Wisdom Wednesday: Where I’ve Been, Strawberries, and Cut the Crap.

Hey y’all! I know, it’s been way too long since I’ve hopped on the blog. Wow. Time has this magical way of slipping right through your fingers. I’m a busy woman. For those of you super human mommas who work full-time, raise kiddos, train (run, swim, bike, lift and all that), and find the time to post daily or at least weekly I say: KUDOS to you! I don’t know how you get it all in. I really struggle. And half my posts I feel are typed haphazardly, sideways, and all kinds of backwards.

But. On to the important stuff in life. Like where have I been? Racing the Tata Trot last Saturday with a finishing PR! (working on that blog post. It’s on my to-do list.), working with clients at the track, and working my tail off everywhere else.

And then there were strawberries. Out on my glorious, sunny run today all was right with the world…until about mile 5.62 when I realized that temps lately have been rising and I’m a thirsty girl when I run in heat. I have been so spoiled to run without carrying any kind of water bottle in the cooler temps, But now it’s time to revisit the old carry the water bottle or stash it somewhere routine. Before I die of a heatstroke routine. Luckily today, however, I ran past this little piece of heaven:

. thank you local small town businesses!

And even luckier, I knew the owners! I pleaded my thirsty runner case and they kindly offered me fruit and water. Post run I went back to purchase a full bucket. This is one purchase I don’t regret. If you’re in the area, these are some juicy, fresh, home-grown strawberries right on Asheville Hwy in Brevard, NC! Noshing on a strawberry reminded me of when I took an orange at the marathon and how greatly it helped me during that race.

This got me to thinking about running and nutrition. We have gels, sports drinks, and a variety of other “foods” to utilize in our training. BUT. What if, now here’s a crazy thought, I started fueling completely all natural? How would I carry fresh fruit on a run? These are some questions I’m going to experiment with and will report immediately to my fans er, um blog readers.

A few other random thoughts

Low Cut Arch Support Socks

Have you heard of Kushyfoot? As a distance runner having comfy socks on my feet at work and on the run are high priority. And it feels like I rotate socks more than I brush my teeth. Okay, exaggerating a little but you catch my drift. So the kind folks of Kushyfoot generously offered to send me some samples! I can not wait to try em on and give you guys the 411.

{Insert stupid excited squeal here.}

And a last random little thought I found this short article via FitFluential8 Habits of Highly Fit People

The one habit that really, really stuck out to me was cutting the crap. But aside from cutting the food and beverage crap I believe it’s imperative that we cut the non-essential “life crap” out as well. For example:

  • Cut out the crappy inner voices that tell you, you are not good enough. You are. More than just good enough even.
  • Cut out extra crappy distractions. Like the social media time sucker. Make a time/date with social media. Keep it. Then let it go and turn on REAL LIFE.
  • Cut out all the extra “extras” in life that cause you stress. Yes, extra volunteer work is noble and great. BUT volunteering at many and/or over extending your social gatherings can be overly stressful. Pick a handful charities, clubs, and/or organizations to  be a part of then cut out the rest. In doing so you will become more highly effective in your current work.

There’s just a little wisdom for your day. If you’re not signed up with FitFluential I highly recommend doing so. I get tons of healthy recipes, fitness tips, and cool articles. Like the one above.

What socks do you knock around and run in? Have you tried fueling your runs with whole, real, raw food? Do you feel like it fuels your body better? How do you cut the “crap” out of your life?


blessed and beautiful running.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Where I’ve Been, Strawberries, and Cut the Crap.

  1. What if you dehydrated fresh fruit? Granted it would take the water out but it would shrink them and still be nutritional! You could do strawberries, pineapples, peaches, etc. I think there’s a way to make your own gummies that way too!!

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