#FridayFive Happy 4th!! Five Things I LOVE About the Fourth of July in Brevard

Linking up with Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar for the #FridayFive today. Swing by the other blogs and check out all the fun! LOVE Friday’s yall! This post is suuuuper short because I’m short on time but I wanted to play along so here you go!IMG_16055 Things I LOVE about the Fourth of July in Brevard!


  1. Firecracker run! There’s a 5/10k option. It’s always a hot but fun event.
  2. Family time and cookouts. Burgers. mmm.
  3. Being able to run in freedom and safety. Thank you to ALL who serve our country. We are all truly blessed to run free.
  4. Our little town’s festival with music, food (um, can you say ChubBurger from Oscar Blues?!), dancing, and vendors.Image result for 4th of july festival brevard nc
  5. Our little firework show ūüôā We might be a small town but it’s home. And it’s where I feel safe.


What’s special about your fourth?! Who’s racing?
Happy Weekend y’all!
blessed and beautiful running!


Sleepy Sunday, Self-Doubt, and Why I’m Not Racing…Right Now

be strong in the Lord. more race days will come! trash self-doubt and trust that He has made you strong and beautiful!

I absolutely revel in race day mornings. The excitement, free bananas, cool tees, the people, nerves, energy, the unknown, the run. And yesterday morning in my quiet little town they hosted the White Squirrel 5/10k hosted by Brevard Rotary which I have run a time or two in the past and have enjoyed the races. But I’m not racing this year. Here’s why:

  • as many of you know racing tends to get expensive. So I’ve been very picky and choosey about which distances and which races I’ll be running.
  • There’s that and I’ve run a marathon and a fast 5k all within four weeks of each other.
  •  I’m trying my hardest to focus on the easier runs and strength work.
  • Plus, most elite runners race only a handful of events anyway. There’s a very good reason for that. If you want to give your best at your goal race you must give your body the rest it needs. Not just a day or two either. 
  • I want to be at my peak come marathon day in November. And that means ample rest to be ready to push hard when the time is right. 
  • Racing too often, too much, too long stresses your body and increases risk of injury. 

So what did I do with my Saturday? Well, at 8:00 I met with Jenna at Jenna Leigh Photography ((She is an incredibly talented photographer and I am sooooo freaking lucky to know her. If you’re in Western NC I can not highly recommend her more!!)) for a quick head shot for my Personal Trainer biz, which is a work in progress; check it out HERE so far to see where I am going with it. It’s definitely a work in progress!  We had fun this morning with some quick shots and overdue girl, fitness, mommy chat. Need more of that….

jenna aka best photographer ever

Then right after that I took off on a run to wallow in self pity about not racing clear my mind of a few stresses. I’d be a liar if I told you I totally didn’t run past the race event and whine in jealousy inside my mind a weeeee bit.  I’ve not been feeling my strongest lately mentally. I believe we A-type go getters tend to put too much pressure to be perfect in everything. I’ve come a long ways in growing and becoming okay with relaxing that idea some. But sometimes, every once in a while life just gets to me. Maybe it’s been my current pharmacy job getting me down, or the fact that I’m tirelessly trying to create a personal training biz that seems to be taking too long to lift off, or maybe it’s too much self-doubt. You gotta tell that ish to shut it up. Because ain’t no body got time for that mess. You are stronger than you think. And The Good Lord is even stronger.  Any good biz owner I’m sure will tell you it takes an insane amount of initial ground breaking work and lots of dedicated T-I-M-E to really get the ball rolling. Especially if you’re currently working a full-time job outside of the home. But in the long run it will all be worth it. The long runs always are. 

i don’t always wear makeup when i run but when i do i take a selfie. lol i am no running diva i swear but post photo shoot i wanted to run!

As a fitness professional I am not exempt from feelings of insecurities and today proved that. When trying to pose for the camera I kept hearing those nasty little self-doubt bugs creep in trying to tell me lies. Like your teeth are crooked. Don’t smile. You’re not fit enough yet. Blah blah blah

You know what to tell those bugs: liar liar pants on fire! I may be a work in progress but I am strong and I am beautiful still!!!!

And on a more personal life note the husband and I are celebrating two years of togetherness this weekend! We went on our first date, a hike and ice-cream, two years ago during Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend we celebrated with cruising the town festival eating ridiculous amounts of tasty oh-so-bad-for-you food!

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. I press on. Follow your heart. Never give up and tell those nasty bugs to shut it up! 

I’m working all Sunday then group run Sunday eve! 

What’s on your plate this weekend? How often do you race?


Wisdom Wednesday: the Cranky Runnah Probs & a Few Winter Tips


Just kidding. I MISS beautiful, sunny, and warm spring days so much it hurts.

This morning I woke up super cranky. Like, I despise the world and all that resides in it, kind of cranky. Like squinty eyed, burrowed brows, scowl on my face kinda cranky. Maybe I am just tired, maybe work has been getting under my skin, maybe because it’s still stupid cold outside and my lungs hate me for running outside, maybe I wish I had the cash to just go and take that dern NASM exam already, maybe I’m just…maybe I’m simply just cranky. I feel stuck. I’m just ready to get out of pharmacy and really delve into the career I’m truly passionate about. I’m ready to start my personal training business, explode my blogging into something greater, and run all the time. I’ve contemplated just walking out of the pharmacy and saying “I quit!”. However, seeing as how I’m the primary insurance card holder and contribute to half of the house hold expenses, this may seem slightly irresponsible…

So where is the wisdom in all this pessimistic post thus far ?


IMG_3044This was the first verse I opened to this morning. As long as I keep fighting the good fight, working for the Lord, and working toward the goals daily I will get there some day. The Lord’s timing is not always our timing. And this can be intensely frustrating.

So I went off for a run. I really didn’t want to run ((gasp!)) because I was tired. My legs were sore. I was, as previously mentioned, cranky. It was cold. You name it, I had every whiny excuse. But I went out because I knew I was cranky and running has a unique way of correcting this. Remembering my #Irun4 buddy helps me overcome some of the mental barriers I face because he reminds me what a gift running is. And I never want to let my buddy down…

On a more positive, less grumpy runnah note, what I was reminded of on my run:

This is our local Brevard College’s gorgeous brand new blue track. It was still slightly cloudy this morning when I started so the blue is hard to see in this first pic, but see below for the vibrant blue. Besides it’s color, the backdrop is nothing short of breathtaking. I am so blessed to live in such an incredibly beautiful area with tons of running options. Track running, trail running, road running…whatever my pleasure. And for a moment, because of the cold, I nearly forgot what a gift I have in my own backyard, so to speak.IMG_3056


logging some tempo miles at the track

I like to run most of my faster tempo runs on the track because it’s easier to fall into a steady rhythm with no traffic, usually no people, and no hills. I will run my first warm-up lap around the college campus that does include hills, and if you follow me on DailyMile or Facebook then you know I’m not shy of running hills, I just prefer tempos on track.


gorgeous blue.

On another less deep, thought provoking note:

I do MISS beautiful, sunny, and warm spring days so much it hurts. Literally. Running in the cold causes strange pains in the joint of my knees. Maybe I’m not warming up properly enough before I head out doors. Here’s a few practical things you might not think about when running the winter:


  • Remember the sunblock! Winter weather can be harsh on your face’s delicate skin.
  • Cover all your extremities when it’s super, super cold.
  • Try going through a dynamic warm-up¬†indoors before heading out doors.
  • Remember to stay well hydrated. You may not feel as thirsty in the cold but you still need the hydration!

So what am I into on my day off? Studying for that exam I can not afford. Yet.



studying and #coffeetime

What are you into this humpday? Do you have grumpy days too? How do you get out of your funky mood? What WILL you do? Do you every run on a track? Do you apply the sunblock in winter too?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.


Running and Worthless and Crazy as Crap.

Am I allowed to say “crap”? Does this title make me look bad? Will people still view me as a “Christian”? Will people think less of me?
Let’s get real, yo. This isn’t some silly post, review, perky up-beat wisdom, or race day fun. Well…maybe some silly. But I think it’s high time you got to know the real me. I’m an encourager, a momma, new wifey, hard worker, motivator, running enthusiast and overall optimistic superwoman in Christ.
I’m also crazy as crap.
No. I’m serious. Sometimes I completely fall apart for no known reason. I cry over stupid things, I yell for no apparent reason (to anyone else anyway), and sometimes I feel depressed.

But let me tell you something: your emotions are not stupid, irrelevant, unbelievable, or undeniable.
They are simply emotions. Own them.
But do not let them own you.
It is okay to be crazy once in a while. The more we learn to let go of our perceived endless efforts of perfection we can then begin to pursue what genuinely matters the most in life.
Running is the only thing that saves me sometimes…
And running helps me “compartmentalize” (as a good phycologist friend suggests…but let me assure you, I felt so angry when I was told to simple compartmentalize my emotions. Like I’m some kind of computer?!) my emotions. Feelings are feelings. But emotions run deep and can sometimes be extremely hard to make sense of. And sometimes they will never sense. And that’s ok too.
Saves me from feeling worthless.
Feeling like a total failure. Because there are soooooo many days when I try and try but end up like a hot-mess.
Helps me put the pieces back together again. God gave me a set of legs that move and I am so grateful.

IMG_2571.PNG We are told what a “good” woman in The Lord looks like in proverbs 31. Strength and dignity. And baby, let me tell you, the struggle is real. Nine times out of ten it feels I screw up and have to go crawling back into my hole of “sorry”. It feels more like weakness and impossible and crying at the days to come. But as real as the struggle is, the good Lord is too.

But something about a good long run has a way of clearing that all up…yeah, I’m out now. Here’s to a good 12 miles!

Do you struggle with emotions and “dealing” with them? Please tell me someone else is as crazy as crap too…How do you “compartmentalize” your emotions? Or do you, like me, wear them on your sleeve?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.

Running Is Hope

Running brings hope. Each run you step out in faith that your body will not fail you. That your legs will carry you on. 

When someone crosses a finish line a new hope is born; an ‘I can do this is’ is lit up inside them that translates into their everyday life.¬†
When someone survives their first marathon the reminder that they can do anything is reiterated. I’m personally reminded that my God is with me.¬†
This verse found in Isaiah is a little gem that rings so true for the marathon race and the marathon of life. There will be times you feel completely, utterly, and wickedly spent. But the good Lord holds you. And when the time is right he will lift you up. 

“The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”¬†
(Isaiah 58:11 NIV)

Then there’s running that brings hope across the world for others. There are those who can not and wished they could. So we encourage and run for them.¬†Running can bring hope to people who fight for their dreams and fight for others dreams, wellness, cures, and support fundraisers.¬†

A noteworthy organization I came across, I Run 4 (Run For Michael), the idea is you email and get matched up with a person who cannot run due to a disability and you post, message and stay connected through a Facebook group and log your runs for them. 

“The mental and emotional encouragement for both runner and honorary runner is proving to be a whole new level of motivation and awareness. ¬†Runners are able to find a whole new sense of purpose in their running while sharing who they are running for and bringing awareness to diseases and disabilities of all types.”

Find the group here:

I love the running community. I’ve rarely come across a rude runner. Most have huge hearts, ready and willing to ‘go the distance’ in any circumstance for anyone.¬†

Happy Sunday. 


***Happy (& Blessed) Running!!!***