TNT Tuesday: Micro Nutrient Needs for the Endurance Athlete. 

**Disclaimer: I was provided a one month sample of EnduroPacks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No other form of compensation was offered.

You work hard. Sweat hard. Redlining is your norm and giving training your all is a daily practice. You. Got. Determination.

Then you pass out because you lack some vital electrolytes and micro nutrients.

Since being introduced to EndurPacks my training has drastically changed…for the better. I may not be an elite or even a serious competitor, but I fare pretty ok in the age group awards from time to time. I’m not mega competitive but I DO like to push  myself as hard as I can go. And for the first time in my running “career” (3.5 years) 7:30 minute miles finally feel comfortable. I then took almost 6 minutes off my 10k summer time in one year…

photo 5

You know the race of the season I typically pass out in? I remember just a year ago when I felt like an 8:00 minute mile was smokin’ fast for me. It’s amazing to see how strong you truly are through hard work and dedication.

But you need to support your body’s vitals to keep pushing. Want to see yourself accelerate and beat out the competition? Even if the competition is with yourself?

Fuel the right way.


Your body needs more than carbs to sustain. Most of us are pretty good at getting our macro nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) but eh, on the micro front….

You know those little important things like selenium, magnesium, potassium, boron…etc…

EnduroPacks has ALL that covered and packaged at an affordable rate. I compared other GNC type products on the market and all in all, you get a bangin’ deal for the whole kit and kaboodle with EnduroPacks.

I’m eternally grateful the good folks at EnduroPacks sent me a care package. Perfect timing for my summer training.

IMG_4103To break it down for you the monthly kit contains:

All-Natural, Gluten-Free, and GMO-Free products manufactured in the USA, with organic and vegetarian ingredients.

  1. Liquid multi-vitamin that has ALL your needs covered.
    1. favorable taste once you become used to it. Makes me feel like a kid to take the liquid.
    2. has every vitamin plus minerals you need.
      1. as a side note, I am a FIRM believer in acquiring all your nutrient needs through natural consumption. ie food. But sometimes we fail in our diets. That’s where a good solid multivitamin steps in.
    3. Take in the morning.
  2. Concentrated Electrolyte spray to mix with water and use during workouts.
    1. mix 10 sprays with 8-16 oz of water.
    2. when mixed there is zero flavor.
    3. support your muscles, immune system, and body’s tissues WITHOUT the extra sugar and syrups found in some sports drinks.
  3. Protein patch to build.
    1. apply after workout for 4-8 hours
    2. helps build torn muscle.
  4. L-Glutamine for recovery.
    1. take this at bedtime to aid in recovery.
    2. recover muscles and body.
    3. prevents aches, fatigue, soreness

the patch is barely noticeable. It can be worn on the abdominal area or inner arm.

Check out this short under two minute video form EndruoPacks

So how well did the claims hold up in my personal training? 

I’ve reviewed other products like EnergyBits but I have found EnduroPacks to really give me the edge I need.

I’m able to push my body harder and recover faster.

I ran my best 10k summer time. This is a combination of good ‘ol hard work coupled with the perfect micro nutrient supplements.

I don’t get dehydrated on my runs as much.

I feel stronger. Run stronger.

Sleep better.

My energy levels are higher throughout the day. As my schedule is usually jam packed I NEED the energy.

If you can’t take my word for it check out elite, Tina Muir. You can read her review HERE.

Would you try EnduroPacks? Do you have a secret supplement weapon? 
blessed and beautiful running. 



2 thoughts on “TNT Tuesday: Micro Nutrient Needs for the Endurance Athlete. 

  1. This does sound like a great product- I have also read Tina’s review and liked it. And yes, I have read about Energy Bits and lots of other products, as well as MLMs that were glorified sales pitches, but Enduropacks actually sound useful! Good vitamins are kind of pricey but worth paying for and if they are working for you to run comfortably (and set PRs) and be healthy, that’s what matters. Health is worth the investment.

    • Yes-health is worth the investment. I find myself frustrated when I hear someone can’t afford the gym but they’ll pay hundreds of dollars on tv monthly?! That aside, EnduroPacks lives up to the quality expectation and it’s not just an over glorified marketing campaign. I was pleased!

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