Wisdom Wednesday: Just Run With It.

Happy humpday y’all! Oh heavens, I mean happy National Running Day! I’m so belated in this well wishing it’s embarrassing. My entire news feed has been absolutely covered in “happy run day!”s. But I tell y’all I’ve been super, crazy busy all day running around both literally and physically. Between running, meeting a new client, working clients’ programs out, and housework (ew.) I’ve had zero down time. But I must say I’m diggin my new “office” attire, compression and running shoes:


I only just now have had anytime to sit and type out a few words. I’ve also been thinking about how to celebrate…of course I got a great run in this morning. And as I went on this morning I began thinking about my 10k time goal for July 4th. As I’m about a month out I plan on adding in a speed session once weekly along with a solid tempo for the next three weeks then backing off the week before. I’m seeing this race more or less as a “tune-up”. But I’m also remembering how heat and humidity may affect me. So if it’s not my fastest time no harm, no foul. Given today’s pace I’m thinking a good solid sub-45 race may be in the books for me.


#GarminRocks #Progress

My first 10k ever, July 4th 2012, was a 56:58 a 9:10 min/mile….So I’m happy to see the tremendous progress I’ve made in the past three years! That’s what it’s really all about anyway. I may not be blazing fast but I am totally blazing fast compared to where I used to be personally! I give my Garmin credit for helping me over the years achieve paces I didn’t think possible.

#personalprogress #GarminRocks

In other news…

It is done. Officially registered for marathon #5!!!!!!

I chose Savannah again because:

  • I need redemption on this course. Feel free to refer HERE to how horrible last year went…
  • It’s flat
  • Seasonably favorable
  • Freaking beautiful
  • First marathon raced as the new Mrs.
  • Lot’s of local Brevard peeps are running it this year as a group! Transylvanians represent!

So of course the game-plan for this year will be to train as hard as I did for Nashville with added measure. I’m currently working on creating my own personal training plan. This is both exciting and scary! I’ve always followed a pre-made plan out of some book. But I feel as though as a more seasoned marathoner I am more familiar with how my body responds to training and what works well for me. I’m excited about pushing myself just a little harder. Y’all know I’m still chasing that BQ time! I have high hopes that if I can crush a tough course like Nashville that maybe, just maybe I could really crush a course like Savannah. So I’m coupling my high hopes with an aggressive plan.

I know that’s right. Photo Source

Let’s do this. Training starts July 20th. And I can not wait! I’ve been enjoying running whenever and all but I need love my training schedules! Now that we have a new(to us) treadmill I can train as much as my heart desires. (thanks hubs!)

I did have every intention of posting some sort of wisdom for y’alls Wednesday but at this point my brain can not handle much more intense thought. So I will just leave you with this:

Whatever state you find yourself in currently, just run with it. Things have a way of working themselves out. And if it’s not working out? Run harder. πŸ˜‰

Do you thrive off training plans? Do you follow a pre made plan or create your own or even just “wing it”? Any big goal races your way? What’s your “office” attire; are you a high heels and fixed hair gal or shorts and sneaks chick?
blessed and beautiful running.



8 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Just Run With It.

  1. I almost always have some sort of training plan. If I’m training for an “a” race, I have every day planned out. Right now, my training is so relaxed and I’m loving it!
    Next race: north fork 50!
    My daily attire is usually “nice” workout clothes!

  2. I don’t do training plans. I guess if I wanted to train for a full I would consider it, but even then, I’d probably consult a coach and get someone to write a plan for me, not just follow “Hal Higdon #2” or whatever I see people post about online. Somehow things like that have never worked for me and my style of workouts.

    Each week, I try to fit in a long run, an intervals, and a tempo. Obviously if I run a race that takes the place of one of those, though!

    I’ve heard good things about Savannah. I know a lot of people who’ve run those races since I’m in Charleston and all. Plus the weather should be nice for your race even if your first 2 months of training are warm. You could totally break 45 in a 10K too…

  3. Awesome that you signed up for a marathon! You will absolutely ROCK that 10K!!! I completely thrive off of training plans. I rely on them to keep me motivated! I used to wing it, then I would follow pre made (my most recent fav was Pete Pftitzingers Advanced Marathoning), and now they are made for me by my coach! I try to wear the comfiest possible clothing while still looking professional for work!

  4. Yay! You will totally rock that 10k! I love to look back and see progress. My first two years running I didn’t make much progress since I had no idea what I was doing. But the past two years I’ve been able to see how much better I am! It’s so refreshing to see that sometimes even though I’ve still got a ways to go.
    And I’m so happy you chose a fall marathon! I know you will do great! The ONLY reason you didn’t have a BQ this spring is because of the HORRID weather conditions (and you still finished with an amazing PR despite that!). I have no doubt you will have your redemption x100!! And I’m fully confident you can put together your own plan to get you to your BQ!

    • Oh my word girl!! Thanks SO much for your vote of confidence in me!! I don’t hear that often in my own home lol that’s why we runners blog eh?! Good community support. I’m pretty stinking excited about a fall race myself. I think seeing my old 10k time really did help put my current paces in perspective when I’m feeling “slow”. It’s about personal progress. And as long as we keep plugging along we will see progress! πŸ™‚

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