Thinking Out Loud. They May Write You Off…But I’m ONE Mother Runner! ;-)

I don’t have too much to say today other than my pharmacy’s little online management quiz told me I was not fit for management. Crap. At first I totally freaked out. Not because I desperately wanted to be “lead tech” or anything because if you’ve followed me long enough than you know my first priority is personal training. This is my first love. But because I thought well if the company who I work for doesn’t find me management material than what the heck am I doing trying to become my own boss and CEO of Pink Payne Fit?? Then I thought of Michael Jordan. You know that basket ball rockstar? yeah. He too was also told he didn’t have what it takes. But you know what? I’m going to keep doing my own thing and rocking it out. I plan on becoming great. Cause I’m one bad to the bone mother runner y’all. Nothing can stop a good woman. But add mother and runner to her title and it’s on.

All those negative voices? Don’t give them the time of day. What’s their holy online opinion to you anyway? You are you and you are great. Often it’s those WHO DON’T fit into those cooperate molds are the ones who end up doing brilliant and unthinkable things. I could exhaust a list of examples for you but like I said, I don’t have too much to say other than tell those naysayers to shut their traps and keep pressing on towards that goal of yours. I don’t know about you, but my God is certainly greater than any cooperation.

that’s all.

Anyone ever tell you that you weren’t cut out to be who you say you want to be?
blessed and beautiful running.


PS Check it out! I’m a guest blogger over at One Mother Runner!! I posted 5 Tips for Beginner Mother Runners. If you’re a mother, you’ll LOVE this new website. Full of tips, stories, and inspiration. Thanks Stacy for allowing me to guest blog!

One Mother Runner

TNT Tuesday: Creative Cardio on a Budget, TKO Jump Rope 15 Minute Workout!

Hello you! The one who can’t stand the the thought of jumping on a treadmill or who can’t afford the gym membership. Or the you who is completely bored out of your mind with workouts. Or the you who just needs something fun.

Yeah YOU! What if I told you there is an incredibly affordable and freaking fun way to jump your way into a quick cardio workout that did not include a dreadmill or elliptical? We are going old school!


Introducing TKO JUMP ROPE!  Find it HERE at Macy’s online.

A few quick benefit notes about the product:

  • Easily portable. No excuse to not get a quick workout on vacation.
  • Lightweight, vinyl rope 9 foot long means little to no pain if you whack yourself. If you’re like me you most likely will. 😉
  • Comfortable grasp handles
  • Metal ball-bearings which prevents jumprope from tangling
  • Consistent swing motion
  • Smooth swivel design for agility training
  • Affordable
  • Versatile, think HIIT workouts!
  • Um, it’s fun!!
  • Can be a total body workout focusing on agility, coordination, footwork, quickness, endurance.


I personally enjoy this product. It’s definitely going into my bag of tricks! You’d think any ‘ol jump rope was a jump rope. But the TKO company really has perfected the tool! Their slogan, “Whatever It Takes” lives up to my expectations and exceeded them even. I was surprised at how fluid the motion of this jump rope was.

Try this 15 Minute Workout and tell me you haven’t broken a serious sweat! Increase the workout by adding one or two more rounds!

You’ll need:

  • Your body
  • A yoga or exercise mat
  • TKO Jump rope!
  • Water near by!

Workout: Perform with no break in-between unless repeating entire sequence more than two times, in this case allow a 1-3 minute break. 

2 minute basic jump-rope Warm-Up

30 seconds push-ups, as many as possible

1 minute twisting jump, jump-rope

30 seconds Sumo Squat

1 minute alternating feet jump-rope

30 seconds V-Ups

1 minute criss-cross legs jump-rope

30 seconds mountain climbers


Finish with one minute easy jump-rope.

Do you like jump roping or do you incorporate it into your workouts at all? What other creative ways do you workout?
blessed and beautiful running.


**Disclaimer: I was provided the TKO Jump Rope at no charge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Also, although I am a certified personal trainer it is important that you check with your family doctor before beginning any new exercise routine or program.**

#MarathonMonday August Goals, Personal Training, and Things

Goals for August   

1.) Get to bed earlier! Sleep has been a struggle for me. Which in turn makes 5 am impossible. It’s all about discipline and creating a balanced routine!! But. If you’re a mother I digress…good luck sister. 😉 

2.) Reading more. I’ve managed to get halfway though the book Spark. It’s about exercise and the brain. We all know exercise makes us “feel good” but there’s so much more to it! It’s an enlightening read. I’m determined to finish it before summer ends!

  3.) Actively promote my personal training buisness more! This is something I’m not really great at. Selling and promoting are not my strengths. I want people to magically show up at my doorstep and ask for my assistance. We all know that’s not how it rolls. So go and LIKE Pink Payne Fit! C’mon, it’ll be fun. 

4.) Keep with my salad a day marathon training plan. I’ve had a personal goal to eat a fresh spinach, arugula, and/or kale salad a day in an effort to naturally increase my iron, fiber, and nitrous oxide intake. Which will hopefully translate into faster running…I’ll try anything!

5.) Tart cherry juice at least weekly. No pain relievers! 


6.) Get back on my strength training wagon. My wheels kinda rolled off last week…I worked so hard during late spring/early summer to build my muscles up and with two weeks of increased mileage I’ve killed my weight room libido! I realize I’m now in a different training phase but I I don’t want to lose all I’ve worked so hard for. So I’m re-working some goals and time management planning. It’s tough to squeeze it all in!! But, with a good game plan just about anything is possible. 🙂 

Shoot for the moon my friends!

Any specific August goals for you? Are you able to strength train much when your mileage creeps up? How do you squeeze sleep in?!

blessed & beautiful running. 


Wisdom Wednesday Daily Grind

Why do I get up early nearly every day to read my Bible, drink coffee, run, workout, blog…why do I choose to run marathons? Why do I do what I do? 

There are many, if not most, people who question what I do, wonder why, and on the occasion even criticize my passion. But they have NO clue how many people’s lives I have the ability to touch and reach out to. Blogging is a huge platform. Marathoning can be an extremely social event. Running for charities is giving back to the community. 

I could list and exhaust all my reasonings and still have people judge my intentions. 

But you know what? Those who do don’t matter. 

Remember David and Goliath? Even good men told him he was too small. He must be nuts. 

We all know Noah and his arc. Now that man was definitely seen as a raving lunatic. 

And Jesus. He was so persecuted he was put to death. But HE still changed the world. 

I firmly believe God gives us each a very specific purpose in life. Though it might not be as dramatic as building an arc….

Bottom line: if you’re doing what you know you’re supposed to be doing with your time on earth, let them talk. Those who matter will cheer you on in this life and those who don’t, well…pray for ’em.
blessed and beautiful running. 


Track Tuesday Tales Get in Yo Lane Home Slice! 

  Uuuuugh. Agxsshhhmiufgtfrrrryiiitfreewweurttyfiuuiiiurezbkpgbkxxxy!!!!!! Precisely. That’s exactly how I feel. Or felt rather…But I have to let it go. I need to for my own good health…. And I mean there’s serious things I need to let go in my personal life. But for now I’ll give you humor. There are 8 lanes on a running track and generally speaking if you’re a walker you walk on the far outside lane…

But. You sweet, sweet old lady. *sigh*

Everything started out all peachy keen with sweet 120 year old walking in her designated lane. I’m plugging along with my warm up laps in my designated lane 5 because there were college speedsters in lanes 1 and 2. So in consideration of everyone I picked the middle lane, 5. 

Then I hit the speed button and go off on 100 meter sprint one and all of a sudden I look ahead at a very startled lady shuffling her feet like a wild goose trying to waddle her way around me. What?! Where did she come from?! I thought she was safely walking in lane 8 out of my fire lane? I suppose she traveled across lanes. So I kindly gestured her to her appropriate lane. She didn’t.  And she nearly got ran over again and again.  After a few laps of this crap I gave up and ran on the 8th lane. 

In the grand sceme of things what does it matter? So the little old lady was lost in her walk and skipped lanes. Oh well. That is probably someone’s precious grandma.

How to let it go:

Belt out…let it gooooo. Let it gooooo!!

Just kidding. 

Seriously, take a deep breathe close your eyes and ask yourself, in ten years will this matter? Probably not. But, in the event the answer is yes, then seek immediate help. Can’t help you there. 

But more often than not the things that drive is totally bat guano cray cray has more to do with what’s inside ourselves. ‘But Jess you just don’t know my MIL from Uranus! You don’t know my crazy kids! That woman was in my  lane. You should’ve seen the looks I get!! You just don’t understand my liiiiiiife!!!’ 

No. I don’t. You’re correct on that statement. There’s many things about your life I’ll never know. However, I do know that life is too dang short to be hung up on someone else’s problem. People are just people. Let it go. 

Go for a run darling. Run in a different lane if needed. Usually running has a way of opening your mind to what’s really bothering you….It’s all gonna be okay. Focus on the beauty that is life itself. Paint a picture. Read a book. Sing a song. Dream a new exciting adventure up. Get your mind off that negative crap. K? 🙂

Yours truly,