Firecracker 10K PR and Tales from the Second Place

I cried all the way home. There is something wrong with me. I know. But let’s back up…

PicMonkey Collage

Today’s race started about mid 60s and humid. Not the worst case scenario for a race. I arrived much later than I meant to so after getting one last pee break in I quickly pinned the bib on thanks to the kid getting it for me in line while I pottyed and got in line. NO warm-up. That made me nervous especially as the conversation I had with the girl next me….she was a multi BQer. ugh. Great. Steep competition today. Sometimes placing in a race just depends on the competition that shows up. And we had a good mix.

The course was similar with one change running down a different road. It’s basically a mix of rolling hills, partly shaded with an out and back turnaround that was very scenic and beautiful! On this run I  noticed horses in the field running with. That was more beautiful than words can describe…

My legs felt pretty good. All was well and I felt as though I ran strong although my breathing was seriously labored. This one dude was like, “Your breathing is making me tired.” ugh.  sorry dude, but I’m trying my darndest to give it my all here. If you’re talking to me you obviously are not.

Then I one girl passed me and although she was most def trying to encourage me, and she did, she said to me (without being labored in breathing at all) “You’re doing great! You’re running with a college runner!” And I responded, “Yeah..{{insert breathing hard like I’m dying here}] I’m ….just…a … mom…”She did pass me of course but I ended up being 5th female overall and 2nd in my age group. I think second is a harder pill to swallow than being a mid-packer because it’s like you were thiiiiis close to beating her.

Official stats:

Time: 44:10 7:05 min/mile per Garmin time 44:11 per Right On Time Productions time. Who’s counting seconds though? lol

15th overall

5th female overall

2nd in age 19-29

My first thoughts:

Why am I always second best??

Second?! In my age?!? ugh. NOT impressed.

Why do I even run? Why do I even try to run? Or train?

I tried so freaking hard and it still wasn’t good enough.

Why do I even place this pressure on myself?

Why do I even try? What’s the freaking point?

I’ll never be good enough. I’ll never place first against steep competition.

Why do I even blog about it?

My afterthoughts after my thoughts:

Um hello, you still ran a freaking PR and a pretty solid one at that! AAAAANNNNND you didn’t pass out like you did three years ago. You race against yourself.

Last year’s stats I ran a 50:49…so yeah. It’s def a course PR by like almost 6 minutes. Focus on how far YOU have grown personally. Why is that not good enough for you woman?!

It’s good to race against steeper competition because a.) it humbles you b.) it pushes you c.) it reminds you that you have net yet arrived at your best potential.

You blog about it to be an inspiration. To remind those out there who may never even place in a race that by running it they have already won.

Second isn’t so terrible. One of our SMART girls nabbed second too! Seeing her reminded me that I am supposed to be a role model in all walks of my life. Whether it be me being on the mountain top or in the valley or somewhere in between.

borrowed from the BRF 🙂 SMART girls run strong.

We live in the land of the free. You should be grateful. WE are BLESSED!

photo 2

my sister snapped a few pics for me sprinting in home.

My form has tremendously improved thanks to strength training. Although I’m ready to get back to running more…I feel like I’ve strengthened my body for a good finishing kick but have lost some serious endurance.

photo 1

goofy face but strong arms.

photo 4


photo 3

the kid and i

The 10k is a tough distance. It’s endurance coupled with speed. And speed isn’t my forte…although I wish it were. I was never a runner. I was always the daydreaming, song writer until I hit my mid 20s. So today, I will celebrate my growth. My ‘tude at first was stinky, but I’ve given myself a good reality check. And I’m better now.

Whew. I already feel better. And that is why I blog. There’s something about typing it all out that really makes you think deep about how you’re feeling and WHY you’re feeling that way. I’m sure there’s more to it than this short blog post but for y’alls sake I will just leave you with this:

Life is beautiful. Running is a gift. Racing is fun…second isn’t so bad. 😉

Are you a second place runner, midpacker? Do you beat yourself up on race day if you don’t do as well? I pout and stew for a bit…then I blog and feel better.
blessed and beautiful running.

Wisdom Wednesday: Endurance in the Everyday Life.  Be the Light!       

Hello humpday! I have so much to say and yet nothing at all. So I will keep it brief with lots of pretty pictures. 🙂

Today I ran my first double digit miles since the Nashville marathon in April! And it felt so goooooood. Well, hot, sweaty, and way past my personal humidity threshold but I didn’t care. My legs were like: Just GO!

First double digit run since the marathon a month ago! #happyrunner

I ran through my quaint little town of Brevard. Looping a few times. (thinking I need to find a new route as the summer tourist start creeping in and cramping my sidewalk space…) The beauty of summer running is the no pressure factor. Well. for me it is personally. The heat and humidity will slow you down and it is totally more than okay to stop for a walk or catch your breathe or grab some water. So I took a brief moment to capture our infamous “jailhouse” hill that I use for hill work often. Observe:

beautiful Brevard with a shot of the famous “jailhouse” hill. Not sure the photo does the hill’s grade justice…trust me, it hurts.

On the way to jailhouse hill I run past our Brevard College campus. It’s one of the most beautiful campuses. I think anyway. I took a pic of the lamp because it got me to thinking… we are to be the light of the world. By we I imply we runners. Athletes. Go-getters. Motivators. And when I put myself out in the public eye I am putting myself out there ready for criticism, judgement, and/or scrutiny . But I run on anyway. I press on anyway. Because there’s someone out there who needs to see a positive light and who is ready to catch it, reel it in, and be the light.

running past Brevard College

In an attempt to boldly step out into the business owner world on my own two feet as a personal trainer, I have found that I am especially vulnerable to criticisms and judgement. People will almost always have something to say whether it be positive or negative. Some negative you can take as constructive criticism, other negative you just have to learn to toss that mess out the window. If I have the ability to change at least one person’s life, then I will have done my job. Because that is my passion. And I will not give up. It takes passion, dedication, and endurance to make a dream come true. This isn’t just a j-o-b for me. It’s a lifestyle. A true, honest, deep passion that has burned in my soul for quite some time. I want, I need people to see how incredibly beautiful and strong they are on the inside. And I believe that when you finally feel fit on the inside your outside genuinely starts to radiate goodness.

I really want to give my girl, Jenna at Jenna Leigh Photography, a HUGE shout-out. This woman. She is amazing. Not only does she capture the most beautiful photos but she treats her photography as an art. She’s not your typical point and click photographer. I am ridiculously blessed to know her. She’s responsible for my awesome running shots and our beyond perfect wedding photos. With my new pro shot I am starting to feel more official. 😉

Give her a like on FACEBOOK! See other amazing photos.

thank you Jenna for my pro shot!

In other less inspirationial news, the good folks over at EnduroPacks sent me a month’s supply of their product line including, a multi-vitamin, electrolyte spray, glutamine capsules for recovery, and essential amino acid patches. I am currently testing their products out so I will give y’all my ever so intriguing thoughts on the company and product about two weeks from now. When testing supplements I really think it’s super important to give it a few weeks before making any concise conclusions.  I will say that so far since using the electrolyte spray I haven’t been “bonking” too bad in the heat. My hot weather running seems to be going fairly well.

In the meantime while y’all anxiously await my review on the goods, head over to Tina Muir’s blog and read her review HERE. She’s an elite marathoner and she’s freaking fast. So I have high hopes in that this product will serve me well as it has her. I only need to shave, oh, an hour and change off my marathon time to compete with her. Maybe EnduroPacks is the key. hahahah. right.

introducing my new secret weapon for the summer

Anyway. So that’s about it y’all! I’m a busy woman currently working on revamping my Facebook page and other social media sites trying to reconfigure everything to suite my personal training biz. But this blog will always remain my main running site. I may be busting it out in the gym and with clients, but y’all know I am runner at heart and always will be through and through!

#PinkPayneFit “Be beautifully fit from the inside out.”

blessed and beautiful running.


#Monday Motivation and New Running Fuels!

Truth: running helps keep me sane. Helps clear my mind.
Oh, and please forgive the format today. It bothers me when I can’t embed links! Ahhh! Blogging on the run. I’ll be cleaning up a few things tomorrow when I get time. K? Thanks 🙂 
So on that note,

Good day errrrrbody! A few things today: y’all remember my post from last Thursday about running in heat and humidity? 

Well one of the best tips for running in h & h is to STAY HYDRATED! So this week I’ll be focusung on trying out some new runing fuels and I’ll be hosting TWO giveaways. What?! I know. I know. It’s exciting. I’ll throw one out on Tuesday and one out on Thursday, so stay tuned.  The good folks from EnergyBits contacted me and will be sending me a pack in the mail this week to try out and offered to give one lucky reader of mine a pack too! (And I somehow lucked out and won another pack from Run Like a Bird. Check her blog out!

And my friends from CheriBundi, you may remember my cherry love, has sent me more goodies to try and share! I’ll have more smoothie packs to giveaway! I swear by their tart cherry juice for muscle soreness. Really! I haven’t been using ibuprofen since I don’t know when!

Two other products I’m trying, NUUN and honey stingers. No giveaways here yet on these products but I’m betting I may have some in the future. 

I purchased these on a whim, since I couldn’t find my fav ClifBar ShotBloks, while shopping for new running gear from Dick’s sporting goods. I grabbed some compression shorts by Under Armour. UA is probably one of my favorite brands to run in! Excited to try these itty bitty bad boys out. Should keep me cool this summer.

***Have you tried any of the above products? Favorites? What other fuels do you use to aid in energy and hydration? Favorite running brand(s)?***
RQOTD: favorite vegetable? Baby carrots!! I love them so much I’m trying to grow my own in my makeshift garden. 
***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Tips & Tricks Thursday: Heat & Humidity Running.

Hello my long lost warmer weather! How I’ve missed you. Not.
74* feels like 125* for a runner sometimes!
I know this 63% humidity and 74* is nothing compared to what many of you face. But this is only the beginning and I’m a heatstroke waiting to happen. Remember my Firecracker Run two years ago? I felt like I’ve made tremendous progress since then though. Kept a steady pace today for 5 miles. How did I? I’ve got a few tricks up my sports bra er sleeve…
On my last 8 miler I ran like this:
I have no shame I tell you. I brought my small fuel belt water bottle and stuffed it in the back of my sports bra. But it kept falling out so I stuffed in front. Third boob. Cool. Literally it kept me cool. If you have no shame like I, try stuffing a small ice filled water bottle down there. Keeps your center cool. 😉

Bike ride and momma run!

Yesterday was National Running Day! I ran 4 miles for 6/4!
Here’s a few Tips & Tricks I find useful for myself!

  • HYDRATE. ERRRRRRDAY. Hydration isn’t just a pre-race thing. It’s a daily habit. Make being well hydrated a lifestyle. 
  • Use Powerade or other supplements to fuel your body. You need sodium, magnesium and other fun electrolytes. You lose many of those electrolytes and minerals when you sweat. I am a salty sweater. mmm. yum
  • Wear loose, light, micro-fiber clothing.
  • Don’t neglect your SPF! Hats, shades. 
  • Slow your roll. Heat will slow your pace. Allow it too. If you don’t you could risk dehydration or damaging your body’s system. 
  • Try running as early in the am if possible. Or avoid high humidity. Check out this great article from Runner’s World HERE on running in humidity. Excellent article from Marathon Guide HERE on running in heat. “Respect the heat.” 
  • Allow sufficient time for your body to become acclimated to the increase in temps. Don’t just go out and try to run 10 miles fast. Bad, bad idea. Gradually build your intensity and mileage outside. It will take your body about two weeks with consistent running in the heat to acclimate.
  • Ditch the diet soda, watch your alcohol intake! Soda and alcohol can dehydrate.

Be on the lookout for another great CheriBundi giveaway soon! I’m a fan of cherry juice! Can ya tell?!
I LOVE Mango! Mixed with cherry and we have heaven.

CheriBundi Rocks!
**Your turn! How do you fare in the summer months? Do you slow down? Any summer races? Any tips you can share?**
I’ll be attempting the Firecracker Run 10k again 

RQOTD: Are a tv series show watcher? I used to be I to an American Idol fan. I have a secret singing talent. 😉 

Happy (& Blessed) Running!!