#MarathonMonday, 5 Motivational Songs for the Long Run, and a WINNER 

Happy Monday y’all! I had a long but fun weekend. Friday was boring with at home work. Saturday I cheered on my girls at the Color Run in Asheville:

Vixons and Villians!

They are all amazing women and I couldn’t be prouder!! These were some of my Sunday night Flying Feet in Faith Ladies RUN group runners. Go girls!!!

Then, Sunday was my first long run of this marathon cycle with 97% humidity.  As a distance runner I’m so over running through soup. ugh. But. Glad it’s done. And the crazy thing was as I was running I kept thinking “how dear Lord, am ever going to run 26.2 miles any faster than this?!” Funny how with each training cycle I think very similar thoughts. I had to remind myself that I have fun four marathons now. And I always finish them. Not always strong, but, I still finish them. So yes, I can cover the distance! Having my new inspirational bracelet form My Big Dream Shop is pretty motivting too. Oh, and I finally hit my mileage goal I set for myself a few weeks ago! So far week one marathon of marathon training was right on target. Only 15 weeks to go…

I’m digging my new #Irun4 bracelet thanks to Dream Big Runner!!

Then I’ve been thinking a lot about what words I’m putting in to my head. From my own inner thoughts to the words in my earbuds. Sometimes you just need that good beat to get your booty in gear on the run. Especially if you’re struggling through a long tempo run. Finding good, positive, and upbeat running Christian music can be tough to find. Let alone finding any kind of song without copious amounts of cursing. So I’ve compiled five favorites of mine. I hope you enjoy them as well!

5 Motivational Songs to Get You Going

1.) Soul On Fire by Third Day

This one is by far my favorite right now! When I’m having a great run I feel like my soul is indeed on fire.

2.) Brother by Need to Breathe

This one isn’t really for speed work but it’s great for the long run. I am in love with it’s message.  Be a “sister” in the running community!

3.) The Lost Get Found Britt Nicole

This song has been one of my favorites for a few years. It reminds me to be the light of the world! Don’t let your fire burn out!

4.) Overcomer by Mandisa

’nuff said here! Running a marathon is truly a courageous adventure where you will have to overcome many obstacles!

5.) Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave

This one speaks to me when I’m running in the forest. Because I am just absolutely overwhelmed by how AWESOME God is and how MARVELOUS this world is. From the mountains to the oceans His glory is everywhere. And who am I? I am but another small human. And it’s overwhelming. Even if you aren’t a believer, you have to admit that when you stand next to the ocean or great mountain you must feel overwhelmed at some point…

I’ve been known to throw my hands up and praise God during a run…I may look cray cray but I am indeed blessed!!!

Oh yes, and the winner from My Big Dream giveaway is:
Jackie M.

congrats and your info will be on the way soon!!!

How’s your training going? Fav run? Fav weekend happening? Fav song?? What would you add to this playlist? Do you listen to music when you run?

blessed and beautiful running.


Marathon Monday and CLIFBar WINNER!


Hey hey guys! So sorry this post is up super late and it’s ridiculously, sporadically compiled. I had an early start, like 5:00 am start, to my day so this post was definitely squeezed in last minute after running, kid, work, some kind of frozen dinner (yes, I know. *hangs head in shame* in front of all my amazingly talented pre-prepped foodies out there. This is not one of my finer skills.) , and now WordPress.

So why the 5:00 am start today? My treadmill is broke and I had to make a run to the gym, run five miles, get back home in time to be taxi mom, and employee ready by 8 am. Plus I don’t do no-light-whatsoever-dark-o-thirty-running. Just seems too dangerous. I try to be smart. You know, as I was walking into the gym today I thought to myself how awesome would it be if I was actually on my way to work here? Soon enough. So let me just …


I’m finally sitting on my butt for a minute.

Anyway, y’all aren’t here to read about my boring daily rush routine. I know. It’s cool cause I have a winner picked thank you random Rafflecopter app!

And the winner is….

Ms. Autum H.! I’ve got your contact info so be on the lookout for an e-mail soon with directions to obtain your goodies. Thank you so much to all who entered and take the time to read my ramblings. 🙂

So what’s new? Well, we have been getting snow and ice. Guess that’s not too new. I’ve decided that running in it was definitely beautiful and peaceful. And that it made me a total tough running rockstar…

But there’s more snow on the radar. So I’m basically over it now. I’m tough but I’ll be the first to admit I’m also tired of being “tough”. I have my limits. I’m training in all this cold weather and I’m just waiting for that marathon day in April to be like 85* hot and humid and I will roast like a puffy, white marshmallow.

As far as mileage last week I hit all my runs except an easy five miler. I had a tight hammie from snow/ice running. I didn’t get in my weight training either as we were snowed in for a good portion of the week…I did practice yoga…I realize I could have put together a body weight routine in place of my regular weight room at the gym routine (Jess at Blonde Ponytail is great at sharing new ideas)…but sometimes…


pizza..yes please.

When I’m snowed in…I swear I could eat pizza all day every day. Well, even when it doesn’t snow. It’s a flaw. A serious condition. I need to be conditioning my body for strength. Not every day needs to  be a “carb loading” day.. *shakes head in shame* again. Seriously.  I need one my awesome fellow healthy foodie bloggers to create, cook, and feed me healthy food all day, everyday. Logically I know that good food fuels the body for success and strength…but for now I’m doing good to keep my running up. As the mileage increases (on top of a full-time job standing on my feet all day every day) the harder it seems to want to eat celery, carrots, and healthy grains and fit in other critical cross-training and strength training routines. Increased mileage = insatiable appetite and lack of energy to “workout”. Ya feel me?

But this is a new day. Let’s #getafterit!! So this week I find myself on a mission to eat less pizza, after today because I totally did, line-up at home strength workouts for the impending snow days, and yoga it up more this week. You are more likely to eat smart and work out if you plan in advance! Also planning around things like snow.

So this week’s mileage line-up:

Monday: 5 easy w/5 strides

Tuesday: 8 w/8 hill repeats

Wednesday: 9 w7@MP + yoga

Thursday: 4 easy + strength training

Friday: Rest/or XT

Saturday: 3 easy

Sunday: 13 long slow distance + yoga

Total goal miles: 42

How’s your training going? Are you a pizza addict? Would you be willing to solve my poor eating habit?! Any week specific goals on your agenda this week? 

blessed and beautiful running.


Firecracker 10k Race Report and a Winner!

Personal stats:
50:49 gun time 8:11 min/mile
6th in my age group
35/121 overall

Temps: 62* breezy, mild, humid

Rolling hills, partly shaded, out and back turnaround that was very scenic and beautiful! Enjoyable run.

Timing: Right On Time Productions

Food/beverage: fruit, water

Support: Rotarians at every turn, a few locals

Swag: a tech tee

How I felt:
Didn’t sleep well night before. Legs felt heavy and tired. Did I over hydrate?
My motivation went MIA.
My main goal was to not pass out at the end anyway. I paced myself at moderate effort so I was able to hold steady without huffing and puffing too much. Even effort throughout. I had enough in the tank to pick it up in the last mile.
I treated it like a tempo workout, not a race. And I don’t regret this. Probably could’ve picked it up more but I know my body and heat so I ran on the side of caution. July is for fun. October… I will race, race!
Compared to my 10k two years ago July this was much better. Not my overall fastest time. But still better than passing out.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed though. Running on that out and back and seeing so many women pass me was a bit demotivating. I did manage to pass one Boston shirt wearer and a buggy. So it wasn’t all a loss.
Oh well. You win some. You lose some.

Racing isn’t always about winning. Sometimes it’s learning about how well you can control yourself and enjoying the run.

After the race and a quick shower we headed downtown Brevard to see what the 4th of July festival was all about. We treated ourselves to Rocky’s, a fun old fashioned soda shop. We completed our meal with a huge sunday ice cream. I tend to crave burgers and ice cream after races…

I didn’t count calories today.
As you can see in the pic above with an Italian ice after my burger and ice cream. Don’t judge me.
It my first Rita’s Italian ice. Mango flavor. Oh yes. so good.
Then we just let little D check out all the cool old cars, face painting, bounce houses, and all that fun kiddo stuff.

It’s been a busy but beautiful weekend!

And now for what you’ve been waiting for…the ENERGYBits Winner:

Congrats to:
Jenny from
Turtle Stride
Just shoot me an email with your info and I will forward it to ENERGYBits!

So you! How was your weekend? Any 4th races? What do you crave to eat post race?
blessed & beautiful running

And The Winner Is… Plus, #FFAprilAbs Challenge

Congrats to Chris! I have sent you an email with details! Woot! Thank you to everyone who participated. If you didn’t win or missed out on participating do not fear, I have even more super-cool, awesome giveaways planned.

Until next time, I’d like to leave you with a thought on running mixed with other forms of exercise {{GASP! The nerve of some so called runner to even mention it!}} and wondered about your thoughts:

In the past I have dabbled in some yoga and other forms of “cross-training”, but I always thought if I wanted to be a real runner I would just run. All. The. Time.  Recently I’ve been devout in yoga once a week every Wednesday, weights (strength training) once or twice a week ((depending on my work schedule…thank you crazy pharmacy career…PS- that’s one reason I haven’t posted too much lately due to working seven hundred million days in a row)), dancing with my honey every Monday (again, until work interferes..*sigh*), and every now and then we go walking or hiking (although hiking with little D seems to always be so dramatic, anyone have hiking tips with kids?! He’s 9 years old so old enough to be hiking a good bit.). And I must say, I truly believe it is making me a stronger runner overall. If it weren’t for my sweet fiancé I would have never ever even considered stepping into the weight room at the gym. I am grateful he turned me on to lifting weights. 😉
I find it makes me a more balanced person overall as well as a stronger and more balanced runner. 
In other fitness news, FitFluential is hosting a plank challenge on Twitter and Instagram during the month of April. It’s not too late to enter!! Use hashtag #FFAprilAbs and plank it out for the prescribed time each day. You can plank however and wherever! 
You can find more info here:

And you can find the calendar here: 
I find that when I’m faced with a certain challenge or goal I’m more apt to get on the ball. I love challenges from other bloggers and Fit Fluential! ((I think hosting a challenge will be in this blogger’s future.. Hang tight!)) I’ve always been a believer in that a strong core= a strong runner. Really, having a strong core will make you stronger in all you do. Your core is your powerhouse and can also be the most challenging part to tone up! Planking is one of the simplist ways to help you strengthen your center.   
**My question to you, do you cross-train, weight lift, or practice yoga at all and if so what activities do you do? Do you find it to make you a stronger runner?**

**Also, what kind of challenge would ups like to see here?**

***Happy (& Blessed) Running (& Planking)!!***