#FridayFive 5 Exciting Things About Running


Sup y’all, it’s Friday!! So pumped for the Friday Five link-up hosted by CourtneyCynthia, and Mar. Check out their rules and future topics HERE! The BEST way to connect with new bloggers. Let’s just dive right in shall we? I won’t monopolize your Friday morning with too much rambling. Promise. 😉

5 Exciting Things About Running Currently

1.) Okay, so y’all know I’m all registered for marathon number 5 now, right?! Thanks to my sweet husband who gave me his credit card and let me pull the trigger. Mr. P also registered for the half. He was this close to breaking 2:00! Savannah, we are coming back for redemption full force baby!! This right here is exciting enough to qualify for all five exciting things about running…but wait, there’s more…

2.) Pluuuuuus my BRF is signed up too!  Annnnnnnnd another local rock star runner has come back to town from her awesome running, burro racing adventures (yes, it’s a real thing. Check it out HERE!) in Colorado and is running Savannah too! Both A and L and smokin’ fast and strong runners and I’m beyond excited and privileged to run with them!!

Colorado you are on my bucket list!! Maybe not with the burro though… Source

3.) Annnnnnd many of our Transylvania county runners are registered!  I had a great time at our Greenville race so I’m thrilled about the group going!

From our Green Valley Race in SC!

4.) I ran on national running day. Of course. But on that day I also met with a new client who used to run 10 miles a day and wants to get back into running more again. A woman after my own heart…being able to encourage and train has probably been the most exciting thing lately.. It truly fills my soul with joy.

5.) I’m finally, finalizing my marathon training plan and even typing it up all pretty! wheeeeeee!

I can not wait to test my mind, body, and soul again. Test me Lord.

How was your week? What’s exciting about running for you lately?! Have you heard of burro racing? Do you race with friends?
Blessed and beautiful running!




34 thoughts on “#FridayFive 5 Exciting Things About Running

  1. Best of luck with your exam! I”m taking mine in June! The mirrors are fab! I’m working on building a home gym right now and that’s exactly what I need.

  2. Oh I completely agree with you on that machine at the gym. I have to remember to not look at anyone in particular if doing this because then it is really awkward. haha! I am also loving that spring has hit California. I do wish we had a bit of more rain but this weather has been really weird.

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  4. Marathon #5 sounds like an exciting one!!! I usually travel to races with friends but we don’t often run together. We try to, but sometimes it’s hard to stick together in a large crowd!! Also so cool that you can motivate/inspire someone to get back into running. That’s so great!

  5. Good luck with Savannah training! Living in Chas. I have quite a few friends talking about running that one. It’s neat that you can travel and do different races and I’ve only heard good things about Savannah.

    • Savannah is pretty amazing! Thank you Amy! My goal is pretty intense so here’s to enjoying the last month before hard core training lol I can’t afford to travel often so I pick races kinda close to home or close to family. 🙂 have a beautiful weekend!!

  6. There is something about putting your training plan into writing that makes it real and exciting! And what an awesome opportunity to grow in our faith in the process. There is nothing like it! I am nearing the end of my half marathon training with my final long run tomorrow so I am really excited for the race next Saturday.

    • Oh exciting Angie! Which half are you running? Yes, running and training are such great parallels to the faith. God has surely shown me His unfailing grace on numerous occasions. Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to reading about your race next week!!

      • Thank you!! I am running the Rock ‘n Sole here in Milwaukee. I hear its a beautiful course so I’m excited to take in the scenes and crush my goal! I could not agree more about what you said with the parallels to running and faith. I have found it to be such a cool way for me to be close to God and to challenge me in my faith as well. I will definitely have a race recap for you to read 🙂

        I love your blog and look forward to reading regularly!!

    • 40th?! Oh my word! If I could afford that many I probably would run more lol but then end up injured. You’re amazing!! No savannah is pretty flat. I have read all good things about grandmas marathon and want to run it one day. I need a marathon savings account lol thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful weekend Erica!

  7. Burro racing is new to me! Is it a team event with a burro and a person racing against like teams, or are people racing against a burro? Either way, it sounds like it could end up with hilarious results!

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