of the best personal trainers in town, went to work, and then enjoyed family time with my husband’s brother and family. It was a long but beautiful day. So I had zero time to blog yesterday. I meant to pre type this all but after my 22 miler Sunday and Sunday’s post….I just didn’t even.

Anyways. I am so excited to start this edition’s Marathon Monday off with this:

Look what came in the mail!! Stuff is getting real y’all! Only 6 more weeks until the big race. 

Instagram cut my head off but it’s cool. The tank is the main focus.

I ran eight miles today in it and plan on running with it in the marathon. The weather was relatively cool this morning, like 38-40* to start out so running in a tank may have not seemed like a bright idea but I had broken a sweat by the end of my run. I am enjoying our sunnier weather so much!

Last week’s training was a huge success for me personally hitting 59 miles for the week! I haven’t seen that kind of mileage since I trained for the OKC Memorial Marathon back in 2013. I’m feeling fairly confident that this IS the marathon where I am able to give it my all. I’m a little sore and tired but no major complaints or injuries to speak of (again, knocking on wood here!). I  believe it’s time for me to invest in some more CheriBuni. Tart cherry juice really is a fantastic inflammation reducer! Beats popping IBU daily. So we proceed…

As per usual life is rocking and rolling so here’s my weekly mileage plan:

Monday: REST (thank you Jesus!) + 30 minutes easy flow yoga

Tuesday: 8 w/8 strides — done!

Wednesday: 9 w/6 x Yasso 800s (if you are unfamiliar with Yasso 800s or what it means check it out HERE.) + upper  body strength

Thursday: 7 easy

Friday: 8 w/6 @MP

Saturday: 6 easy + yoga

Sunday: 22 LSD w/fast finish

Total Miles: 60

In looking at next week’s miles I only have to run a 14 miler for the LSD….Let’s make it through one more monster week! So that’s all I have for today….going to my real job. You know, the one that currently pays most of the bills.

What’s the highest mileage you’ve run in a week? Do you use a natural alternative for inflammation/pain? How warm does it have to be for you to run in a tank? Any exciting happenings over your weekend?

blessed and beautiful running.


#MarathonMonday Week: 1 #RnRNashville

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/27b/70250740/files/2015/01/img_2800.pngGood evening friends! I’m getting this post out super late. Better super late then never…Cheers to a stupid-busy Monday!
For the past six weeks I have participated in #MotivateMe Mondays with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and I fully believe it helped me achieve my base mileage building phase goals. I finally hit 40 miles last week! Hooray! But starting this first Monday in January I’m beginning my own little #MarathonMonday. Similar to #MotivateMe Monday, just more heavily focused on specific training not just miles and motivation. So if you’re currently training, fixing to begin, or just starting with me feel free to link-up with #MarathonMonday and share your marathon journey with me. Linking up has been the best way for me to discover new bloggers and I fully encourage you to add a link and “get to know” all the other great bloggers out there. Bloggers are cool, running bloggers are even cooler. 😉

And it begins!! Finally, marathon training for Rock n’ Roll Country Music Nashville commences. I don’t know about you but I THRIVE off routine and schedule. I’m a total nerd. I’m talking books, pens, paper, planners…the works. I’ll be training out of Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon Training, like I’ve mentioned before and plan on sticking to it pretty much to a T. I decided to go with the advanced marathon plan. It’s basically 6 days of running with one “off” day and also says you can replace an “easy” run with XT or rest. I didn’t buy a new running journal this year (insert sad face here) so I’ll be tracking my miles online over at DailyMile and scheduling my runs in my impressive little $1 planner from Target. Word. I’m a high-class runnah.

What do you use to track miles if you do? Do you keep a running journal? I just seem to stick to routine better if I log it.

What this week looks like:

Monday: easy 4 done! The easy miles are almost always easy  to get done. ha.

Tuesday: easy 4

Wednesday: easy 4 + yoga

Thursday: 6 miles hills

Friday: off/weights

Saturday: 5 easy

Sunday: 10 miles LSD + yoga


You’ll notice I’m starting out super easy. This is A-okay with me, because within the 16 week long training period I’ll have plenty of opportunity to beat my body up. The plan I’m following goes through about 6 weeks of hill repeats mixed with easy runs, tempos, and LSD (long slow distance) then it kicks it into higher gear with Yasso 800s, intervals, hills, and the mega LSD, including one 22 miler. Are you familiar with Yasso 800s? Basically you run 800m repeats at your goal marathon time. So if I want to run a 3:30 marathon, then I run 800m in 3 minutes 30 seconds (7 min/mile). Jog for a lap then go again and again and again…I guess we will see if there’s truth to this!


This was one of my most terrible 10 milers…it’s the yellow…there’s a reason I always run in pink! ha! But despite the horribly, uncomfortable run, I press on.

So what keeps me going? Why “train” for another marathon even though I’m certainly no elite? Several things. Not just my desire to run a Boston Qualifying time to prove it to myself that I can, but also for my son, to be an example where persistence and faith will take you, for those sweet babies at St. Jude, for my #IRun4 buddy, for my own sanity, for a testimony of the good faith.

We press on. Let’s do this thing.

Will You be running a marathon this spring? Or any other race distances? If you linked-up with #MotivateMe Monday do you feel it helped you too? Curious to know what encourages YOU–Do you prefer link-ups or reading mileage or do you even care? 🙂 Speak your peace!

Blessed and Beautiful Running.

#MotivationalMonday: Baby Carrots and Baby Steps

So yesterday I posted on baby steps in the beginning. What I’d like to offer you today is a continued and more thorough post on how to take on those baby steps. But first I’d like to offer you a chuckle, check out my “baby carrots”:

I decided to pull a few carrots to see if they were ready because it’s getting hot outside and from what I’ve heard carrots don’t do well in too hot weather. Unfortunately, my petite carrots are a bit too petite. I had to taste them and I will say, they do taste like carrots! So, I count my second attempt to grow a vegetable a success! Last year I tried tomatoes and spinach but I’m pretty sure something ate my spinach and my tomatoes only grew to be large green plants with zero produce. I’m pretty excited I grew something this time.
Errrr, what did this have to do with baby steps? We all start somewhere!
Here’s a few tips to hopefully encourage and motivate you during the beginning phases of training!

Set micro goals
Try starting with something menial, for example: I will get out of bed on time at 6:00 am. (Well, for some of us, this may be a macro goal…) once you’ve accomplished your said goal your brain sends off “reward signals” which in turn encourages you to pursue the next goal.

Then set your macro goals
After achieving one micro goal after another you’re ready to tackle larger goals.
If say, you’re a brand new runner, never ran a mile in your life and you go out by saying, “I’m going to qualify for Boston next month!” You’re probably out of your league and setting yourself up for failure. Not saying you could never BQ but saying it takes time and many, many runs to get there. So in by creating smaller more manageable goals you are setting yourself up for success.
Check out Psychology Today for a more in-depth article on micro and macro goals.

  • Here’s my personal micro to macro goal example
    My long-term macro goal: BQ
    1.) Train for and run a fast 5k ✅
    2.) 10k✅
    3.) half✅
    4.) run a marathon✅
    5.) study what went well and what didn’t in my race✅
    6.) pick a great course to run fast with tons of motivation✅
    7.) then train for a BQ – in progress!


  • Other tips:
    Be patient with yourself
    Be kind to yourself
    You will slip up or fall back but that’s all part of the ride
    Give yourself a learning curve
    Remember: running is a gift! There are many who can not. Next time you’re tempted to get down remind yourself of this.
    Encourage others along the way
    Connect with a local running group
    Read motivational books, magazines, articles
    Don’t neglect the “real” world. Hopefully you’ve surrounded yourself with people who love and support you. You also need to be a support to them. Take care of those who take care of you!

Speaking of supporting those who support you, I need to give a HUGE shout out to my sister! She’s an excellent example of tackling baby step goals. She’s an avid CrossFit member and she’s now run two 5ks beating her time by a landslide the second time! This July she and her daughter will be participating in the Color Run! And I will be there to cheer them on! She’s always been my biggest race fan. Always believing in me, cheering me on, and just being the amazing person she is.



photo source

Your turn!
Are you a goal setter?

blessed & beautiful running.