#MarathonMonday August Goals, Personal Training, and Things

Goals for August   

1.) Get to bed earlier! Sleep has been a struggle for me. Which in turn makes 5 am impossible. It’s all about discipline and creating a balanced routine!! But. If you’re a mother I digress…good luck sister. 😉 

2.) Reading more. I’ve managed to get halfway though the book Spark. It’s about exercise and the brain. We all know exercise makes us “feel good” but there’s so much more to it! It’s an enlightening read. I’m determined to finish it before summer ends!

  3.) Actively promote my personal training buisness more! This is something I’m not really great at. Selling and promoting are not my strengths. I want people to magically show up at my doorstep and ask for my assistance. We all know that’s not how it rolls. So go and LIKE Pink Payne Fit! C’mon, it’ll be fun. 

4.) Keep with my salad a day marathon training plan. I’ve had a personal goal to eat a fresh spinach, arugula, and/or kale salad a day in an effort to naturally increase my iron, fiber, and nitrous oxide intake. Which will hopefully translate into faster running…I’ll try anything!

5.) Tart cherry juice at least weekly. No pain relievers! 


6.) Get back on my strength training wagon. My wheels kinda rolled off last week…I worked so hard during late spring/early summer to build my muscles up and with two weeks of increased mileage I’ve killed my weight room libido! I realize I’m now in a different training phase but I I don’t want to lose all I’ve worked so hard for. So I’m re-working some goals and time management planning. It’s tough to squeeze it all in!! But, with a good game plan just about anything is possible. 🙂 

Shoot for the moon my friends!

Any specific August goals for you? Are you able to strength train much when your mileage creeps up? How do you squeeze sleep in?!

blessed & beautiful running. 



13 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday August Goals, Personal Training, and Things

  1. Awesome goals! The one I need to work on the most is SLEEP! Especially coming into the new school year. Need to make sure I see 9pm bed more often!! Good idea on the salads, too! I should eat more of those!

  2. I’m totally with you – I need to improve my sleep and my diet. I need to focus on more food/denser nutrient food. I usually eat so light as it’s easiest on my GI, but with higher milage comes a bigger need for substance in my meals. And I totally let the little bit of strength training slide when I start running more. It’s a perfect excuse for me to avoid my not so favorite part of training. Hope you have a great day!

    • ugh I have a sensitive tummy so I normally eat light and bland too so increasing my greens has been interesting…but energy levels are higher! As a personal trainer I need to stick with the weights!! lol I have an image to keep ha! But I will always be a runner first. 😉

  3. I definitely don’t strength train as much when my mileage creeps up. I do BodyPump each week and I also do yoga, but I’ve started has been doing some of the challenges that make their way around the internet. I occasionally modify them because a few don’t include enough rest days for me or it’s an excessive number or reps. I feel like just doing a few minutes worth of squats, core, etc each day makes some difference and I can do it in front of the TV at night.

    I need to drink more tart cherry juice! It is really tasty and I like it in smoothies too :).

    • Yes, tart cherry juice mixed with chocolate whey protein is soon yummy. And I can also sneak my greens in this way too. I have been working with free weights at the house some and really working on my stability exercises to keep my hips and knees A-okay! But man, I really just love to run. It doesn’t feel like “working out”. have an awesome day Amy!

  4. Great goals!! I need to get back in a sleeping schedule soon. Once school starts back, I’m in trouble. lol I’m keeping my BodyPump class through marathon training. I had to drop it last cycle because I was just too tired. I am making a huge effort to keep it this time around. I eat a salad pretty much every day too. I love it!!

    • I know it. I totally overslept today. Again. The struggle is real!!! I tried swimming and weight training last season…yeah. I only swam twice lol it’s so hard to get everything in when you’re a real person and not an elite. I’ve heard some things about Body Pump. Seems to be a fun workout. I haven’t tried it yet.

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