TNT Tuesday: Micro Nutrient Needs for the Endurance Athlete. 

**Disclaimer: I was provided a one month sample of EnduroPacks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No other form of compensation was offered.

You work hard. Sweat hard. Redlining is your norm and giving training your all is a daily practice. You. Got. Determination.

Then you pass out because you lack some vital electrolytes and micro nutrients.

Since being introduced to EndurPacks my training has drastically changed…for the better. I may not be an elite or even a serious competitor, but I fare pretty ok in the age group awards from time to time. I’m not mega competitive but I DO like to push  myself as hard as I can go. And for the first time in my running “career” (3.5 years) 7:30 minute miles finally feel comfortable. I then took almost 6 minutes off my 10k summer time in one year…

photo 5

You know the race of the season I typically pass out in? I remember just a year ago when I felt like an 8:00 minute mile was smokin’ fast for me. It’s amazing to see how strong you truly are through hard work and dedication.

But you need to support your body’s vitals to keep pushing. Want to see yourself accelerate and beat out the competition? Even if the competition is with yourself?

Fuel the right way.


Your body needs more than carbs to sustain. Most of us are pretty good at getting our macro nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) but eh, on the micro front….

You know those little important things like selenium, magnesium, potassium, boron…etc…

EnduroPacks has ALL that covered and packaged at an affordable rate. I compared other GNC type products on the market and all in all, you get a bangin’ deal for the whole kit and kaboodle with EnduroPacks.

I’m eternally grateful the good folks at EnduroPacks sent me a care package. Perfect timing for my summer training.

IMG_4103To break it down for you the monthly kit contains:

All-Natural, Gluten-Free, and GMO-Free products manufactured in the USA, with organic and vegetarian ingredients.

  1. Liquid multi-vitamin that has ALL your needs covered.
    1. favorable taste once you become used to it. Makes me feel like a kid to take the liquid.
    2. has every vitamin plus minerals you need.
      1. as a side note, I am a FIRM believer in acquiring all your nutrient needs through natural consumption. ie food. But sometimes we fail in our diets. That’s where a good solid multivitamin steps in.
    3. Take in the morning.
  2. Concentrated Electrolyte spray to mix with water and use during workouts.
    1. mix 10 sprays with 8-16 oz of water.
    2. when mixed there is zero flavor.
    3. support your muscles, immune system, and body’s tissues WITHOUT the extra sugar and syrups found in some sports drinks.
  3. Protein patch to build.
    1. apply after workout for 4-8 hours
    2. helps build torn muscle.
  4. L-Glutamine for recovery.
    1. take this at bedtime to aid in recovery.
    2. recover muscles and body.
    3. prevents aches, fatigue, soreness

the patch is barely noticeable. It can be worn on the abdominal area or inner arm.

Check out this short under two minute video form EndruoPacks

So how well did the claims hold up in my personal training? 

I’ve reviewed other products like EnergyBits but I have found EnduroPacks to really give me the edge I need.

I’m able to push my body harder and recover faster.

I ran my best 10k summer time. This is a combination of good ‘ol hard work coupled with the perfect micro nutrient supplements.

I don’t get dehydrated on my runs as much.

I feel stronger. Run stronger.

Sleep better.

My energy levels are higher throughout the day. As my schedule is usually jam packed I NEED the energy.

If you can’t take my word for it check out elite, Tina Muir. You can read her review HERE.

Would you try EnduroPacks? Do you have a secret supplement weapon? 
blessed and beautiful running. 


Wisdom Wednesday: Endurance in the Everyday Life.  Be the Light!       

Hello humpday! I have so much to say and yet nothing at all. So I will keep it brief with lots of pretty pictures. 🙂

Today I ran my first double digit miles since the Nashville marathon in April! And it felt so goooooood. Well, hot, sweaty, and way past my personal humidity threshold but I didn’t care. My legs were like: Just GO!

First double digit run since the marathon a month ago! #happyrunner

I ran through my quaint little town of Brevard. Looping a few times. (thinking I need to find a new route as the summer tourist start creeping in and cramping my sidewalk space…) The beauty of summer running is the no pressure factor. Well. for me it is personally. The heat and humidity will slow you down and it is totally more than okay to stop for a walk or catch your breathe or grab some water. So I took a brief moment to capture our infamous “jailhouse” hill that I use for hill work often. Observe:

beautiful Brevard with a shot of the famous “jailhouse” hill. Not sure the photo does the hill’s grade justice…trust me, it hurts.

On the way to jailhouse hill I run past our Brevard College campus. It’s one of the most beautiful campuses. I think anyway. I took a pic of the lamp because it got me to thinking… we are to be the light of the world. By we I imply we runners. Athletes. Go-getters. Motivators. And when I put myself out in the public eye I am putting myself out there ready for criticism, judgement, and/or scrutiny . But I run on anyway. I press on anyway. Because there’s someone out there who needs to see a positive light and who is ready to catch it, reel it in, and be the light.

running past Brevard College

In an attempt to boldly step out into the business owner world on my own two feet as a personal trainer, I have found that I am especially vulnerable to criticisms and judgement. People will almost always have something to say whether it be positive or negative. Some negative you can take as constructive criticism, other negative you just have to learn to toss that mess out the window. If I have the ability to change at least one person’s life, then I will have done my job. Because that is my passion. And I will not give up. It takes passion, dedication, and endurance to make a dream come true. This isn’t just a j-o-b for me. It’s a lifestyle. A true, honest, deep passion that has burned in my soul for quite some time. I want, I need people to see how incredibly beautiful and strong they are on the inside. And I believe that when you finally feel fit on the inside your outside genuinely starts to radiate goodness.

I really want to give my girl, Jenna at Jenna Leigh Photography, a HUGE shout-out. This woman. She is amazing. Not only does she capture the most beautiful photos but she treats her photography as an art. She’s not your typical point and click photographer. I am ridiculously blessed to know her. She’s responsible for my awesome running shots and our beyond perfect wedding photos. With my new pro shot I am starting to feel more official. 😉

Give her a like on FACEBOOK! See other amazing photos.

thank you Jenna for my pro shot!

In other less inspirationial news, the good folks over at EnduroPacks sent me a month’s supply of their product line including, a multi-vitamin, electrolyte spray, glutamine capsules for recovery, and essential amino acid patches. I am currently testing their products out so I will give y’all my ever so intriguing thoughts on the company and product about two weeks from now. When testing supplements I really think it’s super important to give it a few weeks before making any concise conclusions.  I will say that so far since using the electrolyte spray I haven’t been “bonking” too bad in the heat. My hot weather running seems to be going fairly well.

In the meantime while y’all anxiously await my review on the goods, head over to Tina Muir’s blog and read her review HERE. She’s an elite marathoner and she’s freaking fast. So I have high hopes in that this product will serve me well as it has her. I only need to shave, oh, an hour and change off my marathon time to compete with her. Maybe EnduroPacks is the key. hahahah. right.

introducing my new secret weapon for the summer

Anyway. So that’s about it y’all! I’m a busy woman currently working on revamping my Facebook page and other social media sites trying to reconfigure everything to suite my personal training biz. But this blog will always remain my main running site. I may be busting it out in the gym and with clients, but y’all know I am runner at heart and always will be through and through!

#PinkPayneFit “Be beautifully fit from the inside out.”

blessed and beautiful running.


Wisdom Wednesday: Where I’ve Been, Strawberries, and Cut the Crap.

Hey y’all! I know, it’s been way too long since I’ve hopped on the blog. Wow. Time has this magical way of slipping right through your fingers. I’m a busy woman. For those of you super human mommas who work full-time, raise kiddos, train (run, swim, bike, lift and all that), and find the time to post daily or at least weekly I say: KUDOS to you! I don’t know how you get it all in. I really struggle. And half my posts I feel are typed haphazardly, sideways, and all kinds of backwards.

But. On to the important stuff in life. Like where have I been? Racing the Tata Trot last Saturday with a finishing PR! (working on that blog post. It’s on my to-do list.), working with clients at the track, and working my tail off everywhere else.

And then there were strawberries. Out on my glorious, sunny run today all was right with the world…until about mile 5.62 when I realized that temps lately have been rising and I’m a thirsty girl when I run in heat. I have been so spoiled to run without carrying any kind of water bottle in the cooler temps, But now it’s time to revisit the old carry the water bottle or stash it somewhere routine. Before I die of a heatstroke routine. Luckily today, however, I ran past this little piece of heaven:

. thank you local small town businesses!

And even luckier, I knew the owners! I pleaded my thirsty runner case and they kindly offered me fruit and water. Post run I went back to purchase a full bucket. This is one purchase I don’t regret. If you’re in the area, these are some juicy, fresh, home-grown strawberries right on Asheville Hwy in Brevard, NC! Noshing on a strawberry reminded me of when I took an orange at the marathon and how greatly it helped me during that race.

This got me to thinking about running and nutrition. We have gels, sports drinks, and a variety of other “foods” to utilize in our training. BUT. What if, now here’s a crazy thought, I started fueling completely all natural? How would I carry fresh fruit on a run? These are some questions I’m going to experiment with and will report immediately to my fans er, um blog readers.

A few other random thoughts

Low Cut Arch Support Socks

Have you heard of Kushyfoot? As a distance runner having comfy socks on my feet at work and on the run are high priority. And it feels like I rotate socks more than I brush my teeth. Okay, exaggerating a little but you catch my drift. So the kind folks of Kushyfoot generously offered to send me some samples! I can not wait to try em on and give you guys the 411.

{Insert stupid excited squeal here.}

And a last random little thought I found this short article via FitFluential8 Habits of Highly Fit People

The one habit that really, really stuck out to me was cutting the crap. But aside from cutting the food and beverage crap I believe it’s imperative that we cut the non-essential “life crap” out as well. For example:

  • Cut out the crappy inner voices that tell you, you are not good enough. You are. More than just good enough even.
  • Cut out extra crappy distractions. Like the social media time sucker. Make a time/date with social media. Keep it. Then let it go and turn on REAL LIFE.
  • Cut out all the extra “extras” in life that cause you stress. Yes, extra volunteer work is noble and great. BUT volunteering at many and/or over extending your social gatherings can be overly stressful. Pick a handful charities, clubs, and/or organizations to  be a part of then cut out the rest. In doing so you will become more highly effective in your current work.

There’s just a little wisdom for your day. If you’re not signed up with FitFluential I highly recommend doing so. I get tons of healthy recipes, fitness tips, and cool articles. Like the one above.

What socks do you knock around and run in? Have you tried fueling your runs with whole, real, raw food? Do you feel like it fuels your body better? How do you cut the “crap” out of your life?


blessed and beautiful running.

Tougher Running and Instagram Newbie

Hello humday! So I went and did something wild and crazy. I gave in to the temptation to join Instagram. I realize I may be late to the party, but that’s just how I roll. Plus, I just couldn’t figure out why on earth I would need an Instagram account. I mean, can’t I just take photos and share on Twitter and Facebook? NO way. I’m an Insta addict already. Granted I’ve only posted five photos to date, but the filters are way cooler tha iPhone. People seem respond to pictures more often than to words. So if my blogging bores you then we can be Insta buddies. lately running has been feeling more like a challenge. This morning I did NOT. want. to. get. out. of. bed. I feel like I went back to grumpy cat day.


Even after my one and one-half cups of coffee I was still just like, nah. I can just chill in this cozy chair allllll day. It’s way cold, cloudy, and wet outside. My legs were tired. My brain was tired. My spirit was tired. Everything about me was just tired. My legs were all like, “do I have to???”.

Then I politely told them to shut up. Get up. And let’s go get er done. And so I did.

yay. 8 yucky miles done and a zero make-up trying to be happy face.

The thing (well, one of the many things) about marathon training is that it gets tough. So you can either wimp out and skip workouts cause you don’t feel like running or you can suck-it-up-buttercup and get on with the work. Pushing through your excuses is what will set you apart from the mediocre you to the phenomenal you, who’s going to rock out your race. Tough run yesterday? Get out and go again today. Tougher running makes a tougher you. This quote pretty much sums it up:

I just finished listening to Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness by The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast about focusing your mind. Running is SO much of that. Mind over matter. Don’t stop just because your mind is telling you to, chase that second wind down. Because you know it’s there.  You might not feel it now, but it is.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.
William James

So now that mind over matter is settled and I got my run in today, here’s a few things I’m loving this week and what I’m looking forward to next week:

I will have a ClifBar review and giveaway for my amazing readers. That would be YOU! The kind folks at ClifBar were so awesome to send me a HUGE box full of goodies. I plan on saving a few shotbloks and gels to give away to one of my lucky readers. So stay tuned and invite all your cool friends next Monday for #MarathonMonday and a giveaway.


lookie what came in the mail today! ClifBar shotbloks and gels galore!

Today after all the gloomy weather this morning the sun came out to play. Right on time for SMART Girls/Boys. We had a blast! Today’s theme was all about the heart. Perfectly timed for that special day this Saturday. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being apart of the SMART program. Kids really have a way of rocking your world.  After our volunteer time the kid and I took some much needed one-on-one mommy and me time. Our lives get so busy we neglect the most important things in life. Like TIME with loved ones. This kid will be 10 years old this April! Am I really that old already?? Time flies by…


After SMART girls/boys the kid and I took some much needed one on one time with a walk. The kid says can we run back home? Yes. I’m doing something right as a running mom 😉

Tell me! How are your runs going? Do you struggle with willpower sometimes? How do you pysce yourself up to get your booty moving? Any V-day plans? I’ll be racing this Saturday!!
Blessed and Beautiful Running.


Feeling Free Friday: CheriBundi Winner! Plus…

Okay, first of all guess who’s headlining the Savanna Rock N’ Roll Marathon concert this November?! 

They sent out the email yesterday. I’m pretty excited. My son voted for him during his American Idol season, so can’t  wait to see him live. Little D will get a kick out of it. 
Now without further adieu:
Congrats to:
Email me your address and your package will be on it’s way! 
Don’t worry, if you didn’t win this round, you can still use this promo code for 5% off your order from until July 1st:
Pluuuusss…I’ve been testing out EnergyBits and finding them to be quite amazing. And you know I like to share! My new friends at EnergyBits have offered to GIVEAWAY a free pack to one of my lucky readers. I’ll have a full EnergyBits review ready next week along with hosting another giveaway. 


Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I’m keeping this post short and to the point. I’ve got a full and busy Friday (and work all weekend) ahead of me. The kid is leaving for camp for a whole week. I’ve never been away from him for so long! It’s kind of breaking my heart. But it’s so important for him to have this time of learning and independence away from his momma. You must let them go so they can grow. Still trying to remain positive. I’m glad marathon training starts next week to keep my mind busy while little D is away. 😦 Still getting the workouts in this week too…minus one easy three miler. But that one was scheduled for if I had any energy left. Yesterday, that was a no. I felt overwhelmingly exhausted. 
*le sigh*
Any fun Weekend plans? Have you heard of EnergyBits? How’s your energy levels this week?

RQOTD: donuts or muffins if you’re going to cheat? 
I like muffins…lemon poppy seed with sugary sprinkles on top!

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***