Track Tuesday Tales Get in Yo Lane Home Slice! 

  Uuuuugh. Agxsshhhmiufgtfrrrryiiitfreewweurttyfiuuiiiurezbkpgbkxxxy!!!!!! Precisely. That’s exactly how I feel. Or felt rather…But I have to let it go. I need to for my own good health…. And I mean there’s serious things I need to let go in my personal life. But for now I’ll give you humor. There are 8 lanes on a running track and generally speaking if you’re a walker you walk on the far outside lane…

But. You sweet, sweet old lady. *sigh*

Everything started out all peachy keen with sweet 120 year old walking in her designated lane. I’m plugging along with my warm up laps in my designated lane 5 because there were college speedsters in lanes 1 and 2. So in consideration of everyone I picked the middle lane, 5. 

Then I hit the speed button and go off on 100 meter sprint one and all of a sudden I look ahead at a very startled lady shuffling her feet like a wild goose trying to waddle her way around me. What?! Where did she come from?! I thought she was safely walking in lane 8 out of my fire lane? I suppose she traveled across lanes. So I kindly gestured her to her appropriate lane. She didn’t.  And she nearly got ran over again and again.  After a few laps of this crap I gave up and ran on the 8th lane. 

In the grand sceme of things what does it matter? So the little old lady was lost in her walk and skipped lanes. Oh well. That is probably someone’s precious grandma.

How to let it go:

Belt out…let it gooooo. Let it gooooo!!

Just kidding. 

Seriously, take a deep breathe close your eyes and ask yourself, in ten years will this matter? Probably not. But, in the event the answer is yes, then seek immediate help. Can’t help you there. 

But more often than not the things that drive is totally bat guano cray cray has more to do with what’s inside ourselves. ‘But Jess you just don’t know my MIL from Uranus! You don’t know my crazy kids! That woman was in my  lane. You should’ve seen the looks I get!! You just don’t understand my liiiiiiife!!!’ 

No. I don’t. You’re correct on that statement. There’s many things about your life I’ll never know. However, I do know that life is too dang short to be hung up on someone else’s problem. People are just people. Let it go. 

Go for a run darling. Run in a different lane if needed. Usually running has a way of opening your mind to what’s really bothering you….It’s all gonna be okay. Focus on the beauty that is life itself. Paint a picture. Read a book. Sing a song. Dream a new exciting adventure up. Get your mind off that negative crap. K? 🙂

Yours truly, 



2 thoughts on “Track Tuesday Tales Get in Yo Lane Home Slice! 

  1. OH MY GOD THIS HAPPENED TO ME TWO WEEKS AGO. I was the only one on the track and I was in lane 1. An older woman joined me and it looked like she was going to run in lane 3, but she ended up “drifting” into lane one and almost got trampled. She never passed me, but you should have seen how annoyed she looked when she was doing her recovery and had to wait for me to go by so she could start her next interval. But it was a college track – 8 lanes – just the two of us! WTF?! I was cranky about it too…and like you said, let it go…but really…WTF people! Where is your track etiquette!

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