#MarathonMonday It’s Taaaaaaaaper Time With CheriBundi

First off, Happy Monday! I know I haven’t posted in for-freaking-ever but life has gotten intensely busier with my attempt at personal training ON TOP of working full-time in the pharmacy. Type A or crazy… either way I’m doing my best to get after it every day. Although I fail often with ‘tude at home. You can only handle so much stress before you go cra cra. Lots of meditation and prayer helps…oh and bubble baths. yes ma’am.

Anyway, we had our first ladies group run this past Sunday. I would say it was a success. I mean, just look at these beauties! Hoping for more ladies next weekend. We all have different goals and ambitions but the thing that ties us together is determination to be the best version of ourselves! Running with friends is motivation in itself I think. I’m excited and hopeful about how Flying Feet Ladies Group will grow in the future!

So….anyway. About that marathon I’m running in two weeks…here’s kinda what’s going through my mind:

Have I done enough? Did I run hard enough? Often enough? Fast enough? Long enough?

I think most marathoners ask themselves these questions about this time.

Taper time. Crazy in the head time. 

Since my thoughts are flying like rockets ships on crack in my head I’ll simply list what I’m feeling. I like lists. They help me organize my crackish thoughts.

What I’m thinking:

I’m too slow to BQ

I’m fast! Like lightening baby. I got this!

Ugh. That 22 miler two weeks ago though… If I run like that … I’m DOOMED.

I’m a freaking rockstar!

I’m fat. I’ve been eating way too much. I definitely gained 5 pounds while training.

Pizza. Is. So. Delish.

My husband will divorce me if I don’t stop acting like a freak.

How I’m feeling physically:





No pain or aches to speak of!!

How I’m tapering:

Cutting mileage

Eating cleaner: I LOVE smoothies with CheriBundi! And I recently found it at a Walmart Super Center!! Win. Tart Cherry Juice is the best anti-inflammatory. I haven’t had to take ANY kind of pain reliever during this marathon training as long as I have a bit of cherry juice daily. I even got my hubby hooked on it.

Best recovery smoothie!

Resting more.

Focusing on balance, core work, and light weights.

I’ve kind of been making up my own workouts even though I’ve followed the same plan religiously for 14 weeks…

So what’s on tap this week:

Monday: XT + weights

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 8 miles w6 @ MP + yoga

Thursday: 4 easy w/4 strides

Friday: 7 hills

Saturday: 10 LSD

Sunday: easy 4 or rest/yoga

total mileage doesn’t matter too much now.

It’s marathon prep time.

How’s your training going? Do you run with a group? Are you crazy Type A or calm, cool, and collect Type B? Do you like CheriBundi? You should!

blessed and beautiful running. 



#MotivationalMonday #MarathonMonday Free Oxygen & Running Battlefield.


So this week in running… I gave myself two rest days instead of one, using one rest day as a XT (cross training) day on the elliptical and the other day for a short 1.4 mile hike. I feel like my body is simply needing the extra rest. Some people are running machines and I am not one of them. For me, it’s so difficult to not play the comparison game. Like why can’t I push harder when someone else can? Why am I not any faster?  Why have these past two weeks been mentally draining and like a running battlefield for me?! I did not hit my weekly mileage goal and here’s why…

No weekly running selfies or Garmin selfies this week. I just ran when I could. I didn’t get my speedwork in. First speedwork run I’ve missed all training season. I did run on the scheduled day I just didn’t push myself into the 800s…Several factors including: 

Late running start

Temps went up 

Windy as all get out

Read: excuse. after. excuse. 


I wanted to run an easy six yesterday but I had to work ALL day. On Easter. I know. (So over pharmacy. Working hard everyday towards becoming a full time personal trainer!) So long run on Saturday plus being on my feet all day Sunday I just felt so sore all over especially my feet. So my hubby and I went on a short hike post work. And after all that hydration talk on Friday, I still have felt dehydrated all week. Why?

So where’s the motivational part of this post, miss negative Nancy??

Read Here: St. Jude.

I thought I would share with you all  where some of the money goes when you donate to St. Jude.

One Day of Oxygen: $447

Oxygen is key to keeping the immune system strong. A gift of oxygen can help a young body thrive and help fight cancer at the cellular level.

Child-sized Wheelchairs: $700

These special wheelchairs help children move easily through St. Jude.

Infant Care Supplies for 10 Babies: $50

These supplies help parents and nurses care for babies in treatment and include items like diapers, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, footies and heel warmers.

Wagon: $70

Wagons can make traveling through the halls of St. Jude easier for parents and more fun for a young child.

Parties to celebrate birthdays, holidays and “coming off chemo”: $75

St. Jude provides parties, decorations, cakes and more to keep spirits high during the holidays and to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and a child’s completion of chemotherapy treatment.

So regardless of how perfect or less than stellar my training goes during this marathon season, I know I’m running for a greater cause. If only 22 people donated just $20 dollars one kid could have one day of oxygen. I have free oxygen everyday. My body doesn’t fail me in health. It may become weary and tired at times…like during marathon training…but it is in good health. 

If you are blessed with free oxygen would you consider giving any amount to these kids? Donate HERE.


So what’s on tap for this week:

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 7 easy w/7 strides + strength training

Wednesday: Mile repeats 8 m w/3 x 1 m + yoga

Thursday: 10 m w/8 @ MP

Friday: 6 easy

Saturday: 16 lsd

Sunday: 6 easy or rest/yoga

Total goal mileage: 53 miles

I’m betting I’ll add another rest day in on Sunday. So that total mileage will be lower, like this past week. But I’m okay with this. Overall I’ve had a pretty solid training season. Rest is a key element in training. And I’ve almost lost sight of this.

I’m so grateful that all the monster long runs are behind me. We begin the slow taper.

T-minus three weeks!

How’s your training going? Doubts? Fears? Excitements? Do you compare yourself to other runners occasionally?

blessed and beautiful running.


#MarathonMonday Week 12 Trust in the Training

22milerun.jpgHey y’all! I’m working on very, very little sleep today. The kid woke up about 12:45 and got, er, very, very sick all over his carpet floor and bed. So we are sitting at home sanitizing every inch of our home. And I’m praaaaaaaaying that I don’t fall victim to the nasty little tummy bug myself.

I’m marathon training. And my son says he HATES missing PE day!!! (he is his mother’s son) Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Get on with yo bad self buggy boo and get outta here!

I keep worrying (they say worry is a sin. and I shouldn’t worry. but I’m having the hardest time!) that I will have this insanely perfect training cycle only to have something horrible cancel the big race or that I’ll get awfully sick. But let’s pray that all will continue on strong and that my little dude will get better soon. I’ve had him re-hydrating his system with NUUN All-Day hydration. Beats pouring nasty chemicals and sugars in his body! NUUN isn’t only great for running and working out, it’s the best way to stay hydrated daily with necessary electrolytes without the sugars and chemicals so many “sports drinks” offer. So, thank you NUUN for keeping the kid and myself well hydrated and healthy.

Fruit Punch

So here we go…

For the past 11 weeks I have been training hard and blogging every Monday about it in #MarathonMonday. Inspired by  #MotivateMe Mondays with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel I decided to take on my own Mondays and remain accountable during my marathon training with YOU. The beauty of #MotivateMe is that it can be motivation for anything health/fitness related. So if you’re not into the marathon thing head over to #MotivateMe Mondays and link-up! I fully believe that linking up with them back in December helped me achieve my base mileage building phase. So if you’re currently training, fixing to begin, or just starting to wet your feet in the fitness area feel free to follow me as I continue on the road towards a BQ in Nashville this April!

I am FIVE weeks away from the big M-day!

For the past 11 weeks my training has been pretty solid. Hitting all key running workouts, enjoying a few easy runs, getting in strength training, and practicing yoga. I feel pretty confident, but not. If you read Sunday’s post then you know we all have a little doubt that likes to creep in every once in a while. I’ve basically been coaching myself with a plan derived from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathons. I follow the plan near religiously but have been creating my own paces. In the past I have relied on a book of some sort to tell me how fast I should be running my tempos, speed intervals, and long runs. This entire training I’ve  been going solely on feel and what I feel I am capable of. I’m wondering if how I’ve been training myself is good enough… It would be nice to have a coach to tell me to push harder when needed or rest when necessary but I’m trusting in myself to hit all the right paces and recover smart.

Trust myself. That in itself is kinda scary. But if you’re in tune with your body, it will tell you what it needs.

This week is a cut back week, thank you sweet Jesus! I’ve managed three solid weeks of mileage ranging from 51-60 and  my body is ready for a break from the past three monster long runs.

So here’s the goal training plan this week:

Monday: REST/yoga/stretching

Tuesday: 10 miles w/8 @MP

Wednesday: 6 E w/6 strides (NASM CPT exam day!!!!) + upper body strength

Thursday: 9 miles w/4×1 mile intervals

Friday: 7 E + core

Saturday: 14 LDS

Sunday: 8 E + yoga

Total Miles: 54

How my body is feeling: 

Minor fatigue, soreness. But drinking tart cherry juice has been a lifesaver! NO ibu for this gal. Hips are getting more stable with corrective and strength exercises like clamshells, walking lunges, awkward machine...

What I’m thinking:

For the first time during this marathon training cycle I thought to myself, “I am freaking crazy. I’ve lost my mind.” I’ve put my life on hold for a 16 week training plan just so I can try to qualify to try and run Boston. What am I thinking? I’m not. I’m simply following my heart…. and I fully believe there is a reason for this…eye on the prize. Pressing on to encourage the world.


Do you every question your sanity when marathon training? Do you use a coach or self-coached? Have you ever gone through a stellar training season only to have your plans interrupted by illness or a canceled race? Favorite run or workout this week??

blessed and beautiful running.


#MotivateMe Monday Week #5 & #6 End of Year!

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

It’s already been FIVE SIX weeks?! How? More crazy, I’ve kept every single mileage goal each week. Thank you #MotivateMe! With the exception of Christmas week…but I think after five weeks of mileage build-up it was due time to give my body a break. (oh, and I realize I didn’t post last Monday…forgive me. Last week was exceptionally busy for me.) I was feeling disgruntled over the fact that I didn’t meet my mileage goal the previous week either, until I read back to my first #MotivateMe post and realized I did in fact meet my goal. I had set a 35-40 miles goal for the week and hit 36. I was stressing over not meeting the 40 mile mark. But life happens. It’s called family, holidays, and work. I still managed to get in 36 miles! Celebrate each #SmallVictory. 36 miles is no small victory though, no? This past week was a wash with only 21. Do you tend to fall back on mileage or fitness during the week of Christmas? I think it’s okay and completely acceptable in fact. I usually spend all year running, training, or striving for good fitness that enjoying one week of free play (and treats!) is needed.

I haven’t been doing much strength training or cross training either. This is something I definitely need to improve on. When I’m already running what feels like a trillion miles, how do you add other fitness in?! Where there’s a will there’s a way and I’ll figure it out.

But in the mean time what have I been up to? Enjoying our new home, family, work, work, work, running, and more work, then Christmas with the family. We kept it low key for our first Christmas as a newly married couple/family.

Waiting on Santa...keeping things balanced with cookies and carrots..

Waiting on Santa…keeping things balanced with cookies and carrots..

Christmas surprise to me from the in-laws! I plan on breaking these pink Mizunos in to around 50 miles or so then keeping them off until the marathon in April. I’ve always wanted a pair of the Wave Prophecys and I must say I do love them. They seem a bit heavier but definitely have a nice bounce to them.




We made time to squeeze in a few fun runs with the family and pooch. Like I’ve mentioned before, when base building take time to enjoy the run! If you follow me on Facebook then you’ve already seen these cute photos…so I apologize for the duplicates!


The family that runs together, sticks together.

Yesterday, I decided to embark on an easy run around our new neighborhood. I figured I would get lost. And I did. Instead of an easy two miles the pooch and I got in four miles of rain, hills, and wind. We really have been fortunate with amazing weather most days, full of sunshine! Not too cold, no snow. It wasn’t really cold this morning, around 52*. Pretty warm for December.  Some slow miles here today, but we I had to walk up some of those gnarly hills. I believe Jazzy helped pull me up…Our new neighborhood is going to make for some killer hill workouts…


Rainy run with the pooch.


So we are one week away from marathon training and less than one week away from 2015. Who else is super excited?! I plan on going with the advanced Marathon Plan from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon Training this time. I have high hopes for a BQ time…I used this book back in 2013 and took 20 minutes off my marathon time…

What’s on tap this week: (last week before marathon training.)

Monday: Easy 3 miles at home on the ‘mill

Tuesday: 6 miles in town

Wednesday: Easy 4 miles on the ‘mill– Vinyasa yoga in the evening

Thursday: 8 miles easy

Friday: Off or XT/strength body-weight workout at home of some sort

Saturday: LSD 12 miles

Sunday: Easy 7 — Vinyasa yoga in the evening

Total miles: 40


How will you be running the last few days of 2014? Any big goals or races on tap for the new year? 

Here’s to a beautiful week!

Blessed & Beautiful Running.

#MotivateMe Monday Link-Up Week #4 Purrring Right Along

Hey, hey errrrrboday! Sure hope the weekend was grand. Mine was a busy one with work and moving more stuff from the old house. So here we are again…our good friend Monday has come around. And that means it’s #MotivateMe Monday link-up hosted by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel


Excited to say I hit my mileage goal right at 35 miles!! My week didn’t go exactly as planned due to work and other miscellaneous life happenings, but the important thing is that I found a way to get my miles in while balancing home and work. Weeks in life don’t always go as planned that’s when we must roll up our sleeves and get it done one way or the other. Like running seven miles before bed Sunday night….And I really believe that linking up with #MotivateMe has helped give me that extra push to get it done no matter what. Accountability is key here. I’m absolutely loving the road lately too. Great weather!


So here’s this week’s game plan:

Monday: 6 miles easy done!

Tuesday: 7 miles easy

Wednesday: 8 miles hills/Yoga

Thursday: 4 easy

Friday: off/XT

Saturday: 10 LSD

Sunday: easy 5

Total mileage: 40 miles

And you know the more miles I get in the more I feel puuuuurfectly feliiine. My body seems to crave more. Especially stretching it out…my motor is purring…


Have to keep this short due to that nasty four letter word—-w-o-r-k. boo.

How are your goals coming along? Any races this month? Is December a difficult month to stay motivated fitness wise?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.