#MotivateMe Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! It’s Not the Failure. Sometimes It’s the Goal.       

I am not a cookie cutter woman. I am imperfect, flawed, broken beyond repair, damaged, wild, and chaotic. I can be completely unruly and out of line.

But all of this is what makes me beautiful. Or this:

me on Monday.

Yeeeeahh, last week’s #MotivateMe Monday did not work last week. I did blog more than once though…. there’s something.

You know, sometimes we set goals that seem to be bigger than our own briches. Then sometimes we set goals blindly. Like for example, trying to squeeze in a 40 mile week knowing I had a FULL week ahead with visiting the kid at camp, visiting in-laws, long work week, training clients, picking up the kid from camp… With the 6 hour round trip drive to my son’s camp…twice last week, I think aiming for a 40 mile week was a bit unwise. Then, I fell sick Monday. I think I more or less had  some kind of summer cold I caught from my son’s camp. Also, combined with being over worked and stressed to the max trying to be everything. But whatever it was it caused me to lay out on Monday and feel lethargic Tuesday.

To be totally honest with you all, I was beginning to feel depressed. Of all my great plans and goals…I had stupid thoughts like, “You’re not good enough to pull off this personal trainer gig. Who do you think you are? You SUCK at being a wife and mom. Maybe you should just stop trying. Give up. You’re not a real runner. Those runners this weekend are going to kick your BUTT. You’re not fit enough yet. Maybe you should cook more you lousy ‘homemaker’. You’re just a terrible human being with the worst attitude.”

I know. I know…..But that’s part of blogging. Being real with each other. And thank the LORD it was only a crazy temporary mind battle.

But today is a new day! A new month in fact. I had plenty of solid sleep and this morning I sprung out of bed like a fresh daisy:

I feel recharged and refocused. I know my miles haven’t been high and I’m racing a 10k this Saturday. But it will be what it will be. And it will be just fine. Instead of focusing on mileage or times at this point I will focus on making sure I stay sane and healthy. Then beginning on July 20th I will start focusing on mileage again.

Though I felt discouraged due to my lack of running with an upcoming race looming overhead, I know I have been giving every day my all. And then in my little red book I read this:

“Erase from your mind that your preparation must be perfect. Hard work + dedication =a shot at your dreams. Keep believing.” Kara Goucher

Life is inherently imperfect. As long as you know you are giving each and every day your best, then that’s what it takes to be successful. We are all human. We all have busy lives at times and other things in life must take precedence over the sport of running. *gasp* I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true. Unless you get paid to run, have no job outside of the home (or in home for that matter), have no family or children at home, trying to maintain solid high mileage week after week will become near impossible at times. And that is OKAY. So bottom line:

Set SMART goals.

Refocus when needed.

Practice enjoying the journey.

Keep priorities straight i.e. family.

Get back at your running/fitness goals ASAP.

Meditate, practice yoga, and enjoy hot bubble baths often.

Know you’re not alone in this adventure. We all struggle from time to time.

July goals
  • Race a strong 10k July 4th. Regardless of time. My goal is to race as strong as I am capable.
  • Hit 40 miles by July 20th in prep for marathon training.
  • Remain focused.
  • I will think harder before setting goals.
  • I may or may not read that book I said I would…
  • Have 5 clients by the end of the month and see my current clients succeed!

This week’s line-up:

Monday: sick day

Tuesday: rest/light yoga and stretching

Wednesday: 4 miles w/hill sprints + yoga

Thursday: Easy 5 miles

Friday: Rest/light yoga stretching

Saturday: 10k race!

Sunday: easy 5 miler shakeout run

On another less serious note:

just another day at the office.

My office outside of the pharmacy. I’ve been typing up plans and notes for clients for two hours now and I need a break! So I blog. Try blogging on the ball. Nice little core workout with proper form. Oh wait…I need to be typing up my own plan now…I almost forgot…. #PersonalTrainerProblems

Have you ever set unreasonable goals for yourself and then felt like a loser? Have you had similar stupid thoughts? How do you get rid of them? How are your summer goals coming along?

blessed and beautiful running.



Wisdom Wednesday Plans Shmams. How to NOT Make Plans.

Hello Wednesday we meet again. I had plans for you. All kinds of well intention, carefully drafted, time-lined, and highlighted plans for you. But instead, my car battery died. My immediate thought,

“ohhhh-emmmm-geeeee. how am I going to drive to town to run?!” #slightlyobsessedrunner

It’s okay to totally LOL at me now.

My husband, true to his ever prepared self, hands me his car keys and told me to go out and run and we will solve the car problem when I return. Ladies, this is a wise man indeed. He knows how much happier momma is when her run is in and done.

After happily driving to running destination (sounds so ridiculous. drive to run. i know.) I realized I had forgotten to grab my arm band for music at the house and my Garmin would not connect.

But. Instead of freaking out (what has gotten into me?) I calmly, almost excitedly, thought,

“hmmm. a nice no-pressure-who-gives-a-crap-what-my-slow-pace-is-today run might be just what I need.”

So happily I ran off on a 6ish mile route I was familiar with. It was refreshing. Running naked can really help you to focus on your breathing and running technique. I highly recommend running naked once a week, at least.

Thank the Lord my husband was home to help take care of me and ‘ol Focus. After my run we spent our entire morning jumping off the car, carefully driving it to town, having it looked at, and blah blah blah {{insert boring as crap details here}}. While this might seem frustrating for the A-type it was kind of nice. Instead of planning I was just living in the “now”.  Running without Garmin and music (Who AM I?!) and then it was nice to enjoy lunch with my kiddo and hubby. And this time instead of freaking out over the whole situation, as per usual, I decided to relax and enjoy the life snafu.

I feel as though God was reminding me to chill out. I have been uber stressed lately and taking it out on the world. But today instead I laugh. I smile. I am happy. I am full of joy because it is MY choice. And you have that choice too.

choose laughter when trouble comes. it lightens the load.

Not having plans can be refreshing. But it can also sometimes prevent sticking to routine! I’m currently “tuning up” so to speak, for the 10k on July 4th. So, here’s my #MotivateMe Monday schedule:

Monday: XT 20 minutes + upper body strength routine

Tuesday: 7 miles speed work

Wednesday: 6(ish) miles easy + Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Thursday: 8 miles w/6@10k goal pace

Friday: 5 miles easy + lower body stability/strength routine

Saturday: 10 slow miles

Sunday: Planning for an easy 4. Kid goes to camp here so I will be lucky to get a run in.

Total goals miles: 40

Last but not least, I introduced you guys to the Micro Nutrient company, EnduroPacks, a while back. I have now been using the product for a month and feel I can give you all a complete, thorough, and totally honest review. If there is one thing you can always count on from me (we all now know it’s not timely posts…) it’s the fact that I will always be 100% honest with my readers and do my homework before giving out any review. It will take me some time to properly type up the review as there is tons of good info. Look for it next week! For now I will just show you how it’s helped me thus far, observe below:

Finally the official review NEXT week!!

While my arms aren’t super mega buff they are most definitely way more defined than they ever have been. I feel like I am in better shape now than before I gave birth to a child.

A few key notes on the product to tide you over until next week:

  • I feel stronger and leaner
  • I have more energy throughout the day
  • My workouts have been top notch
  • I don’t dehydrate as bad on my runs when I use the electrolyte spray

Well, since my plans are a bit skewed for the day I might as well just take off to the pool now… enjoy y’alls humpday!

Are you a planner and freaker-outer (yes, it’s a word) when plans don’t go as originally planned?? If you’re married, is he/she your hero too? How are you blessed today? What makes you laugh? Have you heard of EnduroPacks? Do you use supplements?
blessed and beautiful running.



Wisdom Wednesday: Just Run With It.

Happy humpday y’all! Oh heavens, I mean happy National Running Day! I’m so belated in this well wishing it’s embarrassing. My entire news feed has been absolutely covered in “happy run day!”s. But I tell y’all I’ve been super, crazy busy all day running around both literally and physically. Between running, meeting a new client, working clients’ programs out, and housework (ew.) I’ve had zero down time. But I must say I’m diggin my new “office” attire, compression and running shoes:


I only just now have had anytime to sit and type out a few words. I’ve also been thinking about how to celebrate…of course I got a great run in this morning. And as I went on this morning I began thinking about my 10k time goal for July 4th. As I’m about a month out I plan on adding in a speed session once weekly along with a solid tempo for the next three weeks then backing off the week before. I’m seeing this race more or less as a “tune-up”. But I’m also remembering how heat and humidity may affect me. So if it’s not my fastest time no harm, no foul. Given today’s pace I’m thinking a good solid sub-45 race may be in the books for me.


#GarminRocks #Progress

My first 10k ever, July 4th 2012, was a 56:58 a 9:10 min/mile….So I’m happy to see the tremendous progress I’ve made in the past three years! That’s what it’s really all about anyway. I may not be blazing fast but I am totally blazing fast compared to where I used to be personally! I give my Garmin credit for helping me over the years achieve paces I didn’t think possible.

#personalprogress #GarminRocks

In other news…

It is done. Officially registered for marathon #5!!!!!!

I chose Savannah again because:

  • I need redemption on this course. Feel free to refer HERE to how horrible last year went…
  • It’s flat
  • Seasonably favorable
  • Freaking beautiful
  • First marathon raced as the new Mrs.
  • Lot’s of local Brevard peeps are running it this year as a group! Transylvanians represent!

So of course the game-plan for this year will be to train as hard as I did for Nashville with added measure. I’m currently working on creating my own personal training plan. This is both exciting and scary! I’ve always followed a pre-made plan out of some book. But I feel as though as a more seasoned marathoner I am more familiar with how my body responds to training and what works well for me. I’m excited about pushing myself just a little harder. Y’all know I’m still chasing that BQ time! I have high hopes that if I can crush a tough course like Nashville that maybe, just maybe I could really crush a course like Savannah. So I’m coupling my high hopes with an aggressive plan.

I know that’s right. Photo Source

Let’s do this. Training starts July 20th. And I can not wait! I’ve been enjoying running whenever and all but I need love my training schedules! Now that we have a new(to us) treadmill I can train as much as my heart desires. (thanks hubs!)

I did have every intention of posting some sort of wisdom for y’alls Wednesday but at this point my brain can not handle much more intense thought. So I will just leave you with this:

Whatever state you find yourself in currently, just run with it. Things have a way of working themselves out. And if it’s not working out? Run harder. 😉

Do you thrive off training plans? Do you follow a pre made plan or create your own or even just “wing it”? Any big goal races your way? What’s your “office” attire; are you a high heels and fixed hair gal or shorts and sneaks chick?
blessed and beautiful running.


The OKC 26.2 Plan: Rock It Like A Rocket!

Hey Errrrbody! So here’s the dealio…I  meant to publish this blog yesterday.  BUT I ran out of time to hit the library due to life.  So it’s Tuesday and I’ve completed day 2 of marathon training and feeling great!  I guess I should be.  If I was hurting by day 2 I suppose I would be in some big trouble.  But I am definitely due for a new pair of shoes.  My knees, feet and my general entire body told me so!  So here they are:

Mizuno Wave Precision 12

You can read Runner’s World shoe review here.  They say, “We recommend it as a marathon-training shoe that handles miles just as well as it does speed workouts.” Just what I’ve been looking for!  I love my Brooks Cadences for sure, especially for racing in.  But I’ve been needed something with a little more ‘meat’ to carry me through the training portion. As soon as I’ve had em for a while I will offer my thoughts. 

winter run .jpg
It’s also been REALLY chilly!  I found an awesome ColdGear shirt at Marshalls for $15 compared to $50!!

As I mentioned before, this marathon training will slightly differ in that I will be ramping up the mileage a bit.  I’ve been reading through Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon Training and let me say it is a complete resource! So glad I went with it. There’s some great training plans in the back and I decided to go with one of those.

Runner’s World Big Book Training Plan

A few things that differ from RLRF:

  • Yasso 800s
  • longest run tops out at 23, not 20
  • some long runs have a fast finish
  • scheduled ‘hill’ work vs soley speedwork
  • more easy running!
  • if needed swap out an easy run day for rest or light cross training
  • there’s only one scheduled rest day

Now before, I really did like the Run Less, Run Faster idea. I stayed injury free and felt it was the best option for me at the time. The downfall?  I never swam or biked or did any serious cross training. Which is part of the 3 plus 2 idea. So I wasn’t able to complete the plan as intended. But with this its all about running. I will be routine about my yoga and/or pilates along with core work to help keep me balanced.  I won’t be running as scheduled in the book though. Sometimes my long runs will have to fall on a Wednesday or Monday. It really depends on my crazy work schedule, in which my hours are never the same from week to week. Some nights I work late, some days I work early.  Some weekends I might have off and other weekends I work.  That’s a bit of the pain but it’s always been a pain.  Might as well throw some marathon training into the mix of my crazy schedule! I’m living on the edge. Ha! Yeah buddy.  I know there’s plenty of people out there who do way more than I.  But for me, this plenty. 

“You can do anything but you can not do everything.” ~ Someone very wise.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Especially when you have the good Lord on your side. I pray that somehow through all this I am able to encourage someone and that I honor God in all I do.
I. Am. On. A. Mission. To ROCK IT like a ROCKET!  Cheesy? Yes. Awesome?  Heck yes.
Geez I have so much more to say… that’s what I get for not blogging for a week!  But I will stop here.

Let the marathon training games begin.
**Happy (&Blessed) Running!**

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Training Plans

Choosing the right training plan can be a large factor in success or failure of a race.  And depending on length of race you’re committing to 8-16 (sometimes 20! Eek!) weeks of your life to it.  Having a training plan helps in so many ways.  I personally like knowing what I have to do to achieve my goal(s) and a good plan can lay that all out for you.

Be sure to choose one that:

  • Will fit your life’s schedule (Do you work full-time? Have kid(s) to tend to?)
  • Is on your current level of fitness (Too fast, too soon can spell out a nasty injury)
  • Suits your personality. (Are you more laid back and go with the flow? Or prefer a more ridged schedule?)
I chose Run Less, Run Faster because it’s 3 concentrated runs and 2 days of XT a week which fits my busy (and unpredictable at times) work schedule.  And it has very specific times and paces which I enjoy. I like having something detailed so I know exactly what to do.  I don’t flounder around very well and won’t end up with good results if I just went with the flow.

Run Less, Run Faster

Here I am, on week seven, following RLRF’s 16 week marathon plan and all is well thus far (knock on wood and say a prayer) except one tiny, little thing … I miss running for just for the sake of running!  I like having a schedule of sorts but sometimes I just want to break loose!  So today I “cheated” on my plan and ran 3 miles just for fun.  I’m hoping this won’t hinder the rest of my week’s plan.  Especially the 20 miler I am supposed to hit tomorrow… we shall see… Last time I tried to hit 20 I only made it to 16.  But two weeks ago I did manage 18!  Barely.  But hey, it was done!  I am seriously questioning my desire to run a marathon…after this ruckus I may go back to 5ks!  :~) 
**What training plans do you follow? And do you ever find yourself wanting to break loose? **
Happy (&Blessed) Running!