Casual Saturday Morning Muse Beer Running and Bible Study

Good morning friends! I’m up enjoying what little I have left of my morning. Today’s work shift calls for an all dayer in the pharmacy. 9-7. Ugh. But breathing in deeply and doing some prep with The Lord helps put things in perspective. I am blessed to earn a living. And even more blessed to be working towards earning a living by LIVING. Small steps. Every day. One day I’ll wake up and not have to go punch in and out of some time box. I will be my own time box!  


breathing in.

So what have I been up to this week? LOTS! Planning for clients, getting all my paper work legit, sweaty running, working, yoga. Oh, you know. The boring life of Jess. But! I did have an exciting Thursday with a new client and to celebrate my first official success my hubby treated me to a homemade dinner with candles, wine, and fine chocolates. Back off ladies. He’s mine! And no, no pics. I was too busy enjoying life. πŸ™‚

Here’s a few pics from my sweaty running though because I know you ALL want to see my sweat.  Ha

squinty eyed but happy.


because every runner needs a leg selfie.

I haven’t been running anything much over 5-8 miles. Which is okay with me in the summer. I have been more focused on strength training and yoga. Marathon training will come again soon enough. In the meantime….have I meantioned I’ll be running a beer trail run relay event in July with my BRF?! 


Oskar Blues Burning Can Festival

No. I will not be partaking in the beer. I am much too prudish for that. But I will be running my butt off in the heat. Everyone else will all be enjoying the beer  while I’m over here like gots my CamelBak and shot Bloks and NUUN…..#RunNerd

So my home girl runs one 5k trail loop and tags me in to run the loop and we do this for as many times as we can…I think four laps if I read correctly on the site. Anyway. 

Heat+Jessica=danger. Bring it. 

That’s all I have time to post. From the iPhone even. Happy weekend friends! 

How do you prep for a long day at work? Do you have to work weekends? How’s your summer running going? Any fun races? Have you ever ran a beer run?!

Blessed and beautiful running. 



9 thoughts on “Casual Saturday Morning Muse Beer Running and Bible Study

  1. I think my friend is doing that beer relay. I know he’s been “training” for some sort of beer relay but I think his training may be more beer than running right now. He also likes to go to NC for races so this is probably it.

    5-8 milers in the summer and off season from marathon training are great! I am mostly doing about that although I try to get a long run of 10-11 in each week. That is getting harder lately, though.

    Good luck with working on weekends! I am fortunate not to have to do that, thank goodness, but I did for a long time and it’s tough. It makes making plans tough and running (most races are on weekends and that’s usually when people do long runs too).

  2. Your hubby sounds so sweet to make you dinner, awwww πŸ™‚ I hope your long day went quickly! I never did a beer run but I do drink beer during a marathon if someone offers it, I like the break from all of the sugary drinks and gu! I don’t work weekends…or summers πŸ™‚

  3. You are a hard worker! Your dedication sure shines through in your life πŸ™‚
    I work four 10s Monday-Thursday. My shift is 10-8PM so I can empathize with you on long work days. I find myself getting home at 8:30PM just to be getting ready for the next day- making lunch and prepping snacks, etc, In the morning I get up around 6AM and go for my run/workout and come back to get ready. Its so much easier to have things prepped already.

    I am doing the Color Run in July as part of my sister’s bachelorette party! Looking forward to that!

    • That is super long! Prep work is key to being ready for the next day. I wonder sometimes if my schedule was more set if I would be better at at being prepped. Probably not lol πŸ˜‰ so will be at the color run in Asheville?? My sister and a bunch of friends are running that one!

      • I could see how a consistent schedule would help with that or at least it sounds good, lol. I am a creature or habit/routine so this works well. We will be running the one here in Milwaukee. Would be cool if it was the same one though πŸ™‚

  4. Cute celebration dinner by the hubby! I don’t like beer in general so I’d probably not enjoy it at all while running… but the actual relay part sounds fun! My husband has participated in a relay marathon, but I never have. Maybe one day!

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