Wisdom Wednesday: You Have Nothing To Prove.

In my continued efforts to analyze my negative thoughts on Saturday, I may have had a “lightbulb” moment after reading the quote above…

I’m grateful for my Believe journal written and organized by two amazing Olympians. The quote above came on the next pages week after my race. Perfect timing.  

What is it exactly that I have to prove? Need to prove? Why am I seeking approval and from whom am I? 

Then, I really got to thinking. Seems like throughout my life I was always seeking that stamp of approval from the world, but felt I always fell short. I was that alllllllmost smart kid. All A’s in school except my reports were tainted with a B. Almost the best. 

Growing up I felt I wasn’t good enough in my family circumstances. I won’t go into gorey detail but anytime you have a split family I think your self esteem takes a big hit. Maybe if I was good enough my parents would work out… I’m no physiologist but I’ve read enough info to see this is true. 

I could go on and on about all the reasons why I or someone else would feel they have something to prove, but that’s not my ultimate point here. 

My point is simply this,  you have nothing you need to prove my dear. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks. My racing isn’t a proving point. It’s my stress relief and my personal playground. And I need to remember this. 

You are perfectly beautiful, smart, fun, and wonderful the way you are. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed! Yes, enjoy a dose of healthy competition but STOP the negative thoughts when you don’t “win”. Your time will come. And until then keep focus on your strengths and #PressOnPowerfully. 

You are a gift to this world. Believe it.

Do you feel as though you need to prove yourself to the world? What holds you back from enjoying the moment? What is your ‘playground’?

blessed and beautiful running.



13 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: You Have Nothing To Prove.

  1. That is an awesome quote!! I gave up trying to PR races over a year ago and I have enjoyed running so much more. And believe it or not, have been Top 10 in races more than I have ever been before. Who knows what that means?! There must be a correlation somewhere. 🙂

  2. Very timely post. My running audiobook had a similar topic this morning. It’s a good reminder that I do not run or race to gain approval from others or prove something to others… running should be its own reward! Thanks for these encouraging words!

  3. I’m always thinking about the future/what’s next, and often times I miss out on the present and don’t get to enjoy things because I’m too busy thinking ahead. It’s definitely something I am trying to work on but man it is HARD! Haha.

  4. I’m so glad you had your ‘lightbulb’ moment. Life is much easier and more enjoyable when we can turn even our struggles into positive moments. Each experience is something to learn from. I just wrote about enjoying life and running because I used to be very negative towards myself. It didn’t happen overnight, but I gradually learned acceptance and joy in my running – no matter the outcome. Full speed ahead, girl! You are so powerful!

  5. I always try to tell myself this. It’s running why do I care what other people think? I do feel like I need to prove myself and it’s all part of the habits I’m trying to break. I signed up for three races that take me completely out of my comfort zone – an open water swim, a hardcore trail race, and a triathlon. I should be able to go into these thinking it’s my playground, not my proving ground because I don’t do these kinds of events as often. I hope it helps with my attitude. Thanks for this post – really helps!!!

  6. This is so great and such an important reminder! I also struggle with trying to prove my worth or abilities to others and most often this only leads to feeling not good enough. I am going to have to remember this myself. I think what can hold me back from enjoying the moment is worrying about what’s next. This is one of the reasons I love running so much, it pushes me to remain in the moment. I can enjoy not only my runs when I do this but also life! Oh the many lessons running provides…. 🙂

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