Wisdom Wednesday Daily Grind

Why do I get up early nearly every day to read my Bible, drink coffee, run, workout, blog…why do I choose to run marathons? Why do I do what I do? 

There are many, if not most, people who question what I do, wonder why, and on the occasion even criticize my passion. But they have NO clue how many people’s lives I have the ability to touch and reach out to. Blogging is a huge platform. Marathoning can be an extremely social event. Running for charities is giving back to the community. 

I could list and exhaust all my reasonings and still have people judge my intentions. 

But you know what? Those who do don’t matter. 

Remember David and Goliath? Even good men told him he was too small. He must be nuts. 

We all know Noah and his arc. Now that man was definitely seen as a raving lunatic. 

And Jesus. He was so persecuted he was put to death. But HE still changed the world. 

I firmly believe God gives us each a very specific purpose in life. Though it might not be as dramatic as building an arc….

Bottom line: if you’re doing what you know you’re supposed to be doing with your time on earth, let them talk. Those who matter will cheer you on in this life and those who don’t, well…pray for ’em.
blessed and beautiful running. 


Track Tuesday Tales Get in Yo Lane Home Slice! 

  Uuuuugh. Agxsshhhmiufgtfrrrryiiitfreewweurttyfiuuiiiurezbkpgbkxxxy!!!!!! Precisely. That’s exactly how I feel. Or felt rather…But I have to let it go. I need to for my own good health…. And I mean there’s serious things I need to let go in my personal life. But for now I’ll give you humor. There are 8 lanes on a running track and generally speaking if you’re a walker you walk on the far outside lane…

But. You sweet, sweet old lady. *sigh*

Everything started out all peachy keen with sweet 120 year old walking in her designated lane. I’m plugging along with my warm up laps in my designated lane 5 because there were college speedsters in lanes 1 and 2. So in consideration of everyone I picked the middle lane, 5. 

Then I hit the speed button and go off on 100 meter sprint one and all of a sudden I look ahead at a very startled lady shuffling her feet like a wild goose trying to waddle her way around me. What?! Where did she come from?! I thought she was safely walking in lane 8 out of my fire lane? I suppose she traveled across lanes. So I kindly gestured her to her appropriate lane. She didn’t.  And she nearly got ran over again and again.  After a few laps of this crap I gave up and ran on the 8th lane. 

In the grand sceme of things what does it matter? So the little old lady was lost in her walk and skipped lanes. Oh well. That is probably someone’s precious grandma.

How to let it go:

Belt out…let it gooooo. Let it gooooo!!

Just kidding. 

Seriously, take a deep breathe close your eyes and ask yourself, in ten years will this matter? Probably not. But, in the event the answer is yes, then seek immediate help. Can’t help you there. 

But more often than not the things that drive is totally bat guano cray cray has more to do with what’s inside ourselves. ‘But Jess you just don’t know my MIL from Uranus! You don’t know my crazy kids! That woman was in my  lane. You should’ve seen the looks I get!! You just don’t understand my liiiiiiife!!!’ 

No. I don’t. You’re correct on that statement. There’s many things about your life I’ll never know. However, I do know that life is too dang short to be hung up on someone else’s problem. People are just people. Let it go. 

Go for a run darling. Run in a different lane if needed. Usually running has a way of opening your mind to what’s really bothering you….It’s all gonna be okay. Focus on the beauty that is life itself. Paint a picture. Read a book. Sing a song. Dream a new exciting adventure up. Get your mind off that negative crap. K? 🙂

Yours truly, 


#MarathonMonday, 5 Motivational Songs for the Long Run, and a WINNER 

Happy Monday y’all! I had a long but fun weekend. Friday was boring with at home work. Saturday I cheered on my girls at the Color Run in Asheville:

Vixons and Villians!

They are all amazing women and I couldn’t be prouder!! These were some of my Sunday night Flying Feet in Faith Ladies RUN group runners. Go girls!!!

Then, Sunday was my first long run of this marathon cycle with 97% humidity.  As a distance runner I’m so over running through soup. ugh. But. Glad it’s done. And the crazy thing was as I was running I kept thinking “how dear Lord, am ever going to run 26.2 miles any faster than this?!” Funny how with each training cycle I think very similar thoughts. I had to remind myself that I have fun four marathons now. And I always finish them. Not always strong, but, I still finish them. So yes, I can cover the distance! Having my new inspirational bracelet form My Big Dream Shop is pretty motivting too. Oh, and I finally hit my mileage goal I set for myself a few weeks ago! So far week one marathon of marathon training was right on target. Only 15 weeks to go…

I’m digging my new #Irun4 bracelet thanks to Dream Big Runner!!

Then I’ve been thinking a lot about what words I’m putting in to my head. From my own inner thoughts to the words in my earbuds. Sometimes you just need that good beat to get your booty in gear on the run. Especially if you’re struggling through a long tempo run. Finding good, positive, and upbeat running Christian music can be tough to find. Let alone finding any kind of song without copious amounts of cursing. So I’ve compiled five favorites of mine. I hope you enjoy them as well!

5 Motivational Songs to Get You Going

1.) Soul On Fire by Third Day

This one is by far my favorite right now! When I’m having a great run I feel like my soul is indeed on fire.

2.) Brother by Need to Breathe

This one isn’t really for speed work but it’s great for the long run. I am in love with it’s message.  Be a “sister” in the running community!

3.) The Lost Get Found Britt Nicole

This song has been one of my favorites for a few years. It reminds me to be the light of the world! Don’t let your fire burn out!

4.) Overcomer by Mandisa

’nuff said here! Running a marathon is truly a courageous adventure where you will have to overcome many obstacles!

5.) Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave

This one speaks to me when I’m running in the forest. Because I am just absolutely overwhelmed by how AWESOME God is and how MARVELOUS this world is. From the mountains to the oceans His glory is everywhere. And who am I? I am but another small human. And it’s overwhelming. Even if you aren’t a believer, you have to admit that when you stand next to the ocean or great mountain you must feel overwhelmed at some point…

I’ve been known to throw my hands up and praise God during a run…I may look cray cray but I am indeed blessed!!!

Oh yes, and the winner from My Big Dream giveaway is:
Jackie M.

congrats and your info will be on the way soon!!!

How’s your training going? Fav run? Fav weekend happening? Fav song?? What would you add to this playlist? Do you listen to music when you run?

blessed and beautiful running.


Fun Friday!!! My Week in 5 Photos…hint; Beer Relay!

Happy Friday y’all! After a full week of waking up before the rooster even thinks about crowing I’m excited to have a full work-at-home-at-my-leisure kind of day. But enough about my boring life. Here’s a few exciting things instead…

First check out some fun photos from our weekend Beer Relay:

yes. I know. we are smokin' hot! literally.

yes. I know. we are smokin’ hot! literally.

I know I didn’t provide you guys with a full race review because I’m pretty sure I’m the lousiest blogger on the planet, ever. I mean, I can’t even spell worth a fart half the time.

But here’s a short synopsis:

Date: July 18th

Place: Race was held on the Oskar Blues REEB Ranch in DuPont (one of the most beautiful places on God’s green earth.)

Time: Started at 11:00 am aka: hotter and more humid than the devil’s armpit. After a one measly mile warm up we were sweating from head to toe, but according to A that’s cause we are so darn fit. I’ll take it.

Details: We had a full 16 ounce beer can as our “baton”.

Drink a 12 ounce beer, get a 2 minute time bonus. My BRF and I opted out of that. And we still kicked some serious booty. We ended up coming in first place female duo category. woo! A is the coolest and came up with our team name, “Speedy Shawtys” We are short. But we are fast, baby.

Course: She ran the first lap, then I went. We each ran two laps. We expected it to be a 5k loop but it ended up only a two mile loop, which was okay with me by that point because I was dying from a heat stroke. I know I’m a total wimp, check this mess out, after my first lap I was like “ommmggeeee I just can’t go again. I just can’t!!!” loser. But of course I did it. This just goes to prove that i am a human being to the 100th degree. I might think I’m a tough cookie, oh, but I can be broken down. Just trow in a few baby hills, heat, humidity, and three creek crossings and you get pathetic jess. ha!! I would like to note that I used EndroPacks electrolyte spray and I attribute that to my not dying of dehydration and helping me push through! Oh, and thanks Bill for the ice cube!!! He literally saved my life.

Hot racing tip: suck on ice cubes and shove the rest down your bra. Amazing.

The course was beautiful though. I wouldn’t have traded that for anything! First half winding up through the forest, second half out in the brutally hot sunny field.

We had a great Brevard crew out that kicked booty as well. Racing is more fun when it’s on trail and with friends!

Oskar Blues had a great festival going on, Burning Can, with music, food, and such but we didn’t stay too long so I can’t provide insight to that but I hear it’s always a great time.  The whole beer and camping thing isn’t really my scene. Music and running yes, but I can get by just fine without the former.

This also proved to me that I have a LOT of mental strength to gain. Which I attested to in one of my previous posts. Anyway. Look, yay I’m having fun! The rest of the photos of me were complete crap. I mean CRAAAAP. If you want a good laugh feel free to visit their site and check out bib number 31. Ew.

only two good pics.

I’ve been having fun in our garden and if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already noted this.


squat and weed

Then my husband and I stayed up late reminiscing our honeymoon…finally downloading wedding pics 9 months later..

ahhh Antigua... can we go back now please???

ahhh Antigua… can we go back now please???

Then I got myself a new toy!

medicin ball push-up

medicin ball push-up

I am really enjoying the medicine ball. It’s super versatile and you can create a full body workout with it. Think you’ve mastered the push-up? Try it on a medicine ball! It’s an excellent tricep target and core stabilizer!

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What’s been fun in your world this week? Do you drink and run? Trail or road races? Any hotter than devil’s armpit races for you? What’s your favorite workout “toy”? Mine is still my good ol legs…running! But the medicine ball is fun!
blessed and beautiful running.


Thoughts for Thursday: Workout with the WEEDS. Dig ’em up and Make the Time. 

I’m ever grateful to my late grandmother who strongly suggested I eat tomatoes and help her weed her garden. “Ew! No way grandma. Tomatoes are gross!” And “The bugs are gross too and weeding is too hard annnnnd it’s tooooo hot outside!”

Ha. I was that kid. I was also that kid who deliberately “forgot” her tennis shoes at home for PE class. Push-ups and running laps were too hard too.

But observe: 

pushups and weeding. it goes together. total body workout.

I went for a morning run, then cleaned house, and worked in our garden and threw in push-ups for fun. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown and changed over the years. 

I’m no longer afraid to get sweaty.  

I’m no longer afraid to work hard

Because I know that hard work produces good things. 


“I don’t have tiiiiiime” yes you do. I didn’t have time to hit the gym so I made up an impromptu garden workout. Double whammy. 

Make the time. Get creative. Make your health a priority. Because after all, you are stuck with the body you’re in for better or worse. 

One way to make time is by evaluating the activities in your life. What can go? What’s excess? What’s draining you? Thin out the weeds in your world, chunk out the excess crap that’s useless or holding you back sucking all the nutrients out of YOU. 
Like in life, don’t let the weeds of this world, too much tv – negative friends – dead end jobs – relationship suckers – hang ups and habits, steal your life’s nutrients that are JOY PEACE & LOVE. Dig ’em out by the roots, baby, so your flowers can flourish.

I won’t lie. Weeding is hard. Emotional weeding is even harder. But that’s okay. Hard work produces good things. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. You’ll remain stagnant if you don’t. Maybe take a moment to journal your thoughts. Write out all the excess things in life that drag you down. Really dig deep. And make a plan of action to pull those things out!

Do you garden? Are there weeds in your life? 

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blessed and beautiful running.