#MotivationalMonday Celebrate!!


celebrate life.

Bill Rodgers says it best:

Running is a celebration of life.

When you’re running, your body is in motion. It’s breathing in and out, sweating, blood is pumping, muscles are engaged, propelling you forward across earth’s surface (or if you’re stuck on the ol ‘mill you can envision running through the trails). It is indeed an incredible celebration of life.
YOU ARE ALIVE! Many can not enjoy this celebration and it’s taken for granted too often…
I look at my son and he absolutely loves his life. He loves his family, friends, school, his dogs, cats… He just loves it. And during the parent teacher conference his teacher also confided in me that he loves his life so much that he probably shares more than we would probably like. I’m not sure what that means…ha. But.
While I was at work the boys worked on the yard… My son even loves life then. Thank you Mr. P for the picture while I was at work! Made my day so I thought of share with y’all. See picture below:


buried under the trees’ leaves

We should be more like children in some ways. Run carefree, laugh loud, and jump in a pile of leaves.
Life was made to enjoy. Work hard, yes, but don’t work and stress so much that you stop enjoying this incredible journal we call life. Be blessed and run beautifully happy.

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Do you LOVE your life right now? Is running a celebration of life for you?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.

Life Happens. #DealWithIt Plus: 15min workout

Life happens. How to you deal with life’s unexpected interruptions? Sick kid(s) (like mine right now), death in the family, injury or illness with yourself are just a few of the disruptions life can bring. It’s all in how you deal. 

Me… I’ll be real, honest, open, and raw with you guys… I don’t deal well. My first instinct is to whine, pout, and allow myself to become frustrated. This is definitely an area in my personal life I need to work on a daily basis. I instantly want to FREAK out if I can’t get my run or workout in or if my training has to take a backseat to oh you know, LIFE. Priorities my friends. 
I’m definitely a happier mom, friend, employee, and overall human being when I can get a solid week of running in, but sometimes that’s just not the case and I’m forced to improvise an DEAL WITH IT. 
Don’t let attitude and emotions control you. YOU control those bad mamma jammas ( here again, something I’m working on! ). I don’t claim to have my junk together all the time.


Here’s a quick 15 minute workout I created to sneak in a little fitness. And let me tell you, just getting that short workout in was enough to get my energy up. That’s all it takes my friends. No need to slave away for an hour. Unless of course that’s your goal. 🙂

15 minute 15 rep workout upper body workout designed by yours truly to help you feel motivated and accomplished. Perks include, but not limited to, amazing arms, instant energy boost, and total confidence boost. You don’t need an hour a day to see results. It’s about consistency and determination. 
Now let’s get on with it. 
***Disclaimer: please remember, I’m not certified (yet) in anyway to train or advise you in your personal healthcare or fitness. I’m only sharing with you what worked for me personally. Please consult with your personal health care provider for any health matters. I am in no way responsible for your healthcare.***

This is how it works: 

Depending on your current fitness level, you may want to aim for completing one round in 15 minutes and challenge yourself until you can rock out three rounds in 15. I tested this workout and finished it in exactly 15 minutes! So it can be done. Be sure to stretch your arms well afterward. Your back and arms may be tight. But that means your working on those tight summer arms!!
Plus: strong arms = strong arm swing for running! Woot! You know I’ve got to make it running related somehow. 

***So do you freak out as soon as life throws you upside down and/or sideways? Or do you deal with it like a champ? Please share! Any go-to quick workouts you can share?***