#MotivateMe Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! It’s Not the Failure. Sometimes It’s the Goal.       

I am not a cookie cutter woman. I am imperfect, flawed, broken beyond repair, damaged, wild, and chaotic. I can be completely unruly and out of line.

But all of this is what makes me beautiful. Or this:

me on Monday.

Yeeeeahh, last week’s #MotivateMe Monday did not work last week. I did blog more than once though…. there’s something.

You know, sometimes we set goals that seem to be bigger than our own briches. Then sometimes we set goals blindly. Like for example, trying to squeeze in a 40 mile week knowing I had a FULL week ahead with visiting the kid at camp, visiting in-laws, long work week, training clients, picking up the kid from camp… With the 6 hour round trip drive to my son’s camp…twice last week, I think aiming for a 40 mile week was a bit unwise. Then, I fell sick Monday. I think I more or less had  some kind of summer cold I caught from my son’s camp. Also, combined with being over worked and stressed to the max trying to be everything. But whatever it was it caused me to lay out on Monday and feel lethargic Tuesday.

To be totally honest with you all, I was beginning to feel depressed. Of all my great plans and goals…I had stupid thoughts like, “You’re not good enough to pull off this personal trainer gig. Who do you think you are? You SUCK at being a wife and mom. Maybe you should just stop trying. Give up. You’re not a real runner. Those runners this weekend are going to kick your BUTT. You’re not fit enough yet. Maybe you should cook more you lousy ‘homemaker’. You’re just a terrible human being with the worst attitude.”

I know. I know…..But that’s part of blogging. Being real with each other. And thank the LORD it was only a crazy temporary mind battle.

But today is a new day! A new month in fact. I had plenty of solid sleep and this morning I sprung out of bed like a fresh daisy:

I feel recharged and refocused. I know my miles haven’t been high and I’m racing a 10k this Saturday. But it will be what it will be. And it will be just fine. Instead of focusing on mileage or times at this point I will focus on making sure I stay sane and healthy. Then beginning on July 20th I will start focusing on mileage again.

Though I felt discouraged due to my lack of running with an upcoming race looming overhead, I know I have been giving every day my all. And then in my little red book I read this:

“Erase from your mind that your preparation must be perfect. Hard work + dedication =a shot at your dreams. Keep believing.” Kara Goucher

Life is inherently imperfect. As long as you know you are giving each and every day your best, then that’s what it takes to be successful. We are all human. We all have busy lives at times and other things in life must take precedence over the sport of running. *gasp* I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true. Unless you get paid to run, have no job outside of the home (or in home for that matter), have no family or children at home, trying to maintain solid high mileage week after week will become near impossible at times. And that is OKAY. So bottom line:

Set SMART goals.

Refocus when needed.

Practice enjoying the journey.

Keep priorities straight i.e. family.

Get back at your running/fitness goals ASAP.

Meditate, practice yoga, and enjoy hot bubble baths often.

Know you’re not alone in this adventure. We all struggle from time to time.

July goals
  • Race a strong 10k July 4th. Regardless of time. My goal is to race as strong as I am capable.
  • Hit 40 miles by July 20th in prep for marathon training.
  • Remain focused.
  • I will think harder before setting goals.
  • I may or may not read that book I said I would…
  • Have 5 clients by the end of the month and see my current clients succeed!

This week’s line-up:

Monday: sick day

Tuesday: rest/light yoga and stretching

Wednesday: 4 miles w/hill sprints + yoga

Thursday: Easy 5 miles

Friday: Rest/light yoga stretching

Saturday: 10k race!

Sunday: easy 5 miler shakeout run

On another less serious note:

just another day at the office.

My office outside of the pharmacy. I’ve been typing up plans and notes for clients for two hours now and I need a break! So I blog. Try blogging on the ball. Nice little core workout with proper form. Oh wait…I need to be typing up my own plan now…I almost forgot…. #PersonalTrainerProblems

Have you ever set unreasonable goals for yourself and then felt like a loser? Have you had similar stupid thoughts? How do you get rid of them? How are your summer goals coming along?

blessed and beautiful running.


Making a Difference Link-Up With Miles-to-Go & NUUN GIVEAWAY!!

Miles To Go Y’all!!! I’m way excited once again to be joining Kelly over at Miles-to-Go for her making a difference link-up! Why? Because there’a giveaway here!! But first…

This is a once monthly event held on Wednesdays about giving back through running or anything fitness related. I had so many things to blog about last time, here, when it comes to giving back so I decided to break it down into four parts. I touched on the topics you can expect from me in the upcoming months last post so today I’m going to start with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital fundraising in honor of the marathon coming up in 10 days!!!!  I had set a personal goal to raise $500.00 and I’m only $75 shy of that.

Why am I so personally passionate about raising funds for St.Jude’s hospital??

  • Children are a precious gift
  • Medical care is outrageously expensive
  • Cancer sucks and it’s unfair that it attacks the lives of anyone, especially little lives
  • It reminds me to appreciate my own child and his health
  • Fund raising for others teaches my son to be grateful for his moving, strong, healthy body and what it means to give back
  • You never know when YOU may need the help someday
  • We can feel helpless in situations like cancer but giving back helps us feel like we have done something.
  • I may not be a doctor and so I can not help those who are ill in that respect, but I can RUN & support those who do have the skills to help heal! We can all play a part in this life to help others. Do what you can, where you are!


St.Jude HERO! This tank is my super hero cape 😉 Be a super hero and give to kids in need!

From the St.Jude’s website:

Every dollar donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital counts! Take a look at some of the possibilities that your effort could provide to the kids and families of St. Jude.

Infant Care Supplies for 10 Babies: $50

These supplies help parents and nurses care for babies in treatment and include items like diapers, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, footies and heel warmers.

Wagon: $70

Wagons can make traveling through the halls of St. Jude easier for parents and more fun for a young child.

Parties to celebrate birthdays, holidays and “coming off chemo”: $75

St. Jude provides parties, decorations, cakes and more to keep spirits high during the holidays and to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and a child’s completion of chemotherapy treatment.

If this isn’t enough to make you want to support St. Jude maybe this will,

And lastly….If that still isn’t enough to encourage you to give I have devised a challenge & GIVEAWAY for you: Since I am running the Country Music Rock n’ Roll Marathon next Saturday, I am offering YOU the chance to guess my finishing marathon time! Whoever comes closest WINS a free tube of NUUN.

NUUN has gotten me through many tough running workouts and helps keep my hydrated without all the chemicals and sugars other drinks offer.


You know you want some!!


The rules are very simple:

*must be a US resident. Sorry my Canadian friends!

*contents runs through April 26, 2015. Last entry must made by 7:00 am. 

  1. Mandatory: Donate just $1 dollar to St. Jude HERE, comment below that you did, and your guess for my projected marathon finishing time to the closest second. (ex: 3:35:00)
  2. Like Flying Feet in Faith on Facebook HERE and share this post.
  3. Follow Flying Feet in Faith on Twitter HERE and tweet about it.

YOU HAVE 10 DAYS TO GUESS AND DONATE! On April 25th I will run 26.2 beautiful miles. I will have my finish time and whoever is closest wins. Simple!

Winner will be announced on the blog the following Monday, but if you like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll have the sneak peak!!!

Prize will be mailed out as soon as I have the winner’s info that week.

Good luck and a HUGE thank you to all those who have supported, encouraged, and motivated me on this marathon journey. I can honestly say I have never trained so hard for a race as I have this one.

Pass on the St. Jude love!!!

pssst….If giving back is your thing feel free to add your link below to join in on the conversation.

Add your link HERE.

Do you give to charities or help fund raise in the running community? Have you ever raised money for a race or event?  

blessed and beautiful running.


Making a Difference Link-Up with Miles-to-Go

. Miles To Go

Good afternoon friends! I’m so excited to be joining Kelly over at Miles-to-Go for her making a difference link-up! This will be a once a month event held on Wednesdays about giving back through running or anything fitness related. I have so many things to blog about when it comes to giving back so of course I was excited when Kelley asked us to join her.

Here’s a few topics you can expect from me in the upcoming months:

1.) SMART Girls volunteer coaching. I dedicate each Wednesday afternoon for about an hour and forty-five minutes or so to running, talking about life skills, and encouraging elementary aged girls. This one is particularly special to my heart.

Image result for irun4

2.) Running for the #IRun4 organization. This organization is for those who can not run themselves and you dedicate your running, swimming, biking, or whatever it is you do in their name. I love my #IRun4 buddy more than I can express!

“You can run for me anytime!”  
A simple phrase that sparked a movement.

St. Jude Heroes logo

3.) Raising money for charitable causes through racing. I’m currently raising money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital as I I train for the Country Music Rock n’ Roll marathon.

4.) Giving back by giving time to other runners who may be new to the sport. Offering your time is definitely a way to give back. It’s not always monetary or a huge event.

For today I’ll leave this as an introductory post for the link-up and dive into more detail on topic number one above next month. I have too much to say to squeeze in on one post.

I will say that running can be a solo sport for sure, but within the running community there is a strong sense of camaraderie that has the power to change the lives of many. Friendships developed, charities supported, and endless bouts of support. Running in a way, can be the least selfish thing you can do.

If giving back is your thing feel free to add your link below to join in on the conversation.

Do you give back to the running community? How? 

blessed and beautiful running.


Wisdom Wednesday: Running into Headwinds How to Run in the Wind Emotionally and Practically

“He mounted the cherubim and flew; he soared on the wings of the wind.” 2 Samuel 22:11

Except I would replace cherubim for Mizunos. Mount on your Mizunos and soar! And I highly recommend reading through all of 2 Samuel 22…excellent words of hope.


Windy ponytail!

Wiiiiindy running can be a challenge. Some days it feels like there’s a constant headwind with zero tailwind to make up for it.
As in life, there will be seasons where it may seem impossible to get anywhere. Debt is mounting. Injuries are hindering your training progress. Family crisises throw a wrench into your life’s game plan. Health woes burden your body…But here’s a secret:

Run straight ahead into the headwinds.  You’ll come out stronger.

You may not feel it now, but I bet if you stop to look back into your life and all the troubled times where you thought there was no way out and then you somehow made it, you’ll realize you’re a lot tougher than you remember. And if you still struggle, it helps to remember those who may be in tougher situations than ourselves.  My #IRun4 buddy has been spending a LOT of his holiday season in and out of the hospital, including surgeries and testing. Out of all my difficult seasons and/or races, he deserves more medals than anyone I know. My burdens compare to nothing with the trials his family are facing.  But they are resilient, hopeful, and have the greatest of attitudes. They are truly an inspiration. I challenge you to find someone out there who is running into stronger headwinds than you and pray fiercely for them daily. It will humble you and put your woes into perspective. Not that for one second does this discount your troubled heart, a troubled heart is a troubled heart and it hurts no matter how big or small it seems to others.



That’s why I think I enjoyed this morning’s run so much.
I was fighting. Albeit not gracefully, but I was getting crap done.
That’s how we must take life. Head on. Don’t be scared to feel a little wind burn. It makes for rosy cheeks. And chapped lips. But that’s why you break out the sunblock for all practical purposes folks!! Yes, even in the winter.

I’m in no way telling you to face the elements unprotected. In life as well. Go ahead and take your precautions and then get after it.
And I’m also not forgetting to say, that sometimes you just have to stop and breathe. The wind of life has a way of taking your breathe away. Not always in like a romantic-sweep-me-off-my-feet kinda way either. There can definitely be times in our lives where we simply must stop. Where life can become so burdensome that we crumble. And that’s okay. Allow yourself that time to recoup. Then, dust yourself off and get back at it.

 “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” ~ Nietzsche

Wind Run, eh?

Wind Run, eh?

Strength in the wind.
Power in the fight.
Run, run with all your might.

You find my poem clever? I thought so.

For a few practical tips on running in the wind check out these great sites I stumbled upon:

Triathica: Racing in the Wind

Run With Jess: Running in the Wind

Runner’s World: Running Against the Wind

I enjoyed this bit from Runner’s World, “Be the Wind”:

Be the Wind: Running against the wind gives you a tremendous mental edge.

Anyways, on a wee bit lighter winded note: 

NUUN trivia of the day:

it’s actually pronounced {noon}
I’ve been guilty of saying {none}
I may be the sole athlete in the world who has been goofing up this pronunciation, but at least I know now. Amazing what happens when you read a company’s info.

Do you run in winter wind? What do you use to aid in the chill? How do you deal with life’s headwinds? Have you been pronouncing NUUN correctly?!

Blessed & Beautiful Running (like the wind…).

“You provide a broad path for my feet, so that my ankles do not give way.” ~ 2 Samuel 22:37 be a strong runner physically and spiritually.

Tempo Thursday and I’m Just Not Feelin It: Seasons

Alright y’all. Here’s my feelings on the matter:


I’m currently in week three of marathon training and have managed to slowly decline in my overall game plan. My runs are going like clock work, but the more intense my running workouts become the more difficult it’s becoming to get in the weights, yoga, and swim. Oh, and we also have dance on Mondays. Our schedule is a tight squeeze! Add everyday work to the mix, wedding planning, trying studying for the personal trainer exam, raising a kid, and it’s all kinds of funzies. I’m a glutton for punishment. How many things in life can I sign up for?
First week I hit every single workout. Second week I hit them all except the weights.
This week I missed yoga and have yet to find out if I manage a swim and weights…
Having to hit the treadmill a bit more too. :-/ yuk.
I tried running the tempos outside with the kid alongside on his bike but it ended up being more of a stop and go which defeats the purpose of a tempo. So I’m saving running with him for my “easy” runs.
I began to feel defeated. Then I read Heather’s post HERE and I was reminded that I do bust my booty and it’s okay to back off a bit from time to time.

“It’s just that as I’ve slowly learned that life is far more enjoyable when you stop trying to seek the approval of others, or worrying about trivial things that simply don’t matter in the big picture.” ~ Heather G.

“Because finding balance in my life, learning to roll with the punches, and appreciating what is happening instead of dwelling on what isn’t, is surprisingly satisfying…far more so than the numbers on the pages of my training journal. Fitness is important, and I’ll be the first to preach that to the masses. But being “healthy” includes a large mental and emotional portion as well. It’s important that we don’t ignore that side.” ~Heather G.

Her post could not have come a better time for my reading eyes.
My priorities have shifted in life and that’s more than okay. We all have seasons in life we go through. Different periods of our lives. Training seasons, family seasons, working seasons… I’m still waiting on my beach season. Ha!

Your turn! Do get down on yourself if your training isn’t up to par? What season in life are you currently experiencing?

blessed & beautiful running.