TNT Tuesday Getting the Evening Workout Done + RnR Savannah Race Discount!   

Typically I’m a morning runner but sometimes I oversleep so I plan for the evening…but…We’ve all been there. It’s been a loooooooong workday. Or mommy day. Or both day. And our workout still eludes us. It would be so easy to justify our desire to sit it out. But then one missed day turns into two..then a week..then before you realize it you’ve gone months without working out! 

This is exactly how I felt last night. Just uuuuggghh. Luckily I had my husband to meet me at the gym. Our workout may have felt tired but at least we did it. 
So here’s my tips on getting it in when you just. don’t. even.:

  • Plan ahead!!! Even if you write your plans on sticky notes. 
  • Have an accountability partner or friend or coach meet you. You wouldn’t break a date would you??
  • Keep a log. You’ll be inspired to keep those pages filled with something
  • Tell yourself you’ll only go for 10 minutes. Barter with yourself. Mind games work! You’ll more than likely give more.
  • Have a bit of fuel like 1/2-1 ClifBar especially if you’re working out post j-o-b. You’ll need some energy. 
  • Have a rockin’ playlist to get you pumped. 
  • Read inspiring motivation posters or blogs. Like this one. 😉  
  • Stop thinking about it. Just do it. 

“The way I see running is, I don’t think about it, I just do it.” – Joan Benoit Samuelson

  • Register for a race or event to keep you motivated to train. There’s something about committing to a race and having a specific goal. 

Okay, so now that you’ve got some quick motivational tips, how about you register to race with me in Savannah?! The good folks at Rock n’ Roll race series have given my readers a $10 off coupon code for the Savannah Rock n’ Roll half or full marathon!! Use: FLYINGFEET at checkout. 

Best the price increase AND grab my discount code!! Prices go up 6/30!!   

How do you get motivated for evening workouts? Are you a morning or evening person? Will YOU be racing Savannah with me?!

blessed & beautiful running. 


10 thoughts on “TNT Tuesday Getting the Evening Workout Done + RnR Savannah Race Discount!   

  1. GREAT tips. I love #1 – works every time for me. If I planned ahead and have everything packed/set up I can usually convince myself to at least start my workout – and then reassess from there. Usually, once I start, I feel better! I don’t think I can add Savannah to my schedule this year, but I haven’t run a Georgia marathon yet! Maybe one of these days!

  2. It definitely helps to plan or schedule workouts- I write them in my planner although I can be flexible too if I need it, like some days you just need to sleep in! It is hard to run in the evenings here lately though due to heat. Glad you got some mileage in and good luck with Savannah training.

  3. I am most definitely a morning workout person! As hard as some mornings are to get up and go, what works for me is not snoozing my alarm at all and having all my gear laid out so I just have to grab it and get ready. What frustrates me is that even on mornings I can sleep in, I tend wake up early! Thanks for the great tips!

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