Happy Wednesday and Just Lots of Pictures!

Hey y’all!! I don’t have much time to blog so here’s my week in photos thus far:
First time attempt at home made granola bars for my #FitMOMsRock Back-2-School event! I’ll have the recipe and other things on it next week…maybe…don’t hold me accountable. 😛

  Feeling all Martha Stuart and stuff in my kitchen this morning:

You might be a runner if: You go to work with a banana and a ClifBar in your pocket:

ps-you might be a poor runner if you discover holes in your shirt….
Took some #NUUNlove with me on our family hike this past weekend:Hiked with this motley crew:

Slowly learning how to “relax into discomfort”. It’s becoming a critical key in my marathon training.Oh, marathon training is going ok. Last week stunk. This week is better.

But my last tempo was stupid hard. ugh. humidity, rainy, dark, cold, and sans music. but it can’t all be sunshine and coolness. Train no matter the element.
And here’s a pretty picture from Mt. Pisgah:

no questions. just randoms. 🙂
blessed and beautiful running.

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