Weekly Happenings, a Workout, and Would You Race a Kenyan in Summer?!

Hello world! It’s Saturday morning, I’m off work, and on a day like this I’d normally run. However, I’m getting ready to pick up this kid:

I know he’s had a blast but I’m missing my little booger!! The house has been too quiet. Shhh. 

So what have I done with my kidless week? Um. Work. I know beyond exciting right? It’s okay to be totally, insanely jealous. 

Monday: work. Post work, upper body workout and I posted Tips on Tuesday about getting it in after a workday. #TheStruggleIsReal #WorkingClassAthlete

Tuesday: run short, work late. 

Wednesday: run short , client meeting ((just love her!!)), and all day drive to see kid at camp day!

Thursday: client session ((love her too!)), work really late. Ugh. 

Friday: morning I got in a 5 miler and lower body workout in. My knee started acting up so I figured my hips needed working! I’ve gotten too slack in keeping my hips in good shape. With leading a busy life it can be a challenge to squeeze all the little important things in. But I’ve said before, if you don’t have time for the little things you shouldn’t try the big things. Make sense?

Here’s what I did:


if you try the workout snap a pic and tell the world with #PinkPayneFit 🙂

Then I worked kinda late. And here, I may or may not have eaten an entire Kashi pizza. all. by. myself. O.o carb loading for a car ride you know??? Ha!

Saturday: we pick up kid (3 hour drive ugh) and start copious amounts of laundry. Woo! 

As you can predict my #MotivateMe goal of 40 miles will not be met..but getting in my strength workouts were important and getting the kid is WAY way WAY way more important. :-)))) plus, goals come and go. And there’s next week! 

Never, ever totally quit on a goal just because a certain deadline has passed. I know it’s discouraging. But giving up would be worse. Just revise it and try again. Keep going!! You’ll get there. But only if you choose to press on. 

So on another note, a race note finally!!! Next week I’ll be running our local Firecracker 10k hosted by Brevard Rotary. They’ve upped the ante by offering $100 prize to the closest to beat some Brevard College Kenyan runner. Yeeeeeeah I’ll be the mid packer just trying to survive the heat. Should be exciting to see who runs this kid down though! 

Go check out their Facebook page, give them a like, and tell them Jess sent you. Then sign up to race with me!! 

Since I realize there’s no chance for a win in my shoes (I checked out times from last year and the women are SMOKIN‘ fast) my personal goal is a nice 45:00 and to not pass out. I’d like that. My 10k PR race was set at a 49:51 years ago…I think… Been a while since I’ve raced a 10k. I ran the firecracker last year but ran it slow because I was terrified of passing out…if you’ve read my blog long enough you understand. But this year I feel ready. I’ve been pushing it outside, getting acclimated to heat/humidity. I think I maaaaaay have a 10k PR in me…

If you’re a parent what do you do when your kid is off to camp? Any exciting happenings in your world? Any fun races? I need to live vicariously through you! Ha! Do you race well in heat? Would you race a Kenyan?!

blessed and beautiful running. 



14 thoughts on “Weekly Happenings, a Workout, and Would You Race a Kenyan in Summer?!

  1. I would never race a Kenyan. especially not in the heat… lol
    Sounds like a fun race idea though.
    I’m doing my first 10k next weekend.! it’s a 4th of July run also.! and I am soo not looking forward to the heat. I almost died in today’s heat.
    But yea, have fun with your kiddo being back 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t race a Kenyan in the summer but this guy is out of my league anyway… I would run the 10K though and shoot for a personal goal. I think it’s neat they are offering that prize and I think some of those runners have been here in Charleston for our money runs like Turkey Trot and Reindeer Run (both have big prizes) because we have some out of towners from Western NC. Your leg workout looks like a really good one. I need to do something to cross train and am thinking about picking up some of those 30 day challenges to stay motivated.

    • Our local races haven’t offered prize money before so this is exciting. We have some local rockstars who may stand a chance! I’m just aiming for a PR like you say. I have been a workout slacker and my knee has reminded me with a twinge lol so I’m creating workouts for myself. I’m so busy with others that I forget to make my own lol

  3. I would totally race a Kenyan! …even if I wouldn’t win 🙂 I know it’s hard when you aren’t getting in the miles you want, but I know you’re enjoying your full life with your sweet family!

  4. Great job this week! I always love reading about how you balance family, work, life and running. Although I don’t have kids, I have a job and often am looking for how to find balance! You’ve got that figured out, and then some! You are a great mom and your kiddo is lucky to have you. ❤ Good luck at the 10K! I'm racing a 15K on July 4th – haven't raced one since 2007 so it should be interesting to see how it goes!

    • Thank you for the kind words! I don’t feel like I balance it well sometimes. And sometimes it makes me crabby. lol that’s where grace comes in. 😉 I wish I had more time to focus on the sport. But then I want to be the best mom. I can’t be everything all the time. But I know where my priorities are. Family first. ❤

  5. What a great week! I think it’s so important to keep our lives balanced and our priorities straight. There’s always another time for a run, but not always another chance to pick up your kid from camp and see that excitement in their eyes after a time well spent. You got it right 😀
    And I have no doubt you’ll break through with a new 10k PR. Good luck!! I’m not one to race well in the heat either so I’m actually holding off on races for now. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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