Warning. This ISN’T Your Typical Perky Post. 

I don’t want you all to be under any illusion thinking I am super woman and that I’m totally rocking out life every day. There are days when I feel as though I am. But much of the time I struggle. 

Today I’m staying home feeling extremely down, way under the weather (congested and not hungry. You KNOW something’s wrong when my appetite has dissapated), and fatigued. 

(Thank the Lord it’s cut back week…)

I even chose the more conservative route in marathon training knocking my 6 days of running down to 5. 

But, that’s not what I’m talking about here and now. Just a few days ago I mentioned how harmful chronic stress, whether it’s GOOD or bad, to your physical body resulting in many unfavorable symptoms… Much like what I’m experiencing today. 

I WANT to be able to “do-it-all”. However, in a previous post I know I’ve said it, 

You can do many great things, but not EVERY single great thing.

So as a personal trainer how in the world did I allow myself to get here? I mean, I practically PREACH on balance, stability, moderation, and wellness. 

I want you all to know, I NEED you all to know that I, myself, am too incredibly human and susceptible to failure and crashing and burning. Sometimes more often than I’d like to admit. 

So here’s the truth:

I wake up every morning with coffee and a Bible devotion…then this happens:

I’ve yelled at my husband over more stupid crap than I’d like to honestly disclose. 

I’ve fallen prey to the “poor me” attitude. 

I’ve cried like a starving Ethiopian baby. 

I’ve slammed too many doors out of sheer uncalled for anger. 

I’ve struggled to sleep soundly. 

I’ve had to call out of work due to illness. Twice this summer. 

Obviously I’m WAAAAY out of balance somewhere and it has me looking like an insane hypocrite. 

I enjoy running. It is my sanctuary of peace and it’s what makes a lot of who I am.

 I am crazy about training people. Helping people succeed past what they thought they couldn’t brings me more JOY than any other job I’ve done. 

But trying to balance that with a job outside the home, attempting to half-a$$ a clean home (forgive my language. I warned this post wasn’t going to be pretty.), and pretend to be a mother… I say pretend because I feel as though that’s all I can do. I hardly see my own child. I run before he wakes so I don’t detract time from him or my husband but then there’s work. Work. Work. Work. Story of the great American Dream. 


In fact I’m crying like a total weenie right complete with snot face(which doesn’t help my congestion much) now because I feel like the biggest failure in the world. I should be thrilled at all we have. But I’m overwhelmed. I realize I truly can not do it all without completely coming undone. 
If you’re this human too know you’re not alone. That’s why there’s this thing called grace. I can empathize with you dear friend. 

Deep breathe sister. Let it all out. Get some rest. And you’ll be just fine…

Thanks for reading…I’m sorry for whining but I just felt the need to let it all out. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like a rockstar again…

blessed and beautiful running. 


#MotivationalMonday #MarathonMonday Free Oxygen & Running Battlefield.


So this week in running… I gave myself two rest days instead of one, using one rest day as a XT (cross training) day on the elliptical and the other day for a short 1.4 mile hike. I feel like my body is simply needing the extra rest. Some people are running machines and I am not one of them. For me, it’s so difficult to not play the comparison game. Like why can’t I push harder when someone else can? Why am I not any faster?  Why have these past two weeks been mentally draining and like a running battlefield for me?! I did not hit my weekly mileage goal and here’s why…

No weekly running selfies or Garmin selfies this week. I just ran when I could. I didn’t get my speedwork in. First speedwork run I’ve missed all training season. I did run on the scheduled day I just didn’t push myself into the 800s…Several factors including: 

Late running start

Temps went up 

Windy as all get out

Read: excuse. after. excuse. 


I wanted to run an easy six yesterday but I had to work ALL day. On Easter. I know. (So over pharmacy. Working hard everyday towards becoming a full time personal trainer!) So long run on Saturday plus being on my feet all day Sunday I just felt so sore all over especially my feet. So my hubby and I went on a short hike post work. And after all that hydration talk on Friday, I still have felt dehydrated all week. Why?

So where’s the motivational part of this post, miss negative Nancy??

Read Here: St. Jude.

I thought I would share with you all  where some of the money goes when you donate to St. Jude.

One Day of Oxygen: $447

Oxygen is key to keeping the immune system strong. A gift of oxygen can help a young body thrive and help fight cancer at the cellular level.

Child-sized Wheelchairs: $700

These special wheelchairs help children move easily through St. Jude.

Infant Care Supplies for 10 Babies: $50

These supplies help parents and nurses care for babies in treatment and include items like diapers, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, footies and heel warmers.

Wagon: $70

Wagons can make traveling through the halls of St. Jude easier for parents and more fun for a young child.

Parties to celebrate birthdays, holidays and “coming off chemo”: $75

St. Jude provides parties, decorations, cakes and more to keep spirits high during the holidays and to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and a child’s completion of chemotherapy treatment.

So regardless of how perfect or less than stellar my training goes during this marathon season, I know I’m running for a greater cause. If only 22 people donated just $20 dollars one kid could have one day of oxygen. I have free oxygen everyday. My body doesn’t fail me in health. It may become weary and tired at times…like during marathon training…but it is in good health. 

If you are blessed with free oxygen would you consider giving any amount to these kids? Donate HERE.


So what’s on tap for this week:

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 7 easy w/7 strides + strength training

Wednesday: Mile repeats 8 m w/3 x 1 m + yoga

Thursday: 10 m w/8 @ MP

Friday: 6 easy

Saturday: 16 lsd

Sunday: 6 easy or rest/yoga

Total goal mileage: 53 miles

I’m betting I’ll add another rest day in on Sunday. So that total mileage will be lower, like this past week. But I’m okay with this. Overall I’ve had a pretty solid training season. Rest is a key element in training. And I’ve almost lost sight of this.

I’m so grateful that all the monster long runs are behind me. We begin the slow taper.

T-minus three weeks!

How’s your training going? Doubts? Fears? Excitements? Do you compare yourself to other runners occasionally?

blessed and beautiful running.


I’m Only Human.

When was the last time I blogged?
I have a lot to catch up on!
Last week I only managed to squeak out 22 miles total.

I’m supposed to be marathon training.

This week doesn’t appear to be much better. Between work stress, daily activities, my messy house, a car that stinks of sweaty runner and kid, getting the kid taken care of, appointments, trying to keep up with laundry(that’s really just a big fat joke!), wedding planning…
I’m exhausted. I’m only human.

You can do many wonderful things, but you can’t do everything.

I’ve had 8 weeks of awesome training until these past two weeks. Every single running workout has been spot on or better. Until now. My last tempo run yesterday was a wreck. I was all over the place in pace and halfway through I just crashed. Couldn’t catch my breathe, legs felt like lead, and I just felt defeated. I’m chalking it up to poor hydration and high humidity. But still…worst run ever. Not every run can be amazing. Not every week can be perfect. But what matters most is that we press on. I Love To Run posted on Facebook this morning about running with purpose. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve lost my purpose somewhere in this mess we call LIFE. We all start out with great intentions and a high purpose but sometimes that fades into the background when life is yelling at you from every direction. My first purpose should be to love The Lord and glorify Him in all I do.

IMG_2049.JPG{Photo source}

Then I came across Nicole’s post at The Girl Who Ran Everywhere about running getting in the way of life or visa versa. Right now I feel like I’m treading that very fine line of balance. I’ve been giving more to life than my training the past two weeks.
I’ve been watching these kiddos be goofballs and I wouldn’t trade this for anything! Even running:

Writing thank you cards as we receive gifts (so grateful! But I will be so glad when this is all over!!!):

And while this is necessary and good, because I realize I’m no super athlete training for the Olympics, my running and training is still very important to me. It’s my one vice. My thing. The thing that makes me, me. And when I start to lose that I feel off balance. It may sound selfish, I’m not sure, but I need to run.
I need it.

Your turn: does life interfere with running for you? Or does running interfere with life? How do you find that balance? Please tell me there’s someone else who struggled as much as I!

blessed & beautiful running.

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: BALANCE

Have you ever been in the middle of trying to accomplish a task (ah hem….write up a blog post) when your child(ren) keep interrupting you with something they just have to tell you and you feel yourself getting all bent out of shape and annoyed?  This could be a sign that you may be out of balance. Yes, you time is certainly important and a priority in life but so is the rest of your life. The balancing act is not easy!!  Especially when you have so much to juggle.  i.e.: full-time or part-time job, church, house maintenance, bills, grocery shopping, kid’s homework, runs, laundry, dirty diaper butts (Thank You Lord we made it through that stage!), husband (if you have one of those things) or whatever else you have going on. 
Here’s a few tips that help me stay slightly balanced:

• I want to start with GRACE. Give yourself some!  We are only human after all!  Be kind to yourself and know that balance is not easy and nine times out of ten we all fail at it daily.

• Create a schedule and try to closely follow it.  But as life is, be prepared to improvise!  Have a plan B, C, D, E, Y, Z …

• Don’t take your work home with you if at all possible.  Save that stress for where it belongs: work. Try to give yourself 15 minutes to unwind on the car ride home or lock yourself in the bathroom at home and pray. Or meditate!

• Set your priorities in stone and do not stray.  Child’s needs always come before your own.

• Schedule your runs/workouts in like any other important meeting.

• Try to get as much housework done before bed…now you might not be crazy like me, but I can not concentrate with a messy home. I feel if I accomplish the housework I can go on in life to accomplish anything. I know. I’m weird. 

• Know when to turn the “gadgets” off!  If you can, have a totally “tuned-out” day. No Facebook, Twitter, no TV…nothing!  It can be done my friends. And you would be amazed at how much you can get done with all that media free time.

• Yoga…just breathe in and out…

• Tackle one Mountain task at a time.

• There’s always tomorrow.  Remember, this too shall pass!

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Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Matthew 6:33 NIV~
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”