#WisdomWednesday Choose To Be POWERFUL, Not Pitiful + Ladder Workouts

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I like how I FEEL powerful here in this photo. Photo Credit: Jenna Leigh Photography NC

Hello Wednesday! Monday has come and gone, Tuesday skipped by, and now we are lookin’ at you humpday! How. In. The. World?! I haven’t posted much in a while but I have been super hard at work that I just didn’t feel as though I should post some haphazard post just to post. So without further adieu I give you my snippet of wisdom for the day:

Choose to be POWERFUL. Not pitiful.

We all have that choice in life. To tackle life’s little annoyances with positive or negative ‘tudes. Recently after having a rough round last week mentally and physically I’ve been forced to ask myself what is worth keeping current in my life? Why am I feeling so pitiful? Have I been putting too much pressure on myself? Piled too much on my plate? Where can I back off? What do I want in life most? Like really, really, really want? Where am I willing to sacrifice?

I believe when we overstimulate ourselves with too much activity in our everyday lives it can cause us to feel pitiful. Forcing us to feel like failures because we simply can’t do it all or do it all well.

The solution?

Choose what’s most important to you in your life and give it all you got.

Like loving your family.

Training for an important race.

Running your own business.


Whatever it is choose to live powerfully in those areas. I think all the other little things can slide like being on every. single. social. media. outlet. That in itself is enough to make anyone feel totally inadequate when it comes to keeping up with the Jones!

So. On another note, guess how many miles I ran last week?! LESS THAN 15. Let me tell ya, I was soooo not feeling powerful last week y’all.

Wait….what?! Jess? The little happy running freak? Well. I am not sure entirely what went down last week other than the fact that my training journal reads waaaaay too m any rest days. But looking at it with a different perspective I think it’s just what my body needed. I think in all my excitement I may have forgotten that I’ve run a marathon less than two months ago and in less than two months will be putting myself back into the rigors of marathon training. Oh, and still working full-time in the pharmacy while trying to start my own personal training business..  that’s a lot folks. Maybe a total slacker week was needed.

But this week I’m back at it and feeling more like myself again. I ran an abridged ladder workout on Tuesday to ease myself back into speed work in an effort to tune-up for the 10k in July. I like ladders because they keep the workout fresh, varied, and they fly by quickly.

Here’s what it looked like for me:

one mile warm-up easy pace

1200m @ 5k race pace

400m Rest Interval (walk/slow jog)

800m @ 10 sec faster than 5k RP

400m RI

400m @ 30 sec faster than 5k RP

400 RI

Then I ran it backwards back up the ladder.

One mile cool down

This is a shorter version of the ladders I will use during marathon training. During my last marathon training I didn’t run any ladders, only a handful of YASSO 800s and mile repeats. Which are good workouts but it’s best to keep things mixed up in training to keep pushing your body. The benefit in the ladder workout is that is teaches your legs to run faster while fatigued from running fast.

And like the ladder workout as in life, you will go up and you will go down, but the key here is to keep on truckin’.

So this next marathon training I’m bookin’ after it! Here’s to all you powerful people out there! Let’s rock this summer!

Do you run ladder workouts when training or even just to keep in good shape? How was your running week last week? How do you choose to be powerful? Are there things in your life that could probably take a back seat to allow you some stress relief? 
blessed and beautiful running.



Tata Trot 5k Recap Will Race for Food! #WorkingClassAthlete

The Silvah Lining

*Sorry this 5k recap is a bit way belated! Life has been so super busy lately with work, kid, baseball, and trying to squeeze in a few runs here and there. I was finally motivated to finish this short post after reading Fit Nice Runner‘s Race Recap Link-Up hosted by Jessica, Wendy, and Meredith. Thank you for saving my race recap!!! Anyway, onward…

If you’ve followed me for a few years now then you know I’ve ran the Tata Trot now a handful of times. It’s one of my favorite courses and causes to support. The Tata Trot 5k started out as a senior high school project by Chrissy Hale’s, race director and breast cancer survivor, daughter to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

Chrissy Hale, breast cancer survivor more than once! She's a pillar of strength and I am proud to know her.

Chrissy Hale, breast cancer survivor more than once! She’s a pillar of strength and I am proud to know her.

It really is a beautiful story. If you get a chance, like them on Facebook, keep tabs on the dates for next year, and make plans to visit us next year and race with me!

registration morning!

Where: Rosman, NC

When: May, usually on Mother’s Day weekend 

Cost: $20.00 early registration then $25.00 day of. Very affordable! I pre-registered with a mail-in form and we registered Mr. P day of.

Weather day of: perfect. partly cloudy and cool!

Course: Same as the previous year, starting at their high school gym, three loops around the town of Rosman with ample downhill to get you started, and just a short uphill on the finish.

I personally prefer point-to-point courses because something about running the same loop messes with my brain. Makes me feel like I’m getting nowhere fast. However, the benefit of running the same track a few times means tracking your pace is easy and you know exactly which hill comes next. I tried to run each loop a little faster than the previous.

The husband and I both ran our personal bests here!

Mr. P ran his personal best here too!

photo 1 (1)

cutest finish ever.

Food: bananas, granola bars, water, chips

Entertainment: They had Mr cool DJ, Marcus, from Class & Sound Entertainment keeping everyone energized with all my favorite beats. He had us dance the Cupid Shuffle as a warm-up. Fun stuff. Of course me, Mrs. Serious Racer, opted to watch everyone else dance. I know. I should totally not take a small town race so serious. That’s one thing I really need to work on, lighten up sista!

But all my seriousness won me first female overall with my choice of prize. I totally chose the food gift card. Will race for food! #WorkingClassAthlete

Personally: Overall I felt good. No GI issues. Plenty of energy. Felt strong.


winner winner chicken dinner!

PR in the books! finallly a sub-21 5k…even if It was barely sub-21… I’ll take it!

Overall there is no doubt in my mind that I will be running this year after year. It’s a personal favorite and a perfect course for a personal best. Now would someone next year come out and challenge me?! 😉 Wouldn’t you want to come visit western NC’s beautiful, mountainous views?! 

Do you prefer point-to-point courses? Loops? Overlapping? Favorite races and cause to run for? 

blessed and beautiful running.