Warning. This ISN’T Your Typical Perky Post. 

I don’t want you all to be under any illusion thinking I am super woman and that I’m totally rocking out life every day. There are days when I feel as though I am. But much of the time I struggle. 

Today I’m staying home feeling extremely down, way under the weather (congested and not hungry. You KNOW something’s wrong when my appetite has dissapated), and fatigued. 

(Thank the Lord it’s cut back week…)

I even chose the more conservative route in marathon training knocking my 6 days of running down to 5. 

But, that’s not what I’m talking about here and now. Just a few days ago I mentioned how harmful chronic stress, whether it’s GOOD or bad, to your physical body resulting in many unfavorable symptoms… Much like what I’m experiencing today. 

I WANT to be able to “do-it-all”. However, in a previous post I know I’ve said it, 

You can do many great things, but not EVERY single great thing.

So as a personal trainer how in the world did I allow myself to get here? I mean, I practically PREACH on balance, stability, moderation, and wellness. 

I want you all to know, I NEED you all to know that I, myself, am too incredibly human and susceptible to failure and crashing and burning. Sometimes more often than I’d like to admit. 

So here’s the truth:

I wake up every morning with coffee and a Bible devotion…then this happens:

I’ve yelled at my husband over more stupid crap than I’d like to honestly disclose. 

I’ve fallen prey to the “poor me” attitude. 

I’ve cried like a starving Ethiopian baby. 

I’ve slammed too many doors out of sheer uncalled for anger. 

I’ve struggled to sleep soundly. 

I’ve had to call out of work due to illness. Twice this summer. 

Obviously I’m WAAAAY out of balance somewhere and it has me looking like an insane hypocrite. 

I enjoy running. It is my sanctuary of peace and it’s what makes a lot of who I am.

 I am crazy about training people. Helping people succeed past what they thought they couldn’t brings me more JOY than any other job I’ve done. 

But trying to balance that with a job outside the home, attempting to half-a$$ a clean home (forgive my language. I warned this post wasn’t going to be pretty.), and pretend to be a mother… I say pretend because I feel as though that’s all I can do. I hardly see my own child. I run before he wakes so I don’t detract time from him or my husband but then there’s work. Work. Work. Work. Story of the great American Dream. 


In fact I’m crying like a total weenie right complete with snot face(which doesn’t help my congestion much) now because I feel like the biggest failure in the world. I should be thrilled at all we have. But I’m overwhelmed. I realize I truly can not do it all without completely coming undone. 
If you’re this human too know you’re not alone. That’s why there’s this thing called grace. I can empathize with you dear friend. 

Deep breathe sister. Let it all out. Get some rest. And you’ll be just fine…

Thanks for reading…I’m sorry for whining but I just felt the need to let it all out. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like a rockstar again…

blessed and beautiful running. 


16 thoughts on “Warning. This ISN’T Your Typical Perky Post. 

  1. i think we all have these days where we just suck at life and being a human seems hard and we need to just work through it in our own way and allow ourselves to be miserable for a bit rather than pretend through it. i also think something is going on this week, b/c i had some major stress freakouts also, as did my roommate and a few other friends. it helps to read things like this and know we’re not alone and normalize our humanity — none of us are perfect or have it all together! you’ll pull through, girl. feel better.

  2. These days happen to all of us! It’s so hard trying to be everything to everyone. At least once a year, I get sick from doing too much and feeling rundown. Venting helps!
    Get some rest and you’ll be back in no time!!! 🙂

  3. I don’t really think you’re out of balance or unhealthy. You are training for something and we all have some off days because our bodies are trying to absorb the training. Everyone has their moments too. And yeah, maybe you had to call out of work twice this summer due to being sick, but think of how often people who do not exercise have to call out due to being sick (and those illnesses could possibly have been prevented if they did exercise).

    Take a few days off running, have a good cry, and do what honors your body on that day. Some days that is a run and some days that is a latte and a hot bath 🙂

  4. Hang in there, sister! Everyone is allowed to have off days and take problems out on the wrong people. I’m always taking mine out on my husband. In addition, marathon training is an emotional time so that doesn’t make this any easier! You are awesome – from what I can see on here, a very caring and devoted person, and talented runner and a hard worker. Sip some coffee, watch some bad TV and relax 🙂

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  6. I been in this same position many times, as I know that we all have. But I think that you know that you just needed to get the ish out of your system, take a deep breath, gain some perspective.
    I hope that the weight lifts from your shoulders!

  7. Thank goodness that it is just not feeling the same way. I literally just wrote yesterday that I’m feeling the same way. With the end of summer and me starting back to teach nexg week, I can feel the stress creeping its way back in. I sympathize with you totally and you are not alone in feeling like this. We are strong mommas and it’s a daily struggle trying to keep all the balls in the air. But we are doing it and every once in awhile, we have to throw those balls down (hard) and just sit still. Hugs to you!!

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