Life Happens. #DealWithIt Plus: 15min workout

Life happens. How to you deal with life’s unexpected interruptions? Sick kid(s) (like mine right now), death in the family, injury or illness with yourself are just a few of the disruptions life can bring. It’s all in how you deal. 

Me… I’ll be real, honest, open, and raw with you guys… I don’t deal well. My first instinct is to whine, pout, and allow myself to become frustrated. This is definitely an area in my personal life I need to work on a daily basis. I instantly want to FREAK out if I can’t get my run or workout in or if my training has to take a backseat to oh you know, LIFE. Priorities my friends. 
I’m definitely a happier mom, friend, employee, and overall human being when I can get a solid week of running in, but sometimes that’s just not the case and I’m forced to improvise an DEAL WITH IT. 
Don’t let attitude and emotions control you. YOU control those bad mamma jammas ( here again, something I’m working on! ). I don’t claim to have my junk together all the time.


Here’s a quick 15 minute workout I created to sneak in a little fitness. And let me tell you, just getting that short workout in was enough to get my energy up. That’s all it takes my friends. No need to slave away for an hour. Unless of course that’s your goal. 🙂

15 minute 15 rep workout upper body workout designed by yours truly to help you feel motivated and accomplished. Perks include, but not limited to, amazing arms, instant energy boost, and total confidence boost. You don’t need an hour a day to see results. It’s about consistency and determination. 
Now let’s get on with it. 
***Disclaimer: please remember, I’m not certified (yet) in anyway to train or advise you in your personal healthcare or fitness. I’m only sharing with you what worked for me personally. Please consult with your personal health care provider for any health matters. I am in no way responsible for your healthcare.***

This is how it works: 

Depending on your current fitness level, you may want to aim for completing one round in 15 minutes and challenge yourself until you can rock out three rounds in 15. I tested this workout and finished it in exactly 15 minutes! So it can be done. Be sure to stretch your arms well afterward. Your back and arms may be tight. But that means your working on those tight summer arms!!
Plus: strong arms = strong arm swing for running! Woot! You know I’ve got to make it running related somehow. 

***So do you freak out as soon as life throws you upside down and/or sideways? Or do you deal with it like a champ? Please share! Any go-to quick workouts you can share?***

Oskar Blues 4-Miler Race and Other Funzies

I’ve been in a bit of a blog funk.  I’ve been running and working and all the other joys of life ya know.
By far the best shirt I’ve gotten at a race! NorthFace brand too.

Well last Sunday I had a BLAST at the Oskar Blues 4-miler race.  I didn’t place or anything but I did run my fastest. The competition was steep because of the prizes up for grabs I believe.  Uh, hello $100 gift card to FootRx!  Which I didn’t win.  I would have had to race with a 5:10 min/mile pace.  CRAZY!  That dude was friggin fast.  But what I really enjoyed about this race was that it had a great atmosphere.  It was the inaugural event so I wasn’t expecting too much but it way exceeded my expectations.  The race director, a local coach from Pisgah Running, did a fantastic job.  Well organized, easy to locate and park, plenty of volunteers on the road giving directions and cheering us on and plenty of post race food from a local bakery–which was so so good. And the weather really worked out for us.  For once…here lately it’s been stupid windy, cold, rainy and yuk.  I’m like helllooo where is spring?!
Anyways, so the kid’s Fun Run was FREE which was awesome! All proceeds went to benefit our Brevard High school’s track and field program.  Since I went to school there I thought that was cool. Except back then I was a total nerd.  Not even into track.  Oh if we could turn back time…

Got a super cool beaded bear can necklace.  word.

Our local news did a segment on the event and look who they caught on camera! My little dude!

After all is said and done, I don’t have a negative thing to say about this event.  Overall an enjoyable event for all ages and levels of runners.  Well done Bill Baldwin!  And a huge THANK YOU for putting this on.

So how’s the marathon training going?  Eh, I’m not getting the mileage in I’d like.. it’s tanked some.  But with the help of my sister I’ve been able to get some good runs in here and there.  I am trying to be THANKFUL for what I can get in. I think I’m getting better at the sweat fest sessions in the gym…no…no I’m  not.  It sucks.  And the weather has been terrible most days.  So I either sweat my face off in the gym or freeze my assets off in the cold and stupid wind. And doing some runs at night —-which my tummy does NOT like most nights— while the kid enjoys CrossFit with the sister.  Ha!  Who knew my kid would be into that?   I have had no other option but to do my long runs every other weekend –while getting a kinda long run the other weeks– due to the fact that my work schedule sucks, and we’ve lost yet another fab associate, and work SEVEN day straight shifts… I have got to find another way to make a living…any tips on this are welcomed!
At any rate, I’ve had one great 18 miler and another superb 20 miler.  So hopefully I can crank out a few more before the taper begins…which isn’t too far off! 
But I tell ya, I’ve been dealing with some major head games.  I guess the stress levels at work have really been getting to me.  Like why am I even trying?  I’m a single mom.  Single moms don’t have time to train for and run marathons.  What a selfish parent I am.  But I have to remind myself that I have seen new strength and determination in my child since all my running crazy.  He’s already done two fun runs this year! And with most challenges he faces he reminds himself and others, “That with God’s help we can do anything! Just keep pushing and keep going.”  I pray that he stays this way.  That what ever he does in life that he does it with all of his heart and soul like he does now.  I am BLESSED to have this little guy in my life.  And so far I’ve only had to miss him for one hour a week and every other weekend I get a long run in.  You know, I could be one of those parents that miss out on hours away from their kids because they choose to party their lives away or other terrible things… no.  I’m a good momma.  And I think that maybe there’s another mother out there who needs to hear this, running is a beautiful thing and your child-ren will see that in you.  Teaching isn’t always out of a book or by words but by our actions.  They are always watching.  Don’t give up.  Teach your child-ren how to truly LIVE LIFE.  Running in itself is a life lesson.  A lesson in strength, peace, balance, determination…the list is endless.
And it has been said, If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.  I have to remind myself that when I’m dying on the treadmill doing speedwork sessions or running tempos out on hills with wind in my face.  Free resistance training I guess. ha. And somehow, I’m already planning up my next marathon in my mind…

**Your turn to share!!  How do you cope with running, training and children oh-my?!  Have you had success with a plan running long runs every other weekend?**

“9.But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Happy & Blessed Running!!

My Little Good Luck Buddy

I just had to share this today!
Look who I had in my pocket while I ran today!  I believe it was good luck :~)

Transformers Bumblebee’s head

I had caught my son carrying it on our walk to school today so I made him hand over the loot and shoved it in my pocket.  And today I had a strong run from start to finish!  I’m not so sure he will be getting Mr Bumblebee’s head back…

What “good luck” charms or little things do you carry with you on a run??

Happy (&Blessed) Running!

It’s Mile Time!

David has been working on his mile time!  We are getting pumped up for his second Fun Run September 1st during Hendersonville’s Apple Fest!
*So far he has taken off one minute and twenty seconds off his mile time!*  His time to beat from February’s Frostbite fun run is 13:50. I have every confidence in him that he CAN!  I think swim team over the summer has tremendously helped his cardio system.

I also think getting him started with Run With Jess‘s Virtual Games has gotten him excited about running!  Seriously check her blog out!  She is so much fun!  For the past three days this week he has been begging to run a mile on the treadmill.  We did just half a mile outside today. Very hot and humid!  But overall he got in 3.75 miles this week!  How awesome is that?? My son logged some miles AND enjoyed it and I did not force him to!  I promise!  Can I get a GO DAVID!!

Happy (&blessed) Running!

(*so sorry all the pictures are jumbled at the bottom!  I don’t have access to a real computer today lol so its all done from the phone…so if there are misspelled words I apologize for that too. ;-)*)

Me and my son

He gave me a good luck kiss right before the run 🙂 love this little Guy! We are planning on doing a fun run in February . He says,”but momma I can only run for only a minute..what if all the other kids pass me?” I said,” I’m not gonna pass you…we are going to finish together.” He struggles in p.e. class a bit. Not that he’s not active and healthy…just the running part and he needs lots of water.  Apperantly he’s not allowed to drink water while running in p.e. class? Not sure about that situation yet.  I’m hoping I can help boost up his confidence. We are a team this little guy and I.
So today we hit the bike path. Him on his bike and me sprinting after him LOL. He rode 3 miles which made him feel great!  Then we hit the playground for some monkey bar pull ups and tag. Had a blast today.
Then I must admit we ended it with a movie and candy.. well earned candy right?!  He did eat all his veggies for dinner! 🙂
I think the most important thing is spending QUALITY time together. That means the world to him. And to me.
Sorry this blog is a little all over the place but its been a while since I’ve written. And I’m trying to still figure out my new device. Which may take me all next year haha
Hope everyone is well!