Don’t Be Afraid to Give and Get Your Hands a Little Dirty.

We all want freedom.

From debt.

From mental bondage.

From excess weight.

From our jobs.

From fear.

But who is willing to actually fight and pay the price to have that freedom?

Not many.

Life itself is not free.

Do you think those who fought and died for us quaked at the thought of the impending death they faced? Probably. Most likely. But they fought anyway.
I think if more were willing to pay what it takes we’d see more results and freedom in this world.

Running has been my freedom. It has shown me what great things I am capable because I’ve worked hard for it. It seems to me that too many in America feel as though they are privileged and even deserving of handouts left and right.

“All you need is this pill to lose weight!!

Get free of debt quick with {insert latest scam here}!!

You deserve {insert product, scam here}!!

Find love at the click of a button!!

No payment needed to receive actual benefits!!”

NO. False claims. False promises. This thinking could not be more skewed and I feel as though coddling America is hurting America.

So this is my plea to you: Get up and move! Give more. Love bigger. Dig in deep. Buck up and just do it. Do it when you feel like it least. It takes WORK to see results.

But work is so hard. {insert whine here}

Work gives us purpose. Meaning. And the fruits of your labor are so, so sweet. I’ve experienced it myself. With marathoning, parenting, working. I could not agree with this quote more:

Don’t expect a handout. Expect to work hard and give more. You want success? Be prepared to get your hands dirty. But I can promise you it will be worth it. Your sweet success will end up so much greater.

How are you celebrating Memorial Day? Any special races and/or events your way? Do you shy away from getting your hands dirty or are you the type to dive right in?

blessed & beautiful running.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Give and Get Your Hands a Little Dirty.

  1. Awesome post! I am super type-A so I really like being involved and getting into the nitty gritty of all situations. Great post to start the week off!

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