Wordless Wednesday: Just Run.

photo 5 (2)

so blessed to have this as my running playground.

Just run. It’s a beautiful world out there.

photo 1 (3)

miles ahead. worries behind. sunscreen + sweat= happy spring runner but annoyed eyes.

**And don’t forget the sunscreen and NUUN during the warmer days! 

blessed and beautiful running.



TnT Tuesday: Electo Pops, a Chill Way to Stay Hydrated and Healthy


Good afternoon Tuesday! I realize my posting has been a bit of a hit or miss and quite frankly sporadic as of late…you can pretty much expect that from me over the summer as I get busier. There’s that and I’ve been quite uninspired to write. Not sure why…maybe it’s because I have no marathon training going on currently? I’ve been staying busy with work, personal training, kid’s baseball, running, cross-training, and weight just kinda how ever I’m feeling. No strict must-run-this-pace plan. And I’m freaking LOVIN’ it! Yet simultaneously going stir crazy without a strict routine. *Note to self: I’ll have plenty of time later to kill self in training. Enjoy while easy running lasts.

But today I have a super cool tip for staying hydrated this summer in a new cool fancy way. Only requires two to three ingredients…depending on how much fruit you like. That and I have a totally hard time making anything more complicated than three ingredients… I kid, I kid. I can cook. When I feel like it. You see a trend here…running when I feel like it, blogging when I feel like it, cooking when I feel like it….summer has already hit my brain apparently.

Anyway, onward to our fun treat. I call them Electro Pops. Short for electrolyte. I told you it was fancy. I know, I know… you are all thoroughly impressed with my classy wit. But on a more impressive note, these little pops cost you about 10 calories or less (depending on if you use NUUN or Gatorade) each with a little burst of essential electrolytes. It’s an easy way to stave off that late night ice-cream craving and/or hydrate on a hot summer day. Also, way more cost efficient than purchasing popcicles with all kinds of refinded sugar and corn syrups in those pre-packed deals. And, the kid loves them.

Electo Pops Recipe

Step one: gather everything you need. Like this list:

  • knife, preferably a short one specific to fruit. or if you’re classy like me just grab a streak knife. whatever works.
  • straws
  • empty ice cube tray(s)
  • strawberries, blueberries (whatever fruit you like)
  • pre-mixed NUUN, Gatorade, or your electrolyte beverage of choice

Step two: cut straws into thirds and place one in each cube space

photo 1 (2)

straws and ice cube trays. super affordable and easy.

Step three: cut fruit into little cubes and fill ice cube tray. The more you stuff in there the better the straw sticks up.

cutting strawberries with a steak knife. it's okay to judge.

cutting strawberries with a steak knife. it’s okay to judge.

fill with yummy, refreshing fruit.

fill with yummy, refreshing fruit.

Step four: pour electrolyte beverage over until covering all cubes. Where’e my picture here? Think I was getting too anxious to freeze them and forgot to snap. Oh well, you get the idea.

Step Five: freeze for about 4-5 hours

one I pulled out had my strawberries shaped like a heart. proof these are good for you. ;-)

one I pulled out had my strawberries shaped like a heart. proof these are good for you. 😉

Step six: loosen tray, pull out by the straw, and enjoy! like this kid:

kid friendly. adult approved. win-win!

kid friendly. adult approved. win-win!

The funniest thing was that the kid was like, “ohmygosh these are soooo good!! Did you find this off Pintrest?” I replied, “No. No I did not. I just figured this one out on my own. I don’t need Pintrest. Pintrest needs me.”

hahaha although I am almost near positive this may have already been thought of before. I’m sure. But for now, my kid thinks I’m a total genius. 😉

So there you have it folks. A blog post and a neat, good-for-you popsicle recipe. You’re welcome.

Is your brain already geared up for summer? Any fun plans? Are you an ice-creamaholic like me??

blessed and beautiful running.


Thinking Out Loud Thursday…Maybe It Was the Popcorn and Chocolate.


Thank you Amanda at Running With Spoons for hosting Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud! It’s the perfect link-up to get all my crazy thoughts off my mind.

I’m going to be honest. I struggle. I really, really struggle.

Maybe it was the popcorn and chocolate last night.

Maybe I need new shoes.

Maybe it was the HIGH pollen count in the air.

I don’t get it. It was a sunny, cool, and glorious day here in the mountains of western NC but my run felt HARD. I felt heavy, slow, and out of breathe the entire time. And I kept finding myself angry with my body.

Why is this so hard? I am so blessed to be out here! Did I not pray right this morning? Is it because I got too frustrated with the dog?

Maybe I am dehydrated.

Maybe I am tired.

Maybe I am over thinking the whole situation.

Part of my game plan this week was to hit the weights more and focus on over all strength and total body conditioning. And in my running journal this week I even promised myself to not beat myself up for not running as much. But I fear losing all that endurance I built over the past four months…BUT I also know a.) I will not lose a substantial amount of endurance and  b.) how important it is to remain strong and healthy. My body can not just keep pounding the pavement without a serious break here and there. It’s only been three weeks post marathon and I’m already beating myself up for not running 30+ mileage weeks. Dummy. Get over it.

I know that the body needs rest and a restorative period. Especially if I’m going to ask it to marathon train all over a gain in two months. I keep trying to remind myself that I will have another four brutal months to beat myself up.


Do you struggle running during the warmer months? How low do you keep your mileage after a marathon? What’s on YOUR mind this Thursday?


Wisdom Wednesday: Where I’ve Been, Strawberries, and Cut the Crap.

Hey y’all! I know, it’s been way too long since I’ve hopped on the blog. Wow. Time has this magical way of slipping right through your fingers. I’m a busy woman. For those of you super human mommas who work full-time, raise kiddos, train (run, swim, bike, lift and all that), and find the time to post daily or at least weekly I say: KUDOS to you! I don’t know how you get it all in. I really struggle. And half my posts I feel are typed haphazardly, sideways, and all kinds of backwards.

But. On to the important stuff in life. Like where have I been? Racing the Tata Trot last Saturday with a finishing PR! (working on that blog post. It’s on my to-do list.), working with clients at the track, and working my tail off everywhere else.

And then there were strawberries. Out on my glorious, sunny run today all was right with the world…until about mile 5.62 when I realized that temps lately have been rising and I’m a thirsty girl when I run in heat. I have been so spoiled to run without carrying any kind of water bottle in the cooler temps, But now it’s time to revisit the old carry the water bottle or stash it somewhere routine. Before I die of a heatstroke routine. Luckily today, however, I ran past this little piece of heaven:

. thank you local small town businesses!

And even luckier, I knew the owners! I pleaded my thirsty runner case and they kindly offered me fruit and water. Post run I went back to purchase a full bucket. This is one purchase I don’t regret. If you’re in the area, these are some juicy, fresh, home-grown strawberries right on Asheville Hwy in Brevard, NC! Noshing on a strawberry reminded me of when I took an orange at the marathon and how greatly it helped me during that race.

This got me to thinking about running and nutrition. We have gels, sports drinks, and a variety of other “foods” to utilize in our training. BUT. What if, now here’s a crazy thought, I started fueling completely all natural? How would I carry fresh fruit on a run? These are some questions I’m going to experiment with and will report immediately to my fans er, um blog readers.

A few other random thoughts

Low Cut Arch Support Socks

Have you heard of Kushyfoot? As a distance runner having comfy socks on my feet at work and on the run are high priority. And it feels like I rotate socks more than I brush my teeth. Okay, exaggerating a little but you catch my drift. So the kind folks of Kushyfoot generously offered to send me some samples! I can not wait to try em on and give you guys the 411.

{Insert stupid excited squeal here.}

And a last random little thought I found this short article via FitFluential8 Habits of Highly Fit People

The one habit that really, really stuck out to me was cutting the crap. But aside from cutting the food and beverage crap I believe it’s imperative that we cut the non-essential “life crap” out as well. For example:

  • Cut out the crappy inner voices that tell you, you are not good enough. You are. More than just good enough even.
  • Cut out extra crappy distractions. Like the social media time sucker. Make a time/date with social media. Keep it. Then let it go and turn on REAL LIFE.
  • Cut out all the extra “extras” in life that cause you stress. Yes, extra volunteer work is noble and great. BUT volunteering at many and/or over extending your social gatherings can be overly stressful. Pick a handful charities, clubs, and/or organizations to  be a part of then cut out the rest. In doing so you will become more highly effective in your current work.

There’s just a little wisdom for your day. If you’re not signed up with FitFluential I highly recommend doing so. I get tons of healthy recipes, fitness tips, and cool articles. Like the one above.

What socks do you knock around and run in? Have you tried fueling your runs with whole, real, raw food? Do you feel like it fuels your body better? How do you cut the “crap” out of your life?


blessed and beautiful running.

Thinking Out Loud: Pharmacy Frustrations with Twinkies and Apples

As it already is in my normal life I’m thinking out loud today, only this time while linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons. My poor husband can testify that I tend to ramble on and on and on….generally about all the minuet details of my ever so intriguing life.

So in an effort to stay married I’m going to blog all about the current ramblings in my brain, with you. You’re welcome.

First order of business, as I woof down left over spaghetti in an effort to multi-task, is that I am struggling to keep an order in business! If you’ve been following me for a while now then you may be aware that I have become a certified personal trainer through NASM. woo! While this is exciting I am still intensely frustrated. I’m currently stuck working full-time in the pharmacy so I feel as though I can not devote the much needed time to build a successful career. I know it can be done, but man, it’s such a slow process. There’s just so much to think about. Especially since I’m the primary health insurance provider I can’t exactly just quit my current job. And there’s still that thing called RENT that has to  be paid. Quitting my current full-time, well paying job would be completely irresponsible. But there’s  nothing I desire more than to make a living, while LIVING. Does this make any sense? If not. Oh well. That’s what this post if for. Thinking out loud and rambling. Maybe after all this typing and posting something will come to my brain that makes sense of out all of this.


So. In an effort to segway out of pharmacy I have been tirelessly been working on a resume.

It goes something like this:

Pharmacy for 10 years.

marathon runner.

volunteer coach.

Not too impressive. In creating this resume thing I’ve been feeling beyond inadequate. Yes, I do have that lovely cert now. Yes, I do have a strong solid employment with a company.

But I have ZERO college degrees. And this has always been a source of feelings of failure for me. I tried going back once back when the kid was younger but I felt as though I wan’t being a parent. And I think that hurt  me more than not having that degree.

Unfortunately, companies don’t really care too much about how you feel as a parent. They care about experience, education, and skills.

Oh I got skills. I got mad running, marathoner, and motivational skills.

But is that enough for employment? Probably not.

Yes, so let me tell you more. Most days in the pharmacy are high stress, fast paced, and generally crazy with the crazy pubic. Getting yelled at for things out of my control. Watch people medicate while they buy their Twinkies and cigarettes.

I mean c’mon y’all! A bag of apples will last longer than those Twinkies, help regulate your blood sugar, and boost your energy! This is probably the most frustrating aspect of my current career. Watching people throw their lives out the window with band-aid solutions and temporary highs that ultimately destroy their long-term health.

In being a personal trainer I would have that career that would get people moving into their full potentials in life.

So my resume sucks. Whatever. I filled it out. Tried in vain to make it look pretty and sent it in anyway to any and every gym there is. There’s just too much risk in going into business myself for our family. We are simply not in that position. But if I could get hired on full-time in a gym maybe that’d be my meal ticket in the mean time.

In other news…I had an awesome sunny run yesterday and a great track workout this morning. It was a super short and simple track workout. Just enough to get my legs popping for the 5k this weekend while keeping ’em fresh.

Thank you Amanda for hosting this Thinking out loud Thursday so I could have a moment to vent.

And now, I’m off to the pharmacy. Prayers welcomed. 😉

blessed and beautiful running.