Thoughts for Thursday: Workout with the WEEDS. Dig ’em up and Make the Time. 

I’m ever grateful to my late grandmother who strongly suggested I eat tomatoes and help her weed her garden. “Ew! No way grandma. Tomatoes are gross!” And “The bugs are gross too and weeding is too hard annnnnd it’s tooooo hot outside!”

Ha. I was that kid. I was also that kid who deliberately “forgot” her tennis shoes at home for PE class. Push-ups and running laps were too hard too.

But observe: 

pushups and weeding. it goes together. total body workout.

I went for a morning run, then cleaned house, and worked in our garden and threw in push-ups for fun. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown and changed over the years. 

I’m no longer afraid to get sweaty.  

I’m no longer afraid to work hard

Because I know that hard work produces good things. 


“I don’t have tiiiiiime” yes you do. I didn’t have time to hit the gym so I made up an impromptu garden workout. Double whammy. 

Make the time. Get creative. Make your health a priority. Because after all, you are stuck with the body you’re in for better or worse. 

One way to make time is by evaluating the activities in your life. What can go? What’s excess? What’s draining you? Thin out the weeds in your world, chunk out the excess crap that’s useless or holding you back sucking all the nutrients out of YOU. 
Like in life, don’t let the weeds of this world, too much tv – negative friends – dead end jobs – relationship suckers – hang ups and habits, steal your life’s nutrients that are JOY PEACE & LOVE. Dig ’em out by the roots, baby, so your flowers can flourish.

I won’t lie. Weeding is hard. Emotional weeding is even harder. But that’s okay. Hard work produces good things. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. You’ll remain stagnant if you don’t. Maybe take a moment to journal your thoughts. Write out all the excess things in life that drag you down. Really dig deep. And make a plan of action to pull those things out!

Do you garden? Are there weeds in your life? 

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blessed and beautiful running.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday: Workout with the WEEDS. Dig ’em up and Make the Time. 

  1. Seeing what people *make time for* is a good clue into what their priorities are and ultimately, who they are. It’s amazing how many people don’t have time to exercise, or to make sure they get a healthy meal vs fast food, but they always have time to watch that do-not-miss TV show, or have a Netflix marathon, or play this or that video game. Also to bring money into the equation, some people have no problem dropping the big bucks on clothes, purses, shoes, etc, but don’t want to spend money for a healthy meal, gym membership, exercise equipment.

    The toughest thing is when you have to weed certain people out of your life. I have had to weed out friends who weren’t supportive or through the years, I just didn’t connect with them. The crowd you keep has a big impact on your health- I’m glad my husband and family are generally supportive of me running. Unfortunately some people out there are not as lucky.

  2. hmmm i like the metaphor. i don’t do literal gardening, but i’m sure i have some “weeds” in my life that could use some pruning. i’m with you on dropping random push-ups into my routine now and then — i dropped a plank across some friends at an outdoor bar last wknd in Montauk and they made me do push-ups over them, and whole mess of people started counting…it was hilarious.

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