Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Get ‘er Done in Winter


this pic just doesn’t do the hill’s grade justice.

This is part one of our driveway. Parts two and three are impossible. Sooooo we had to park at the bottom and hitch a ride with some four-wheelin’ guys. Interesting evening. I left work about 2 hours early but at this point wish I had home home earlier. As of now, no one goes up this hill and no one goes down this hill.

S-T-U-C-K. I had an eight mile hilly run planned for today. Guess I’ll be playing with the treadmill buttons up and down. boo. And that’s if my treadmill keeps working. It’s getting old and skips on occasion. Can’t imagine that’s good on my joints… but. I’ll do what it takes.

So that brings me to today’s intentional point:

How to get ‘er done in winter when winter is acting up.


IMG_3220 just freaking do it. the jazz working out hard.

I know a lot of you are experiencing massive amounts of snow and ice and have been troopers running in and out of it. But for some, this time of year can really test your inner drive to get up and get something physical accomplished. It’s like this, ohmygosh this cozy, warm bed is sooooo nice and sippin’ on some hot cocoa is what is going on. Yes. This is totally okay and acceptable during winter. But, if you want to maintain fitness, achieve that spring goal you have your sights on or even if you just want to avoid the winter weight gain you can’t be doing that all the time. Talking myself out of sitting around all day takes some work. Especially when I’m snowed in. So I’ve compiled a few ideas to keep you fresh and motivated during winter homebody days.

This is when mind over matter really comes into play. As I’m sitting here thinking about running eight miles on the treadmill I’m cringing, crying on the inside, and begging God to release the sunshine to melt away this frigid land. If I had the proper gear I would be out there with snowshoes on running down the road. But as it is I only have road shoes, only one cold weather layer for winter running, and our hill is impossible. No really impossible. You did see above photo, right? So mind over matter. The weather is impossible, but the treadmill is not. Go get on it.

  • I have to constantly remind myself of WHY I am doing what I am doing. What will all this training produce? Hopefully a Boston Qualifying time during my spring marathon. But that will not happen if I let winter bring me down. You must keep your eye on the prize. As in life. If you’re always stuck on the immediate you’ll never progress towards the future.
  • Read other inspiring bloggers. I like to read other runner blogs. I’ll be chillin’ in bed and reading blogs and one is like “I ran 20 miles in the sleet and snow! Awesome run! Feeling great!”. Okay, yeah right then sometimes I’m just like well good for you. But really, surround yourself with inspirational, motivating people whether it be in blog world, friends, and/or spouses.
  • Spouses. They can be the real trick. “Honey…don’t you wanna snuggle? Don’t you want warm cookies and ice cream?” dangit. yes. But just look em square in the eye, tell them you love them, then get your booty moving! Run while you can!!!
  • Keep it in perspective. My run last night only took about 39 minutes of my time. Done. In the grand scheme of things this really isn’t too much time.
  • Wear motivating workout gear. Cheesy? Yes. But it works. I have my “I’m a total rockstar” running outfit. I am also a nerd.
  • Read about running. I have found tons of inspiration in Bill Rodger’s Marathon Man.
  • Remind yourself you aren’t running all day. After said run or workout, promise yourself chill time.
  • Go to bed the night before in your running gear. One less step in the morning.
  • Post motivational posters in your workout space. I have my race medals hung, but no posters yet. But reading all those fun Pintrest motivation memes helps too. 😉
  • hashtag the crap out of Twitter and tell the world that this morning, this very day, this very hour that YOU will #GETAFTERIT because you’re #motivated and #inspired because @jessflyingfeet told you to get your butt up and go!!!! haha. I kid. But really accountability is key many times. Tell the world and you’re more likely to stick to it out of sheer insanity not wanting to look like a total boob. Or at least tell your BRF.
  • Instagram it. Facebook it. Annoy the world with you relentless dedication.

Tweet: today I will #getafterit b/c @jessflyingfeet said 2 get my butt off the couch! #fitfluential #runchat
And remember, if you wait until all the conditions are right or good, you’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile. All the great things in life are meant to be worked for and ran after. Go get it!
Tweet: today I will #getafterit b/c @jessflyingfeet said 2 get my butt off the couch and GO. #runchat @GirlsGoneSporty #fitfluential #winterrunning
Now as I am headed to the mill I leave you with a few links and a funny from the kid. Because that face radiates motivation. No?

Other fun links and resources

3 Winter Running Secrets article from ACTIVE

4 Tips for Marathon Training in Winter from Precor

7 Smart Ways to Stay Active this Winter from Spark People


You want to eat your pizza, huh? You MUST RUN SIR! being silly on a snow/ice day. 🙂 this is my kid.

ps-remember to enjoy leisure time with the fam. 😉

pps-don’t forget about my CLIFBar giveaway that’s going on NOW until Sunday!!

What tips do you have to add? Are you struggling this winter? Who’s training for a Spring event?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.



So how’s your strength training relationships going?  I’m sad to say I’ve abandoned mine lately. I didn’t mean to break up with it, life just got busy!  Excuses, excuses.  Right, I know. I think I may need this Tuesdays edition of Tips and Tricks more than anybody.
Yesterday I had a friend over and we were discussing training plans, shoes, running yada yada (best friend ever when you can discuss mile split times and not get bored haha ah sweet runbonding time) and I was showing him the Smart Marathon training book I use(ed) for strength training and in flipping through it I saw where I had HIGHLIGHTED and UNDERLINED where it said, “what is required, however, is a commitment to your strength training.”  And “do it at least 3-4 times a week.”  I was like GAH!  In marking these phrases I still do not remember to get it in. Guess I just closed the book and forgot. Or neglected it. He suggested, the brilliant friend that he is, that I cut the sentance out and tape it to my forehead. I had a better idea.

I wrote down the phrases from my book on a Post-It note, highlighted and underlined it, and taped it to my bathroom mirror where I’m sure to see it every day.  I’m considering taping more to the fridge, closet, pantry, tv, mirrors…everywhere I can see it; so I can’t hide from my commitment fears any longer!

**What are some things you do to help you remember to get that strength training in?**

Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Balancing Work and LD Running

Work (W•E•R•K): nasty 4 letter word we all need to support our running adventures and general life. 

I was inspired for this post this morning by Wild Things Run Free’s post on working on your feet all day and training for a long distance event.

Question is, how do you deal, manage long distance event training while on your feet at work all day?

It can be tiring and time consuming!  Especially if you add kid(s), managing a household (sometimes all on your own) and other family/friends events in the mix.  Let me tell ya, some days after running and working my poor feet and ankles look like misshapen watermelons!

A few things that have helped me get through it all and manage a happy, well-balanced (well…almost!) ;~) life:

*Try to remember there’s always someone who has it worse…like my friend oversees fighting for our country. He has to run in high heat, high altitude all while carrying 50+(give or take…can’t remember the exact number but I know it sure is heck more than what we carry!  Unless you’re preggo…then that’s a whole other story) pounds on his back while fighting for YOU!  It kind of puts things in perspective. Especially when we have the option to hit the treadmill in the a/c and aren’t running from bombs or guns pointed at us.

*Make time to give your tooties some lovin. I like to scrub my feet with peppermint foot scrub.  And usually just give them a quick scrub down while taking my shower after my long runs.Very refreshing. 
     •Informative bit on feet and foot care

*S-t-r-e-t-c-h it all out!  Everyday, give yourself at least 5-10 minutes to stretch your bodacious body out and massage your legs and feet.  A few yoga poses will help. Your body will thank you.
     •Sneak in stretches at work if possible. While I’m standing at the computer I’ll grab my ankle and pull my leg up behind me for a quick stretch. Get creative.  Every little bit helps!

*Consider investing in some good compression socks.

*Wear the right shoe not only on the run, but also at work.  A great shoe can make all the difference!  If you’re local to Western NC, check out Asheville Foot Rx. They can give you a good fit!  Or just look up a specialty running store in your area.

*Do the legs up the wall stretch.  Sit your bottom as close to the wall as possible and prop your legs directly up the wall and drain that lactic acid baby!
      •Here’s an excellent post on stretching for the LD runner from Livestrong

*REST!  Do not overlook it. “But I don’t have time to rest”. Yes you do. Turn off the tv, cell, whatever other distraction and rest it up. Lock yourself in the bathroom away from kid(s) if you must. But get it in.  Think bubble bath..if I had a tub. Pssht.

*Make time for family and friends.  And talk about THEIR lives. Not running. It’s good for the soul.  It will refresh you and remind you what life is truly about.

*If you get a lunch break take advantage of it. Sometimes I like to eat in my car and prop my feet up on the dash. Its a mini refresher.

*EAT, DRINK & be merry!  Stay fueled to keep strong!  BUT if you have a job like mine, no eating or drinking on the job, you gotta get sneaky. I like to stuff quick bites in my pockets. Think almonds, raisins, fruit snacks, etc… and use your potty break also as a snack breakaway!  Except DO NOT eat while on the pot. That’s just gross…

*Manage your time wisely and know when to cut back.  Easier said than done I know, I know but I don’t think I could stress this point enough.  Sometimes I have a 7 day straight workweek and during those weeks I do cut back on mileage some. And that is totally OKAY!  I know I can always get it on next week when I have more days off. 

*Give yourself some wiggle room.  When I started my Marathon Training plan I gave myself two extra weeks of wiggle room. Which has been a tremendous help!  I’m currently on week 8 of training and have decided to repeat one of the easier weeks due to a hecktic work week and school starting up with the kid.  Didn’t build in extra weeks?  That’s fine. If you need to back off, do it. For your body’s sake.  Your body will eventually adapt to the stresses and become even stronger as long as you stay in tune with your body.

*Remember to BREATHE!  Seriously, that’s one excercise you can handle while on the job. When stressin, get breathin! <~that's totally a word. I just said so.

*Don’t forget what you’re training for!  Give it all the heart you’ve got.

“When your legs get tired, run with your heart.” ~ someone really wise.

On another note:  So where have I been all weekend?  Enjoying life!  Thanks to a new running friend I had the privelage of checking out Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC!  It is a neat place.  That city is perfect for the busy runner.  Tons of hidden gems and good food!  Sounds like my dream.  Except it’s hot. Really hot. Check out SRT HERE!

***DISCLAIMER:  Please remember these are tips and website links that have worked for me but may or may not for you.  Always seek your own doctor or personal trainer before starting anything new.***

Anyways, hope some of these tips and links provide useful!

Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Training Plans

Choosing the right training plan can be a large factor in success or failure of a race.  And depending on length of race you’re committing to 8-16 (sometimes 20! Eek!) weeks of your life to it.  Having a training plan helps in so many ways.  I personally like knowing what I have to do to achieve my goal(s) and a good plan can lay that all out for you.

Be sure to choose one that:

  • Will fit your life’s schedule (Do you work full-time? Have kid(s) to tend to?)
  • Is on your current level of fitness (Too fast, too soon can spell out a nasty injury)
  • Suits your personality. (Are you more laid back and go with the flow? Or prefer a more ridged schedule?)
I chose Run Less, Run Faster because it’s 3 concentrated runs and 2 days of XT a week which fits my busy (and unpredictable at times) work schedule.  And it has very specific times and paces which I enjoy. I like having something detailed so I know exactly what to do.  I don’t flounder around very well and won’t end up with good results if I just went with the flow.

Run Less, Run Faster

Here I am, on week seven, following RLRF’s 16 week marathon plan and all is well thus far (knock on wood and say a prayer) except one tiny, little thing … I miss running for just for the sake of running!  I like having a schedule of sorts but sometimes I just want to break loose!  So today I “cheated” on my plan and ran 3 miles just for fun.  I’m hoping this won’t hinder the rest of my week’s plan.  Especially the 20 miler I am supposed to hit tomorrow… we shall see… Last time I tried to hit 20 I only made it to 16.  But two weeks ago I did manage 18!  Barely.  But hey, it was done!  I am seriously questioning my desire to run a marathon…after this ruckus I may go back to 5ks!  :~) 
**What training plans do you follow? And do you ever find yourself wanting to break loose? **
Happy (&Blessed) Running!


Tips & Tricks Tuesday: BALANCE

Have you ever been in the middle of trying to accomplish a task (ah hem….write up a blog post) when your child(ren) keep interrupting you with something they just have to tell you and you feel yourself getting all bent out of shape and annoyed?  This could be a sign that you may be out of balance. Yes, you time is certainly important and a priority in life but so is the rest of your life. The balancing act is not easy!!  Especially when you have so much to juggle.  i.e.: full-time or part-time job, church, house maintenance, bills, grocery shopping, kid’s homework, runs, laundry, dirty diaper butts (Thank You Lord we made it through that stage!), husband (if you have one of those things) or whatever else you have going on. 
Here’s a few tips that help me stay slightly balanced:

• I want to start with GRACE. Give yourself some!  We are only human after all!  Be kind to yourself and know that balance is not easy and nine times out of ten we all fail at it daily.

• Create a schedule and try to closely follow it.  But as life is, be prepared to improvise!  Have a plan B, C, D, E, Y, Z …

• Don’t take your work home with you if at all possible.  Save that stress for where it belongs: work. Try to give yourself 15 minutes to unwind on the car ride home or lock yourself in the bathroom at home and pray. Or meditate!

• Set your priorities in stone and do not stray.  Child’s needs always come before your own.

• Schedule your runs/workouts in like any other important meeting.

• Try to get as much housework done before bed…now you might not be crazy like me, but I can not concentrate with a messy home. I feel if I accomplish the housework I can go on in life to accomplish anything. I know. I’m weird. 

• Know when to turn the “gadgets” off!  If you can, have a totally “tuned-out” day. No Facebook, Twitter, no TV…nothing!  It can be done my friends. And you would be amazed at how much you can get done with all that media free time.

• Yoga…just breathe in and out…

• Tackle one Mountain task at a time.

• There’s always tomorrow.  Remember, this too shall pass!

**Here’s some additional links that may encourage you further** 🙂

Interview with Stephanie aka Fit Mom In Training

Mom Vs. Marathon. <~ Really enjoy her blog as a whole!

5 Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

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Circle of Moms (including 5 Miles Past Empty!)

Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Matthew 6:33 NIV~
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”