#MotivateMe Monday Stay The Path

Happy Monday! I know you must be thinking happyMonday? Really?! Who likes Mondays?!

YES! I am saying happy Monday because each Monday means a fresh new start of opportunists. Monday doesn’t have to be the drudgery of the week. Perspective my friends! Now ask me next week before I’ve had three cups of coffee and I might give you another perspective…

This week I am going back to linking up with Janice over at Fitness Cheerleader for #MotivateMe Mondays co-hosted by Rachel at Running Rachel. As I’ve mentioned in the past it’s a great way to stay on the fitness path. Set goals, link-up, and motivate each other! Stop by their blogs if you get a chance to check out what it’s all about.

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

So onward to some motivational, inspirational stuff. As being a part of the FitFluential family I receive emails with tons of motivating articles, recipes, workouts, and such. And I uaually just skimp through the articles, but when I read this one I knew I had to share with my readers: Stay the path.

My take away from the article:

No matter how challenging your path becomes stay the path. Remain focused. March on with relentless determination. Often our greatest successes come out of our greatest struggles.

It may take time to see noticeable results but the time will pass anyway so stick with it! This is something I am preaching to myself daily. As I continue to work daily on my personal training career there have been moments where I begin to doubt myself. Then I remember, it’s only been two months! Give yourself some time woman! I’m one of those who wants everything done right now!! It takes roughly four months to train well for a marathon. It takes nine months to prepare a baby for birth. I’ve heard it takes roughly five years to see a new small business really prosper. So why in the world would I expect to see instant results? Life in itself is not instant. It’s a journey. And that’s one thing the marathon has taught me.

Speaking of marathons….

So how’s my mileage? Still super low and creeping back up very slowly. I’m not a running animal who can knock out 50+ miles a week without injury. My body needs time.  I’ve had some great runs here and there including a few fast 10 milers which is a total confidence boost. Since in previous #MotivateMe and #MarathonMonday posts worked so well to keep myself accountable I’m going back to that on Mondays. I hope that’s cool with my readers! I have been diligent with my new Believe journal. It’s kind of hard not to be diligent with it because it’s like my own personal motivation wrapped up in shiny red leather. I don’t miss DailyMile too much since going back to paper and pen…

Mileage goals for this week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: XT/upper body workout routine

Wednesday: 10 miles + yoga

Thursday: 8 miles

Friday: 4 miles/core work

Saturday: 10 miles

Sunday: 5 miles/stretching

Total miles: 37

It doesn’t look like much but between pharmacy full-time, personal training, family, home…trust me. It’s plenty for me! That’s one other point I would like to make: continue to be the BEST version of you! Do what you can, when you can. STOP comparing to others’ training when they may have different circumstances than you. YOU ARE ENOUGH! AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY STRONG.

What’s on your plate this week? Do you keep any goals over the summer or kind of just wing it? Running lately? What are some of your personal goals in life? Do you feel like just quitting sometimes and if so, how do you remain focused?
blessed and beautiful running.



11 thoughts on “#MotivateMe Monday Stay The Path

  1. What a great week you had! I feel like I can’t focus on much else but work this week because I have a lot on my plate as I wrap up the school year and give finals! Almost done!! Loved your Monday motivation, though, made me feel a little more ready to tackle the long week ahead!

  2. hahaha, that’s how I am with Mondays too! 😛 Totally agreed on that quote for staying the path–persistence makes such a big difference! I’ve thought on many occasions that maybe I somehow slipped through the cracks for med school, but I can usually pep talk myself out of it! :O Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

  3. I really liked what you said about give results time. I have been slowly “training” for years to see the improvements this year, and it is just enough to keep me motivated! It is really reflecting back on how far you have grown to see that those small changes made a big impact!! Awesome post!

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s been three years since my first marathon and I’m only now seeing great improvements. I’m do glad I never gave up because I wasn’t ‘great’ at first. Never compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20! Thanks for stopping by Kaylee!

  4. Sometimes I find that when “quitting” thoughts creep into my head, I ask myself if I’m wanting to quit my run because my body NEEDS the rest, or if I am just not in the mood to push myself. If I can, I push through by thinking of my past accomplishments and how good I felt afterwards. Sometimes the discomfort is worth it. No set goals yet – will start training for NYC in July though!!

    • There is that fine line occasionally where I’m uncertain if my body just needs rest or if I just need to push. I think getting to know your body just takes time and I feel I’ve learned to ‘listen’ to it pretty well. And I start training for RnR Savanna in July!! I’m excited about a fall marathon. Spring was a bit too humid for me lol I’m loosly planning a sub 45 10k this July. We shall see how the heat gets to me lol!!

  5. I sometimes find it difficult to know whether I should rest or run, especially since if I rest on a day that isn’t a planned rest-day, and I’m not injured, I feel like a putz. But I guess that’s that knowing the difference between when to push and when to rest makes the difference, come race day!

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