Wisdom Wednesday: Endurance in the Everyday Life.  Be the Light!       

Hello humpday! I have so much to say and yet nothing at all. So I will keep it brief with lots of pretty pictures. 🙂

Today I ran my first double digit miles since the Nashville marathon in April! And it felt so goooooood. Well, hot, sweaty, and way past my personal humidity threshold but I didn’t care. My legs were like: Just GO!

First double digit run since the marathon a month ago! #happyrunner

I ran through my quaint little town of Brevard. Looping a few times. (thinking I need to find a new route as the summer tourist start creeping in and cramping my sidewalk space…) The beauty of summer running is the no pressure factor. Well. for me it is personally. The heat and humidity will slow you down and it is totally more than okay to stop for a walk or catch your breathe or grab some water. So I took a brief moment to capture our infamous “jailhouse” hill that I use for hill work often. Observe:

beautiful Brevard with a shot of the famous “jailhouse” hill. Not sure the photo does the hill’s grade justice…trust me, it hurts.

On the way to jailhouse hill I run past our Brevard College campus. It’s one of the most beautiful campuses. I think anyway. I took a pic of the lamp because it got me to thinking… we are to be the light of the world. By we I imply we runners. Athletes. Go-getters. Motivators. And when I put myself out in the public eye I am putting myself out there ready for criticism, judgement, and/or scrutiny . But I run on anyway. I press on anyway. Because there’s someone out there who needs to see a positive light and who is ready to catch it, reel it in, and be the light.

running past Brevard College

In an attempt to boldly step out into the business owner world on my own two feet as a personal trainer, I have found that I am especially vulnerable to criticisms and judgement. People will almost always have something to say whether it be positive or negative. Some negative you can take as constructive criticism, other negative you just have to learn to toss that mess out the window. If I have the ability to change at least one person’s life, then I will have done my job. Because that is my passion. And I will not give up. It takes passion, dedication, and endurance to make a dream come true. This isn’t just a j-o-b for me. It’s a lifestyle. A true, honest, deep passion that has burned in my soul for quite some time. I want, I need people to see how incredibly beautiful and strong they are on the inside. And I believe that when you finally feel fit on the inside your outside genuinely starts to radiate goodness.

I really want to give my girl, Jenna at Jenna Leigh Photography, a HUGE shout-out. This woman. She is amazing. Not only does she capture the most beautiful photos but she treats her photography as an art. She’s not your typical point and click photographer. I am ridiculously blessed to know her. She’s responsible for my awesome running shots and our beyond perfect wedding photos. With my new pro shot I am starting to feel more official. 😉

Give her a like on FACEBOOK! See other amazing photos.

thank you Jenna for my pro shot!

In other less inspirationial news, the good folks over at EnduroPacks sent me a month’s supply of their product line including, a multi-vitamin, electrolyte spray, glutamine capsules for recovery, and essential amino acid patches. I am currently testing their products out so I will give y’all my ever so intriguing thoughts on the company and product about two weeks from now. When testing supplements I really think it’s super important to give it a few weeks before making any concise conclusions.  I will say that so far since using the electrolyte spray I haven’t been “bonking” too bad in the heat. My hot weather running seems to be going fairly well.

In the meantime while y’all anxiously await my review on the goods, head over to Tina Muir’s blog and read her review HERE. She’s an elite marathoner and she’s freaking fast. So I have high hopes in that this product will serve me well as it has her. I only need to shave, oh, an hour and change off my marathon time to compete with her. Maybe EnduroPacks is the key. hahahah. right.

introducing my new secret weapon for the summer

Anyway. So that’s about it y’all! I’m a busy woman currently working on revamping my Facebook page and other social media sites trying to reconfigure everything to suite my personal training biz. But this blog will always remain my main running site. I may be busting it out in the gym and with clients, but y’all know I am runner at heart and always will be through and through!

#PinkPayneFit “Be beautifully fit from the inside out.”

blessed and beautiful running.



Sleepy Sunday, Self-Doubt, and Why I’m Not Racing…Right Now

be strong in the Lord. more race days will come! trash self-doubt and trust that He has made you strong and beautiful!

I absolutely revel in race day mornings. The excitement, free bananas, cool tees, the people, nerves, energy, the unknown, the run. And yesterday morning in my quiet little town they hosted the White Squirrel 5/10k hosted by Brevard Rotary which I have run a time or two in the past and have enjoyed the races. But I’m not racing this year. Here’s why:

  • as many of you know racing tends to get expensive. So I’ve been very picky and choosey about which distances and which races I’ll be running.
  • There’s that and I’ve run a marathon and a fast 5k all within four weeks of each other.
  •  I’m trying my hardest to focus on the easier runs and strength work.
  • Plus, most elite runners race only a handful of events anyway. There’s a very good reason for that. If you want to give your best at your goal race you must give your body the rest it needs. Not just a day or two either. 
  • I want to be at my peak come marathon day in November. And that means ample rest to be ready to push hard when the time is right. 
  • Racing too often, too much, too long stresses your body and increases risk of injury. 

So what did I do with my Saturday? Well, at 8:00 I met with Jenna at Jenna Leigh Photography ((She is an incredibly talented photographer and I am sooooo freaking lucky to know her. If you’re in Western NC I can not highly recommend her more!!)) for a quick head shot for my Personal Trainer biz, which is a work in progress; check it out HERE so far to see where I am going with it. It’s definitely a work in progress!  We had fun this morning with some quick shots and overdue girl, fitness, mommy chat. Need more of that….

jenna aka best photographer ever

Then right after that I took off on a run to wallow in self pity about not racing clear my mind of a few stresses. I’d be a liar if I told you I totally didn’t run past the race event and whine in jealousy inside my mind a weeeee bit.  I’ve not been feeling my strongest lately mentally. I believe we A-type go getters tend to put too much pressure to be perfect in everything. I’ve come a long ways in growing and becoming okay with relaxing that idea some. But sometimes, every once in a while life just gets to me. Maybe it’s been my current pharmacy job getting me down, or the fact that I’m tirelessly trying to create a personal training biz that seems to be taking too long to lift off, or maybe it’s too much self-doubt. You gotta tell that ish to shut it up. Because ain’t no body got time for that mess. You are stronger than you think. And The Good Lord is even stronger.  Any good biz owner I’m sure will tell you it takes an insane amount of initial ground breaking work and lots of dedicated T-I-M-E to really get the ball rolling. Especially if you’re currently working a full-time job outside of the home. But in the long run it will all be worth it. The long runs always are. 

i don’t always wear makeup when i run but when i do i take a selfie. lol i am no running diva i swear but post photo shoot i wanted to run!

As a fitness professional I am not exempt from feelings of insecurities and today proved that. When trying to pose for the camera I kept hearing those nasty little self-doubt bugs creep in trying to tell me lies. Like your teeth are crooked. Don’t smile. You’re not fit enough yet. Blah blah blah

You know what to tell those bugs: liar liar pants on fire! I may be a work in progress but I am strong and I am beautiful still!!!!

And on a more personal life note the husband and I are celebrating two years of togetherness this weekend! We went on our first date, a hike and ice-cream, two years ago during Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend we celebrated with cruising the town festival eating ridiculous amounts of tasty oh-so-bad-for-you food!

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. I press on. Follow your heart. Never give up and tell those nasty bugs to shut it up! 

I’m working all Sunday then group run Sunday eve! 

What’s on your plate this weekend? How often do you race?


Sweet Sunday

Ahhh, sweet Sunday! I LOVE my Sundays off when I do get them…Jesus, running, family, food, and rest. I sure hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend! Mine started off with the Oskar Blues 4-miler on Saturday followed by the best cheeseburgers in town at Dugan’s Pub. I am pleased to see the Oskar Blues 4-miler event grow each year. I reviewed it last year HERE. A few things changed like they had Asheville Running Co. now. But I will note that they added a few things that I mentioned in my cons:

  • This year they had a horn to announce the start.
  • There was music pre and post race this time not just post.
  • There was a larger crowd support. Could be because the race is growing.
  • The husband got a Tee this year even with registering day of. Last year they had run out.

I’m not sure if they read my blog post from last year or if they just coincidentally added these things… at any rate I give it two thumbs way up! Nicely done.

It is one of the nicest courses running mostly flat with a slight incline halfway through with ample down hill. And it’s always a good time with music, food, and goodies from our local bakery. Weather was pretty perfect as well. Just a light drizzle of rain at the start but it tapered off. But like my #IRun4 buddy says.

“Raindrops are just giggles from they sky!”

the hubs signature post race pose. yummy.

The husband killed it by taking about TEN minutes off last year’s time! Little D had his first 4 miler experience. #proudmom #proudwife I’m training them good 😉

I wasn’t in it to race this year. I ran as a volunteer coah with our SMART girls. Four miles is quite the accomplishment for an elementary aged kid. I’ll have more on that next Wednesday when I join in with Kelly at Miles-to-Go for her Making a Difference link-up.

Miles To Go

So in other news this weekend, I’m becoming increasingly excited about the marathon in April. Training has been going well (knock on wood). And I’ve been stalking the online Farmer’s Almanac online…it looks like it will be sunny and cool for the marathon weekend. Fingers crossed the good farmers got it right for the year! I’ve used the Farmer’s Almanac for all my marathons and it’s been correct thus far. Weather can sometimes make or break a race (um like heat and humidity for me!) and as good as my training has been I’m just praying my hardest that all the stars align and that somehow I manage to BQ this time…It for sure won’t be because I haven’t given it my all this training cycle!!

I’ve also been studying relentlessly for my personal trainer exam until my eyes get all crossed and fuzzy. Less than two weeks to go and I should be able to add the CPT tittle to my name! I can not express to you all in words adequately just how excited I am to start a new chapter in my career life. It takes courage to change from a steady ten year career to a whole new dimension. But I know that the field I’m trying to break into has such potential to change lives for the better. Not just medicate them. My mission is to encourage people with the right ‘tools’ for life so that they in turn can rock their own corners of the world. The ripple effect. Change ONE life and watch the world change. I’m still debating if I want to continue on with this blog and add a “Fit Feet” or something like that section or create a whole new blog/website. I’m not really great with the whole official looking website and stuff…like sending out weekly e-mails and such. Any tips on creating a successful online training system would be appreciated!

Finally I finished my running week with the monster 22 miler! Check it out, the sky matched my shirt this morning. God was smiling. I truly believe there is more than one way to worship and I think enjoying His creation qualifies. Especially if you find yourself thanking Him and praying for others while running. During my run today it was as if the entire world disappeared and it was just me and Jesus… My last mile was dedicated to our SMART girls because I finished running at the elementary “track”. 🙂 They make my heart smile.

Long run fueling logistics: CamelBak, four ClifBar gels at miles 4, 9, 15, and 19 including a double shot! buzzzz.

killed it.

I was a block of salt. mmm.

His glory on display.

I finished the day off with recovering right. Protein shake and a game of cards with the kiddo outside. You probably already know this if you follow me on Facebook.

Then snuggle time with the hubs. 😉

ahhh. Sweet Sunday!!

Do you consult the Farmer’s Almanac for weather before races two or so months out? Or am I just a weirdo? Was there a time in your life that you changed careers? What do YOU think, should I stick with Flying “Fit Feet” or create a new personal trainer page something like PinkPayne? Any sweet news on your Sunday? 

blessed and beautiful running!


Marathon Monday and CLIFBar WINNER!


Hey hey guys! So sorry this post is up super late and it’s ridiculously, sporadically compiled. I had an early start, like 5:00 am start, to my day so this post was definitely squeezed in last minute after running, kid, work, some kind of frozen dinner (yes, I know. *hangs head in shame* in front of all my amazingly talented pre-prepped foodies out there. This is not one of my finer skills.) , and now WordPress.

So why the 5:00 am start today? My treadmill is broke and I had to make a run to the gym, run five miles, get back home in time to be taxi mom, and employee ready by 8 am. Plus I don’t do no-light-whatsoever-dark-o-thirty-running. Just seems too dangerous. I try to be smart. You know, as I was walking into the gym today I thought to myself how awesome would it be if I was actually on my way to work here? Soon enough. So let me just …


I’m finally sitting on my butt for a minute.

Anyway, y’all aren’t here to read about my boring daily rush routine. I know. It’s cool cause I have a winner picked thank you random Rafflecopter app!

And the winner is….

Ms. Autum H.! I’ve got your contact info so be on the lookout for an e-mail soon with directions to obtain your goodies. Thank you so much to all who entered and take the time to read my ramblings. 🙂

So what’s new? Well, we have been getting snow and ice. Guess that’s not too new. I’ve decided that running in it was definitely beautiful and peaceful. And that it made me a total tough running rockstar…

But there’s more snow on the radar. So I’m basically over it now. I’m tough but I’ll be the first to admit I’m also tired of being “tough”. I have my limits. I’m training in all this cold weather and I’m just waiting for that marathon day in April to be like 85* hot and humid and I will roast like a puffy, white marshmallow.

As far as mileage last week I hit all my runs except an easy five miler. I had a tight hammie from snow/ice running. I didn’t get in my weight training either as we were snowed in for a good portion of the week…I did practice yoga…I realize I could have put together a body weight routine in place of my regular weight room at the gym routine (Jess at Blonde Ponytail is great at sharing new ideas)…but sometimes…


pizza..yes please.

When I’m snowed in…I swear I could eat pizza all day every day. Well, even when it doesn’t snow. It’s a flaw. A serious condition. I need to be conditioning my body for strength. Not every day needs to  be a “carb loading” day.. *shakes head in shame* again. Seriously.  I need one my awesome fellow healthy foodie bloggers to create, cook, and feed me healthy food all day, everyday. Logically I know that good food fuels the body for success and strength…but for now I’m doing good to keep my running up. As the mileage increases (on top of a full-time job standing on my feet all day every day) the harder it seems to want to eat celery, carrots, and healthy grains and fit in other critical cross-training and strength training routines. Increased mileage = insatiable appetite and lack of energy to “workout”. Ya feel me?

But this is a new day. Let’s #getafterit!! So this week I find myself on a mission to eat less pizza, after today because I totally did, line-up at home strength workouts for the impending snow days, and yoga it up more this week. You are more likely to eat smart and work out if you plan in advance! Also planning around things like snow.

So this week’s mileage line-up:

Monday: 5 easy w/5 strides

Tuesday: 8 w/8 hill repeats

Wednesday: 9 w7@MP + yoga

Thursday: 4 easy + strength training

Friday: Rest/or XT

Saturday: 3 easy

Sunday: 13 long slow distance + yoga

Total goal miles: 42

How’s your training going? Are you a pizza addict? Would you be willing to solve my poor eating habit?! Any week specific goals on your agenda this week? 

blessed and beautiful running.


How to Enjoy 18 miles in Freezing Weather


#IRun4Dylan 🙂

Running through falling snow has a way of making you feel giddy like a child. It’s an uninhibited joy when you choose to embrace and enjoy God’s creation. I’m by no means a huge fan of winter. In fact, I usually state that I HATE winter. But hate is such a strong word and I’m sure God doesn’t appreciate my strong disdain for His seasons. All season serve a purpose. And snow is cleansing…

So today’s run started out a wee bit warmer like 22* instead of -9* warmer. Hey, I’ll take it. We were practically in a heat wave today! I had 18 miles on the schedule today and with CamelBak in tow, two ClifBar gels, and my trusty pepper spray I felt ready. Nervous though because the last time I ran any distance over 14 miles was way back in August. However, my body felt great. No known issues. No terrible aches or pains. All systems go. Two miles in I met up with the BRF and ran a few miles with her. She had an event to be at later that morning so unfortunately I was again on my own for another 14 miles. I had a lot on my mind that morning…so a good 14 miles with Pandora radio and just my thoughts may have been what the doctor ordered.

It was definitely cold out but manageable. The wind didn’t pick up too terribly with the exception of a few miles. On account of the black ice and un-scraped sidewalks I was forced to hit the road for a good portion of the run. Which I don’t mind but cars and big suvs apparently do. I almost died a few times. Between mean traffic and slick sidewalks I believe I lost about 10 years of my life today in fear. o.O

So were the 18 miles worth it?

Without a shadow of a doubt, YES.

Because as difficult as today’s run was today I proved that I had it in me. I have the guts to stick anything out. I know as most of you are runners yourselves you’ve heard a bazillion times how great running is at bringing out the best in you.  Today, I felt this real life parallel strongly. This run was a strong mental will battle.

So fast forward to mile nine after two near slips on ice and one vanilla ClifBar gel I seriously began to question my sanity. I kept battling inside my head and started bartering with myself:

“Okay Jess, you got this. Maybe just make it at least 15 miles. That’s only like 6 left. Man, it’s really cold out here. Like frigidly freaking cold. Is this even safe? Of course it’s safe. You’ve run in colder. Suck it up! Yeah but not like, 18 miles in this colder coldness…okay, make it to mile 15…”

Well by the time I hit mile 12 the ClifBar had hit my system and I began to feel a little better. And began a new bartering system with myself:

“Giiiiirl, you made it this far. Wait, is that SNOW? It’s definitely snowing. It’s so cold…so cold…so… pretty…so soothing…So you had 16 miles scheduled last weekend but you only raced 10, so maybe you can make it to at least 16. Yeah. You can do that.”

I hit mile 14…time for my other ClifBar.

“Oooh, this one has one shot of caffeine in it. Yes! This is really cool, this whole running while it’s snowing thing. I feel like a total rockstar. I’m a running beast! Only two miles till mile 16. Thank you God! Hmmm…I’m hungry.”

Mile 15, Caffeine kicks in.

“I’m on top of the world! I think I’ve caught my second wind. Either that or it’s the caffeine talking …. either way I’m gooood. I scheduled 18 miles today… I simply can not quit now. I only have like two miles after this mile left. I totally got this. Okay..time to stop thinking and just run. Animal mode on.”

Mile 18:

“I freaking did it!! Praise God! That wasn’t so bad…”

If it wasn’t for seeing this post this morning I would’ve probably given up on today’s run. But I’m too stubborn strong willed and determined to throw in the towel…I kept thinking on these words:

The lesson I took from this run was that victory isn’t always easy, clean, and tidy. It gets icy, sweaty, and messy but if you push through the “I just want to quit and die” thoughts, victory is just on the other side. You have to fight those negative thoughts with all your heart sometimes. And you know what?

It feels amazing.

If it wasn’t for the ClifBar my physical body probably would have bonked. But I also truly believe that because I run for a higher cause the Lord carried me through much of it. Well, truth be told, He carries me through all of it. Through all my fears, insecurities, failures, and victories. Running has that profound affect on the soul. Clears the soul of toxic waste, frees your mind of garbled clutter, and allows your spirit to breathe freely. Even if it is labored breathes due to freezing temps…. you catch my drift…

I also run for my buddy who can not run himself. I run for those who struggle physically and mentally. When I think of cold I go back to the movie Unbroken.

We are all “broken” to a degree in some fashion. But I believe when we do not allow our brokenness to stop us, we become undeniably unshaken. It’s hard to keep a good woman (man) down. I run for all those broken pieces. I run to unleash my heart…to allow my thoughts the freedom to think that anything is possible. I run because someday, I want to change the world. To leave a strong and positive mark on this world…

And with this, I’ll leave you with a few of my personal tips that help carry  me through tough runs…

Here’s a few “get you through” tips should you chose to run in the great frosty outdoors:

  • Play mind games with yourself, like okay, we will only run this far today… but you usually end up going the full distance 😉
  • Promise yourself treats i..e ClifBar snacks at mile(s) xyz
  • Layer up. Bundle up. Be prepared for the elements.
  • Do not forget the sunscreen. Prevent windburn.
  • Stop thinking and turn on animal mode.
  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

***Don’t forget about my ClifBar giveaway! Tonight is your last night to enter! Go ahead and head over HERE! Entering is easy and fun.***

What was your victory today? Do you have to play mind games with yourself to finish runs? Any epic snowy runs lately? If you’re a believer of the faith do you feel like the Lord carries you through?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.