#MarathonMonday DREAM BIG + GIVEAWAY

#Irun4Dylan and Flying Feet in Faith

One for my #Irun4 buddy and one for me ūüôā

Happy Monday y’all! What better way to kick off Monday and marathon training than with a giveaway?! Yeah I thought you’d agree it’s an awesome idea. When Christine (an amazing mother runner, blogger, and coach) contacted me via Dream Big Runner about her Dream Big Shop I immediately knew I wanted to partner with her! She has a big heart.  I think of the running community as a wonderful group of generous givers. And what better way to be involved than creating running jewelry and giving back?!

For every purchase off her Etsy shop she donates $2 to charity. And her new shop has taken off already donating over $1000!!

The shipping was prompt, price affordable, and the quality high. And they are customizable to almost any design you can think of! I’m thoroughly impressed and can’t wait to put my buddy’s bracelet in the mail. He lives a few states away so our matching bracelets are a sweet way to connect us. If you haven’t heard of #Irun4 it’s basically a community of runners/athletes who run/workout for a child with special needs who themselves can not run. It has been such a heartwarming journey for me personally and I tell you, my buddy is my hero and motivator!

I had the shoe tags designed after my blog and it’s motto…flying feet in faith.

So you want one too? Good news! Christine is generously giving away a bracelet or set of shoe tags to one of my readers.

***To enter to win: like My Dream Big Shop on FACEBOOK and visit My Dream Big Shop on ETSY and comment below with your favorite design through my FACEBOOOK Rafflecopter giveaway HERE

Contest starts today and ends Sunday at midnight! Good LUCK! ūüôā

So marathon training….we meet again….

How am I training for this marathon season? Which plan? What book?!

Yes, I do have a new book. But no, I’m not following it’s plan. I’m reading it for marathon training content and extra lessons to be learned. One can always use a little more knowledge. In an effort to test my knowledge, skill, and experience I’ve designed my own plan. This may or may not be the smartest idea when I’m trying to BQ. You’d think I would trust the professionals. But. I am a professional?? ha.

One thing I have been discovering about myself through it all is that my mind is still weak. I have too many thoughts of I can’t. No matter how much I blog and promote self-confidence it is something I still truly, honestly struggle with on a daily basis. I have told myself one too many times during a race that “i can’t. I’m not strong enough. I’ll never be fast enough. There’s no way I’m capable.”


So my biggest goal for this marathon training season is to get out of my head. And deeply,firmly, and passionately BELIEVE that yes, I am capable, MORE than capable in fact. I’m not talking about gaining some sort of alter ego here, rather finally affirming to myself what I claim to believe in  everyone else: YOU are strong and you CAN do this.

mental toughness..work in progress

mental toughness..work in progress

I will be going through #MarathonMonday a little differently this time. Last season I logged every week with workout details and I do feel that helped keep myself somewhat accountable, however, I’ve been logging all my workouts in my BELIEVE journal and have really been enjoying my own personal journey. It’s like my little running secret. I intend on claiming my mental toughness to break through some barriers…. let’s do this.

Which design from My BIG Dream shop would you chose? Have you heard of #Irun4? Do you believe you have that mental toughness or is it a struggle for you as well? What are you training for?
blessed and beautiful running.


A New Kind of #MotivateMe Monday. Goal: No Goals!

Hellllllllooooo Monday!! I’m so happy you’re here. What?! Yes. I am. Because, it’s a new week. A fresh start. And I just got back from the gym so I’m feeling all kinds of pumped positivism going on. And after much thought about the race this past weekend, I’ve decided that I’m ridiculous and that I should totally celebrate a new PR…

my good friends at Sports Spot in town have spoiled me again!

So to celebrate a shiny new PR (in every distance even this year 5k, 10k, 10 miler, marathon!!) I splurged on some new running duds. Positive mindset is back in full force friends!! Sometimes you need to sulk for 24 hours or so then you’re recharged and realize how silly you’ve been. We are HUMAN. not machines.

Getting to spend time with this kid helps remind me what truly matters most in life:

Love this kid. We had a fun time uptown during the 4th festivities.

And like cheeseburgers and wine. But seriously this stuff was yum! I was like whaaaat? Cheeseburgers are my favorite thing and now there’s a wine for that?! I found it at our local shop in town, Broad Street Wines. I don’t drink a lot or even very often but a nice glass of red after a hard race was pleasant.

then there was wine…cheeseburger wine.

And like our garden’s fresh blooms. I love, love, love flowers!! God’s creation is pretty much perfect. and we are blessed. so stop and smell the flowers y’all. It’s just good for the soul.

Allow life’s beauty to encompass you. Draw you in. And forget the troubles.

So as far as this week’s line-up for miles, I have zero goals. I don’t care if I run 60 ¬†miles or 0 miles this week. I just want to enjoy life as it comes at me. With no worries. No stresses. No preconceived ideas of how life should run.

Goals are important. In fact I strongly recommend having goals, setting them, and smashing them to¬†completion. Goals give us that motivation and boost we need to get things done. On the flip side we can become so dependent on meeting or crippled when not meeting goals that we forget to take life as is. It’s nice to cruise through life one in a while. Allow the scene to take you in where it wants you. In two weeks I will be back at marathon training and giving it all I have. Because I want to qualify for Boston darn it!! But before I get back to serious training or goals I need to be seriously healthy on the inside. That’s a huge part of my personal training regime, making sure women feel secure on the inside!

So here it is, NO MORE negative talk. No more “I’m not good enough” garbage. Just because I’m not an Olympian, elite, pro, or even first place finisher doesn’t mean I’m not great in my own right.

I started running when I was 25. I was that¬†girl who hated running. And now look where I’ve brought myself. I’ve come a long way, baby. And for this, I celebrate! And YOU should celebrate YOU. No matter where you are currently in life. You can only move forward once you’ve accepted where you are currently and have a healthy mindset to tackle life’s challenges.

How do you celebrate life? Have you had cheeseburger wine? What do you purchase to celebrate a running PR?
blessed and beautiful running.

#MotivateMe Monday Stay The Path

Happy Monday! I know you must be thinking happyMonday? Really?! Who likes Mondays?!

YES! I am saying happy Monday because each Monday means a fresh new start of opportunists. Monday doesn’t have to be the drudgery of the week. Perspective my friends! Now ask me next week before I’ve had three cups of coffee and I might give you another perspective…

This week I am going back to linking up with Janice over at Fitness Cheerleader for #MotivateMe Mondays co-hosted by Rachel at Running Rachel. As I’ve mentioned in the past it’s a great way to stay on the fitness path. Set goals, link-up, and motivate each other! Stop by their blogs if you get a chance to check out what it’s all about.

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

So onward to some motivational, inspirational stuff. As being a part of the FitFluential family I receive emails with tons of motivating articles, recipes, workouts, and such. And I uaually just skimp through the articles, but when I read this one I knew I had to share with my readers: Stay the path.

My take away from the article:

No matter how challenging your path becomes stay the path. Remain focused. March on with relentless determination. Often our greatest successes come out of our greatest struggles.

It may take time to see noticeable results but the time will pass anyway so stick with it! This is something I am preaching to myself daily. As I continue to work daily on my personal training career there have been moments where I begin to doubt myself. Then I remember, it’s only been two months! Give yourself some time woman! I’m one of those who wants everything done right now!! It takes roughly four months to train well for a marathon. It takes nine months to prepare a baby for birth. I’ve heard it takes roughly five years to see a new small business really prosper. So why in the world would I expect to see instant results? Life in itself is not instant. It’s a journey. And that’s one thing the marathon has taught me.

Speaking of marathons….

So how’s my mileage? Still super low and creeping back up very slowly. I’m not a running animal who can knock out 50+ miles a week without injury. My body needs time. ¬†I’ve had some great runs here and there including a few fast 10 milers which is a total confidence boost. Since in previous #MotivateMe and #MarathonMonday posts worked so well to keep myself accountable I’m going back to that on Mondays. I hope that’s cool with my readers! I have been diligent with my new Believe journal. It’s kind of hard not to be diligent with it because it’s like my own personal motivation wrapped up in shiny red leather. I don’t miss DailyMile too much since going back to paper and pen…

Mileage goals for this week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: XT/upper body workout routine

Wednesday: 10 miles + yoga

Thursday: 8 miles

Friday: 4 miles/core work

Saturday: 10 miles

Sunday: 5 miles/stretching

Total miles: 37

It doesn’t look like much but between pharmacy full-time, personal training, family, home…trust me. It’s plenty for me! That’s one other point I would like to make: continue to be the BEST version of you! Do what you can, when you can. STOP comparing to others’ training when they may have different circumstances than you. YOU ARE ENOUGH! AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY STRONG.

What’s on your plate this week? Do you keep any goals over the summer or kind of just wing it? Running lately? What are some of your personal goals in life? Do you feel like just quitting sometimes and if so, how do you remain focused?
blessed and beautiful running.


#Motivational Monday: But She Be FIERCE! 

Hello Monday!! ¬†Since the marathon has come and gone I’m getting back at the more traditional motivational Monday thing. I saw the above quote on Pintrest and of course immediately fell in love because I stand tall at 5 foot. flat. Dynamite comes in small packages, baby. I feel like 2015 is¬†my year to really amp up the running department and I’d say it’s off to a great start.

So let’s talk recovery, group running, and what the game plan is shall we…

Here’s what my recovery week looked like

I want to preface this with saying that recovery week is a bit of a challenge for me. I tend to get a little down on myself because I feel like if I’m not running or working out somehow I’m immediately losing fitness.. Which is totally bogus and we all know better. After 26.2 miles of hard running your body NEEDS rest! And lots of it!

Monday: lots of stretching, walking, and a nice Epsom salt bath and back at work on my feet all day was a total killer!

Tuesday: more stretching and more work. Pharmacy has been high stress! Still felt a little lethargic post marathon and traveling.

Wednesday: Garmin FREEEEE easy 3.5 miles. some of the happiest miles.

Thursday: gym time.  elliptical and some weights with the pulley and double pulley. kept things light. just enough to feel like I did something.

Friday: 5 miler jog in town. sunny and happy.

Pisgah Forest is SO green this time of year. love it!

Saturday: Garmin FREEEEE trail run with the BRF. roughly 7 miles. some more of the happiest miles ever! Running on trail is so much kinder to your body!

Sunday: Stabilization/strength 30 minute routine. I plan on creating a poster of the workout and sharing it with y’all this Friday! Mind the little things (ie boring stability workouts) so the big things don’t crush you. + an easy 2.5 mile walk/jog with this crazy group of gals:

Sunday evening  group run #FlyingFeetChicks

I started a weekend group run in part to help new runners to have a safe, no judgement zone place to start. We have a mix of beginners to more experienced. There is no too fast and there is no too slow. You just run, walk, or jog whatever YOUR pace. A huge component of my personal training style is encouragement of playing in the great outdoors. When you’re out having fun you don’t even realize your working it out! If you’re in the western NC area and are interested in joining in, get with me and I can add you to our growing group.

Right now Flying Feet Ladies Group Runs are Sundays @ 6:30 PM.

What’s next for me

Onward…my personal game plan until July 20th is to fiercely work on core strength, overall strength/stability, and slowly work on building mileage back up to a solid 40 mpw (miles per week). ¬†Don’t worry. I’ll be back at the marathon training soon enough. ūüėČ it’s an addiction. I know. And I plan on ramping up the next season’s training even more. I am so stinkin’ ready to shave off those 11 minutes and BQ by a landslide!! FIERCE. During marathon training I tried keeping core strength a priority but it honestly just did not happen enough. I mean isn’t running 50,000,999 miles enough?! no. no it’s not. After the marathon my lower back ached a little which is a tell-tell sign that my core wasn’t strong enough.

And this week’s focus takes us back to the good ‘ol 5k. Laura over at Mommy Run Fast talks about speed and man, has she got some! She also shares 5 workouts for a faster 5k HERE.

This Saturday I’ll be running the Tata Trot in Rosman to test my 5k fitness. I haven’t raced a 5k since last Novemeber so I’m super curious to see how well I fare.¬†I think the 5k can almost be more challenging than the marathon. I’m so used to running long and slow that running hard and fast hurts.

Then I will loosely train for the half-marathon in June and 10k in July. The last time I raced a 10k was back in 2013…Been a little while. And I haven’t really ever¬†raced a half-marathon. So before I start marathon training July 20th I’ve got a tune-up game plan. See where I run fitness wise.

I’m ready to run FIERCELY.

Any Summer races coming up? Do you struggle with the rest period post marathon? Do you find the 5k harder than the marathon?

blessed and beautiful running.



#MotivateMe Mondays

I decided to jump on the #MotivateMe bandwagon created by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader because it seemed like the perfect way to help not only me stay motivated to reach  my big BQ goal in 2015, but also the perfect avenue to help motivate YOU too. This site was designed after all to inspire my little corner of the world.

Janice talks about taking that first small step to achieving your bigger goals.

She asks, if you¬†had 30 seconds right now to move toward your goal what would that involve? For me, it’s putting my goals into writing. Then she talks about accountability.¬† I plan on recapping goals, training plans, and what my running weeks actually look like.¬† I’m not the best at keeping up with food blogging so maybe just expect mile recaps from me. Everyone’s goal(s) are different. Yours might be food, fitness, school, or something totally different. The key is CONNECTING, encouraging one¬†another,¬†and staying accountable.

If you are excited and ready to tackle big goals for 2015 or just need some accountability to keep the holiday weight gain in-check,  head on over to Fitness Cheerleader and sign on. I will keep my #MotivateMe posts happening every Monday.

Here’s the Rules from Fitness Cheerleader

The rules are very simple:

  1. Every Monday share your fitness, nutrition plan etc by linking them up.  All you will need is your post’s URL, and a photo you would like to attach.
  2. Posts that aren’t related will be deleted.
  3. In your post, please mention that you‚Äôre participating in #MotivateMe Monday link up, and link back to the hosts, Janice ‚Äď Fitness Cheerleader¬†at¬†FitnessCheerleader.com, & Running Rachel¬†at¬†RunningRachel.com.
  4. Read what the other linkers, are sharing.  Visit at least 2 other bloggers’ posts and share some support by commenting and engaging with each other.  The more you support, the more support you will get back.

So let’s do this…One small step at a time.

Baby step #1… write specific, challenging yet attainable goals down.

My BIG goals:

1.) Pray more often to stay in tune with The Lord and pray before EVERY workout. My prayer life has been waning… And it shows in my attitude.

2.) Qualify for Boston by running a 3:35:00 marathon in April 2015

My biggest running goal for the year 2015 is to finally qualify for Boston. I tried last year, but if you’ve been following my blog for some time then you know I recently got married and had an amazing honeymoon and kind of forgot about training… I did however complete my third marathon….but it wasn’t pretty.
So here I am, all happily married, and so ready to rock out my BIG goal. The intended marathon date is April 25, 2015 in Nashville TN with the Country Music Rock ‘n’ Roll St Jude’s marathon.
I did sign up as a St. Jude’s hero so I can help raise funds for the hospital and children in need. No child or parent ever has to worry about treatment there. It’s the best cause I can think of to give to. Find my donation page HERE.

Small goals to get there:

Rest of Nov/Dec: build weekly base mileage up through simply running often.

Nov 17-23: 15-20 (miles) check! (19 miles actual)
Nov 24-30: 20-25
Dec 1-7: 25-30
Dec 8-14: 30-35
Dec 15-21: 35-40
Dec 22-29: 40-45
Dec 30-Jan 4: 45-50

Jan 5: Begin marathon training! I’ll probably go with the advanced Runner’s World 16 week training plan. I think I’ve had enough RLRF.

So for this week Nov 24-30:

Monday: XT/weights

Tuesday: easy 5 miles

Wednesday: 6 miles hills am yoga pm

Thursday: easy 3 miles

Friday: rest yoga

Saturday: 8 miles

Sunday: easy 3 miles

Total goal miles: 25

I’ll check in next Monday to see how my planned workouts actually came together.

I have more detailed goals in mind but as the weeks progress I’ll delve into those more.

So it’s YOUR turn! Do you have any goals for December and the new year? Do you break your bigger goals down into smaller goals and work your way up?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.