Wordless Wednesday…Almost.

I usually post some sort of wisdom Wednesday, but today my brain just isn’t feeling it. So I’m jumping on the Wordless Wednesday band wagon today.

These are my legs:

just legs.

These are my legs on NUUN:


This is how NUUN makes my runs feel: electric!

Eight beautiful, sunny miles today at a faster clip. Still sticking with lots of cross-training on the elliptical, stretching, and weight training. Just being sure all my joints, ligaments, and tendons in my legs have the proper recovery from the marathon. My legs are getting some speed back in them though and feeling ready for a fast 5k this weekend!

What photo editor do you use if any? Which electrolyte beverage is your favorite? 

blessed and beautiful running.



3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…Almost.

  1. For photo editing…on my phone, I just use Instagram (if you can call that photo editing – that’s as fancy as I get)…but I do teach Photoshop so I am partial to that when I have access to it! I am also a NUUN lover! Sometimes I use some GU Brew but on a regular basis…NUUN all the way!!! Love your pictures!! Good luck at the 5K!!!!

  2. I used to use Nuun on runs and loved it, but then my tastes changed I guess… now it just makes me even thirstier when I drink it so I’ve found that just water and Gu for my energy work much better. If I really need the electrolytes, I’ll take Gatorade now because it doesn’t make me crave more like Nuun does.

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