#MotivateMe Monday Fat Legs, 31 miles, and Summer Goals 

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The photo above is not me. Obviously. 

What prompted this post was a recent conversation held between a fellow professional peer and I. We were discussing body image and they told me I had “big” legs. 

Really?! The last thing you want to tell a woman is that she is big. Anywhere. Maybe they meant for it to be a compliment as I am a marathoner and we typically have muscular legs. I prefer the term thoroughbred horse powered. But I couldn’t help but look down and suddenly see my lower limbs as fat stubs, I’m short. Not long and lean. It’s amazing how others’ words can affect you…if you give them meaning. 

We women can be terribly harsh with ourselves.  Some people have this idea that we runners are all 8 feet tall, 0.05% body fat, and zero boobs. 

Well, they got the boob thing right with me. TMI? Sorry. It’s still kinda a personal runners blog. Chuckle at it. It’s okay. 

But runners run in ALL sizes and body types. 

I’m short and kinda squatty. But it’s cool cause I’m closer to the ground. So less ways to fall when I trip. HA. 

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 But aside from that short ramble last week’s #MotivateMe didn’t quite end well. Life was just….busy. I worked overtime, training clients, the kid had camp to get ready and off to, I have a husband I should acknowledge one in a while lol… You know the drill. I made it 31 miles. Not quite 40. But 31 is still more than 0!!! And instead of solely focusing on mileage I have other things to enjoy…

I wanted to check in with summer. It’sofficially  heat wave season!!  Working that golden runners tan. 

Summer Goals

  1. Sub -45 10k July 4th without passing out.  
  2. Hit 40+ miles weekly, end of June. This still needs to happen to prep for marathon training. 
  3. Enjoy Running as a gift. 
  4. Go on a long 10+ mile trail run. 
  5. Go to the pool. Last year we had access and never went. Really?!?! Yeah, that’s gotta change. 
  6. Read a book. A whole. Entire. Book. Maybe. Who has time to read? But it sounds like such a good goal. 
  7. Get together with my girlfriends! Haven’t done this since the wedding. 
  8. See my new clients reach their goals!
  9. Blog more than once a week. Ha. Admirable goal. 
  10. Just practice joy on a daily basis. 

Weekly Workout line-up 

Monday: 30 minutes XT + upper body strength routine. 

Tuesday: easy 6 with 4 x 800s

Wednesday: easy 5 + yoga

Thursday: 8 tempo 

Friday: easy 5 + 30 mins XT + lower body stability workout. 

Saturday: easy 4 or rest

Sunday: 12 long slow miles 

Total miles: 40 let’s try again… 

How do you see yourself in the mirror? Do you think you have the atypical “runner’s body”? How are your summer goals going if you’ve made any? How does summer affect your overall mileage? Have you ever had someone comment on your body size or shape?

blessed and beautiful running.


24 thoughts on “#MotivateMe Monday Fat Legs, 31 miles, and Summer Goals 

  1. I love your #4. Enjoy Running as a gift. … I think it’s so important to think about our runs as I GET to run not I HAVE to run. I definitely do not have a typical runners body, but I’m a ok with that! Someone once told me “I thought you’d be thinner since you run so much”…. The fact I didn’t punch them is AMAZING! Haha Summer running is difficult for me, but I like to think that my milage stays pretty consistent. I’m just running a lot earlier in the day!

  2. I can totally relate. i’m at a healthy weight with lots of leg muscles from many years of soccer. once, a teammate said “you know what girls with big legs can do!” she was trying to compliment the power behind my kick, but i couldnt help but feel a little hurt by the comment. Fast forward to today, I’m proud of my muscles and the miles they bring me. I’m thankful for my legs, health, and the ability to run!

  3. I don’t have a typical runner’s body either, but my short legs have passed many people with longer ones and people who “looked like” stereotypical runners. In the end, I can’t control genetics, I’m always gonna be short and have short legs. It does amaze me what some people will say to someone else’s face though…

  4. Yea I totally don’t see what you’r co worker was talking about, you have normal size legs. More on the small than “big” side. You look like a runner to me.!!!
    Whenever I see pictures of myself I think I do look like a runner.. but when I’m out running I don’t think I look like a runner. I have more boobs than a “runner” lol.

  5. I’m definitely my toughest critic. I gain weight in my hips and thighs first. No long and lean legs here!
    I’m racing a trail ultra next weekend and then I’ll be back on the roads to train for NYC.

  6. Your post really hits home with me, I’m 5’2 and really struggle with my weight. I am usually somewhere in the 115 region, but in my head I think I need to lose about 10 pounds because my legs seem enormous. When I read what I just wrote, I realize it sounds a little ridiculous because I know I’m strong. But I do struggle with this and when somebody makes a comment about it, it makes it that much harder!

    • I’m 5′ flat so I feel your pain. 115 sounds perfect. I’m two inches shorter than you and I stay in the 108 range. Which feels ‘heavy’ but like you said it’s ridiculous! We are short strong beautiful women!!! Dynamite comes in small packages and it’s so true! 😉 so glad I’m not alone in feeling the way I do. Silly or not our feelings matter.

  7. My body image (and body acceptance really) has been a process. I feel I am finally at a place where I can embrace my body for what it is. I definitely still have my days but it just is what it is and I now try to focus more on being strong and healthy. I am petite and part of the short club with naturally “fuller” legs but these legs power me through tough runs and races so I have to think of it that way. I ran PR (sub 2:00 half marathon) 2 weekends ago so its all about perspective.

    I love your summer goals! My summer running tends to ramp up a bit with training for races. Next is a 5K and 10k in July.

    • That’s one reason I love running: it teaches me daily to focus on what my body can power through not what is looks like. Best wishes on your upcoming races! I only have one 10k this July 4th and no other serious races planned until fall.

  8. Despite being active my whole life I have always had thicker thighs and hips. I have recently begun running with a new friend who is very thin and tall but I’m faster than her so that’s really helped me accept myself for who I am, plus skirts help as they are much more flattering than pants 🙂 Have a great week & thanks for linking up!

  9. Ugh, I was told recently that I didn’t look like a runner by someone…meaning I’m bigger. I’m super short and have “big” arms and legs and broad shoulders. Maybe I can thank gymnastics for that? But I’m sure it’s genetics too. Whatever the case, as I’ve gotten stronger and faster I’ve learned to accept what my body’s like and not force it to be something it’s not. Runners come in every shape and size and while it’s true I don’t look like the typical “elite” runner, not many runners do!! I’m with you – let’s be proud of what we’ve got!! 🙂 Have a great week!

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