#MarathonMonday, TnT Tuesday, and Wisdom Wednesday. Let’s Play Catch Up!


baby gym! It’s going to grow!

Hey, hey! Yes, I’m still alive. I’m so alive in fact that I’m having a hard time getting around to the blogspere world. Much of my time has been dedicated to WORK, personal training, and getting ready for my Back-2-School #FitMomsRock event later this month. This is the first time I’ve attempted something like this so wish me luck! The hubby has been helping get the home gym prepped and ready to go. It’s a small start but it IS a start!!! My business has been slowly growing. But progress is still progress no matter how slowly. One step at a time. Just like the marathon.


Oh, speaking of marathon I’m now in week four (how did one month come and go almost already?!) and all systems are still going well. I’ve hit every planned workout. I’ve added two new elements to my training: more strength training (but keeping it lower in weight, higher in reps) and the second element I’ve added this time around is adding in more GMP (goal marathon pace) to my long runs. Before I’ve always just ran my long runs long and slooooow with maybe one or two miles fast at the end. But I am pushing the envelope a bit. For example, my goal this time is to SMASH the heck out of my BQ goal. What is required for my age and gender is this: 26.2 miles in 3:35 which translates roughly to an 8:12 min/mile. But I don’t want to squeek my way in. So my long run this past Saturday was a 16 miler with 10 miles at GMP @ 7:40-45 min/mile pace. I ran the first 6 miles around an 8:10-8:15 and finished the last 10 at goal pace. I did it. I held on strong. It wasn’t easy but I am now more confident in being able to hold that pace for the long haul. I most definitely attribute my pick up in speed to strength training, minding the little things (yoga, core work, stability work), and adding GMP to my long runs. Plus, I’ve been running my last mile slightly dehydrated. Trying to mimic how the last mile or so of the marathon will feel…I’ve ran 4 so I’m very familiar with how my body responds and feels during those last few miles. The last half mile is the worst…That last long run did take a lot out of me… so it’s not something I will do every week. Thank the Lord it’s cut back week!


I don’t count my miles until it starts hurting 😉


In order to achieve something you haven’t been able to do, you MUST do what makes you temporarily uncomfortable. You CAN NOT just go along with what you’re “good at” or what is comfortable. You need to CHALLENGE every fiber of your body, mind, and soul to see yourself grow in greatness. -Jess


Strong core = Strong runner! So I’m working on building my exercise video library! I’m slow but I’ll figure it all out. 😉 Here’s a fun move to try:

And for the random:


So what’s for dinner?! Man, we have been TERRIBLE about dinner. Like wait till the last minute and decide on cereal or sanwiches…again. #TheStruggleIsReal Partly due to my ridiculous work schedule and tired little marathon body. SO…we invested in a new kitchen toy are going to try it out tonight! One of my favorite dishes is chicken, veggies, and rice. It’s simple, easy, and now it’s going to be super tasty. I plan on making the dish healthier than what the original Food.com recipe calls for … a little less butter and lower sodium soy sauce. I’ve never used a wok before…I guess it’s time for me to take a wok on the wild side… LOL Anyone else love puniness?!

'Don't wait up for me, Dear. I'm taking a wok on the wild side.'

‘Don’t wait up for me, Dear. I’m taking a wok on the wild side.’

Have you used a wok before? What’s your favorite dinner dish? If you’re training for anything how’s it going? Any new training elements your adding??
blessed and beautiful running!



#MarathonMonday DREAM BIG + GIVEAWAY

#Irun4Dylan and Flying Feet in Faith

One for my #Irun4 buddy and one for me 🙂

Happy Monday y’all! What better way to kick off Monday and marathon training than with a giveaway?! Yeah I thought you’d agree it’s an awesome idea. When Christine (an amazing mother runner, blogger, and coach) contacted me via Dream Big Runner about her Dream Big Shop I immediately knew I wanted to partner with her! She has a big heart.  I think of the running community as a wonderful group of generous givers. And what better way to be involved than creating running jewelry and giving back?!

For every purchase off her Etsy shop she donates $2 to charity. And her new shop has taken off already donating over $1000!!

The shipping was prompt, price affordable, and the quality high. And they are customizable to almost any design you can think of! I’m thoroughly impressed and can’t wait to put my buddy’s bracelet in the mail. He lives a few states away so our matching bracelets are a sweet way to connect us. If you haven’t heard of #Irun4 it’s basically a community of runners/athletes who run/workout for a child with special needs who themselves can not run. It has been such a heartwarming journey for me personally and I tell you, my buddy is my hero and motivator!

I had the shoe tags designed after my blog and it’s motto…flying feet in faith.

So you want one too? Good news! Christine is generously giving away a bracelet or set of shoe tags to one of my readers.

***To enter to win: like My Dream Big Shop on FACEBOOK and visit My Dream Big Shop on ETSY and comment below with your favorite design through my FACEBOOOK Rafflecopter giveaway HERE

Contest starts today and ends Sunday at midnight! Good LUCK! 🙂

So marathon training….we meet again….

How am I training for this marathon season? Which plan? What book?!

Yes, I do have a new book. But no, I’m not following it’s plan. I’m reading it for marathon training content and extra lessons to be learned. One can always use a little more knowledge. In an effort to test my knowledge, skill, and experience I’ve designed my own plan. This may or may not be the smartest idea when I’m trying to BQ. You’d think I would trust the professionals. But. I am a professional?? ha.

One thing I have been discovering about myself through it all is that my mind is still weak. I have too many thoughts of I can’t. No matter how much I blog and promote self-confidence it is something I still truly, honestly struggle with on a daily basis. I have told myself one too many times during a race that “i can’t. I’m not strong enough. I’ll never be fast enough. There’s no way I’m capable.”


So my biggest goal for this marathon training season is to get out of my head. And deeply,firmly, and passionately BELIEVE that yes, I am capable, MORE than capable in fact. I’m not talking about gaining some sort of alter ego here, rather finally affirming to myself what I claim to believe in  everyone else: YOU are strong and you CAN do this.

mental toughness..work in progress

mental toughness..work in progress

I will be going through #MarathonMonday a little differently this time. Last season I logged every week with workout details and I do feel that helped keep myself somewhat accountable, however, I’ve been logging all my workouts in my BELIEVE journal and have really been enjoying my own personal journey. It’s like my little running secret. I intend on claiming my mental toughness to break through some barriers…. let’s do this.

Which design from My BIG Dream shop would you chose? Have you heard of #Irun4? Do you believe you have that mental toughness or is it a struggle for you as well? What are you training for?
blessed and beautiful running.


#MarathonMonday 5 Days Until #RnRNashville and Martina McBride!!


I started in January…and we are now half way through April?! Time flies…

Hey guys! I can not believe it’s already been 15 weeks ((WHAT?!)) since I started training for Nashville’s Rock n’ Roll Country Music Marathon! Like I mentioned before I have given everything I feel like I could have during this training cycle. Most weeks were strong and I was able to hit all my target paces and in review it looks like I’ve only had about 2 weeks that were kind of funky. And still out of 16 weeks of training the only runs I missed were one speed session and two 16 mile long runs, however they were replaced with a.) Green Valley 10 miler PR race! b.) easy trail run with the hubby. Which is always nice!

I started tapering about three weeks out with a gradual mileage reduction with my last long run four weeks out with a 20 miler. Over the course I’ve run roughly 640-650 miles during this training session. I love how DailyMile adds it all up for me. I’m a logistics nerd and like reviewing my numbers. But I’m too lazy to write or add myself. Thank you DailyMile.

Last week was more slack than I would have preferred…during taper the idea is to reduce mileage while still keeping your legs poppin’. We just had a lot going on with work, my treadmill trying to murder me, home, ball games and personal training. I did do two solid elliptical sessions, a treadmill “speed” workout, and an easy 5k with our SMART Girls with a few easy after.

Could I have trained harder? More often? More strength training and yoga? Sure. But I’m no elite athlete. I am a mom and wife first. I also have a full-time job in the pharmacy on my feet every day while simultaneously trying to segway into my new career path as a personal trainer. Every one has a different journey in life. Some are kid-less and have better opportunities within their careers to train more often. I believe I gave everything I could have while maintaining a family life.

Takeaway: NEVER ever compare yourself to others. You do the best YOU can with what you have. And you should be proud of all you have accomplished! I’ve accomplished more this training cycle then I did in my previous cycles. And for this, I am proud.

supporting a local elementary school with our SMART Girls..I think I need new shades…my Nike’s look like they are taking over my face!

On a side note, I’m thinking I’ll make all my race shirts into a quilt… The, send it so someone special… I have so many tees and like this one, many are too big for me to even wear!

So a few things I’m stupid excited about for this weekend:

  • We are leaving town earlier this time so we will actually get to enjoy the expo, unlike our Savanna trip.
  • Um, I’ll be in Nashville. One of my favorite cities ever!
  • I’m running a marathon. And I’m going to run it strong.
  • We get to stay with family! My new bro-in-law and his family are the coolest.
  • I’m going with my favorite people in the whole world! My hubby who is running the half and going to run it supa fast, but minus the kiddo who was running the kid’s run…however, he didn’t want to miss his two ball games here , and Mrs. A aka BRF who’s going to kill the hills with me!
  • IMG_2911

    we are preeeeety much awesome. love this chick.

  • Then we are going to eat massive amounts of good food.
  • We get to see Martina McBride in concert!!!!!! Love her!

oooooommyyyygeeerrrssshhh Martina!! {photo source}

What’s on tap for the last marathon training taper week:

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 5 easy w/5 strides

Wednesday: 3 easy

Thursday: rest

Friday: 3 very, very easy

Saturday: 26.2 MARATHON DAY!!!!!

Sunday: walking and exploring Nashville!!!

Well, my bags are starting to get packed and I’m not forgetting the sports bra like in Savanna..making a list and checking it twice…, the excitement is ridiculous, and I am driving all my co-workers crazy about now…..

ha. probably not.

So here are my official time goals for this race:

A.) 3:34:59 for the Boston Qualifying time!

B.) 3:45:00 if I am having a rough day and the weather sucks.

C.) 3:59:00 if I am really having a really rough day

D.) just finish. If I am dying.

But ultimately, we all know the main goal of the marathon it to run strong, healthy, and happy. And I am so, so thrilled to be feeling well! Unlike I did last November. Arriving at the starting line healthy and uninjured is an accomplishment in itself!!

ps- Don’t forget to guess my finishing marathon time HERE for a chance to win a tube of NUUN Hydration!!

Anyone racing this weekend in Nashville? We can meet up! What do you do with all your race tees? Do you support St. Jude or what charity do you support? Are you a country music fan? How many miles do you typically run during marathon training?

blessed and beautiful running.


Marathon #MotivationalMonday: Slowin’ my Roll + #IRun4 Love

Observe & Enjoy. Something we need to do more! Photo Source

Happy Monday! How was y’all’s weekend? Mine was a bag of mixed tricks with trail running with a friend plus hubby and kiddo on bike, working at the pharmacy, and working towards my new career! Last week was also definitely a cut back week for me. So much so in fact that I cut back more than I originally anticipated to… This was the first week during this marathon training that I didn’t run my planned total mileage… But as I stated on Facebook sometimes taking unexpected breaks can be a matter of acquiring an injury or building strength. I chose to build strength. Again, KNOW YOUR BODY!! I truly believe your body will tell you when it needs rest. Don’t wait until it’s screaming at you….training for a marathon does require lots of running, but not every one persons body can handle 50+ mileage weeks. Add yoga, cross training, and strength training throughout to stay healthy and strong. Plus, slowing down gives us the chance to observe and enjoy everyday life.

Mommy, Run Fast hit the nail on the head in regards to signs of over training. I suggest taking a peak HERE about what she has to say!

I was starting to feel overly agitated, lethargic, and hungry-all-the-time. That was my body’s way of telling me it needed rest. So I listened and cut it way back. I’d rather take it easy one week than be injured and out for the big event.

We are now only four weeks away from #RnRNashville!!

So what’s on tap this week:

Monday: total rest

Tuesday: 8 miles hills

Wednesday: 10 miles w/8 yasso 800s

Thursday: XT/core or 6 easy w/6 strides

Friday: 7 easy

Saturday: 18 LSD (plan calls for 23 miles but in using my own body’s judgement I’m opting for 18)

Sunday: 6 easy + yoga

Total miles: 55

Okay so this happened today:

#IRun4Dylan #IPray4Dylan

My #IRun4 buddy mailed me a set of custom shoe tags so that he could run with me. I may or may not have sniffled a bit when I opened it… I immediately laced them on my race day shoes.

Hi Dylan! We love you!!!!


We are truly blessed. And today I was reminded again of why we do what we do. My son will run and ride his bike in honor of Dylan occasionally as well. I strive to teach my son what it means to appreciate the things we do have and the bodies we were given. Not everyone is so fortunate to remain in good health all the time. But maybe in their struggles we find that they are indeed the strongest, kindest, and loving people of all. I am proud to be raising a son who is learning daily what it means to give back and love others. Sometimes all it takes is one foot in front of the other and mega doses of daily prayer.

I don’t claim to get it right all the time. I am sure I am the farthest thing from the “perfect parent” image. But there is one thing that is always certain: I love deeply. And I truly don’t care too much about image and what others may think they know. Because at the end of the day I am at peace knowing that I am running this race of life with every ounce of my heart and soul.

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us… -Hebrews 12:1

Change one life and you change the world.

Have you every cut back more than originally intended in a plan? Give me one blessing in your week!

blessed and beautiful running.


Marathon Monday and Tuesday. Oops! 

Let me tell you. Yesterday I hit the ground running at 5 am and didn’t stop until after 9 pm. I started my day off shadowing one of the best personal trainers in town, went to work, and then enjoyed family time with my husband’s brother and family. It was a long but beautiful day. So I had zero time to blog yesterday. I meant to pre type this all but after my 22 miler Sunday and Sunday’s post….I just didn’t even.

Anyways. I am so excited to start this edition’s Marathon Monday off with this:

Look what came in the mail!! Stuff is getting real y’all! Only 6 more weeks until the big race. 

Instagram cut my head off but it’s cool. The tank is the main focus.

I ran eight miles today in it and plan on running with it in the marathon. The weather was relatively cool this morning, like 38-40* to start out so running in a tank may have not seemed like a bright idea but I had broken a sweat by the end of my run. I am enjoying our sunnier weather so much!

Last week’s training was a huge success for me personally hitting 59 miles for the week! I haven’t seen that kind of mileage since I trained for the OKC Memorial Marathon back in 2013. I’m feeling fairly confident that this IS the marathon where I am able to give it my all. I’m a little sore and tired but no major complaints or injuries to speak of (again, knocking on wood here!). I  believe it’s time for me to invest in some more CheriBuni. Tart cherry juice really is a fantastic inflammation reducer! Beats popping IBU daily. So we proceed…

As per usual life is rocking and rolling so here’s my weekly mileage plan:

Monday: REST (thank you Jesus!) + 30 minutes easy flow yoga

Tuesday: 8 w/8 strides — done!

Wednesday: 9 w/6 x Yasso 800s (if you are unfamiliar with Yasso 800s or what it means check it out HERE.) + upper  body strength

Thursday: 7 easy

Friday: 8 w/6 @MP

Saturday: 6 easy + yoga

Sunday: 22 LSD w/fast finish

Total Miles: 60

In looking at next week’s miles I only have to run a 14 miler for the LSD….Let’s make it through one more monster week! So that’s all I have for today….going to my real job. You know, the one that currently pays most of the bills.

What’s the highest mileage you’ve run in a week? Do you use a natural alternative for inflammation/pain? How warm does it have to be for you to run in a tank? Any exciting happenings over your weekend?

blessed and beautiful running.