#Motivational Monday: But She Be FIERCE! 

Hello Monday!!  Since the marathon has come and gone I’m getting back at the more traditional motivational Monday thing. I saw the above quote on Pintrest and of course immediately fell in love because I stand tall at 5 foot. flat. Dynamite comes in small packages, baby. I feel like 2015 is my year to really amp up the running department and I’d say it’s off to a great start.

So let’s talk recovery, group running, and what the game plan is shall we…

Here’s what my recovery week looked like

I want to preface this with saying that recovery week is a bit of a challenge for me. I tend to get a little down on myself because I feel like if I’m not running or working out somehow I’m immediately losing fitness.. Which is totally bogus and we all know better. After 26.2 miles of hard running your body NEEDS rest! And lots of it!

Monday: lots of stretching, walking, and a nice Epsom salt bath and back at work on my feet all day was a total killer!

Tuesday: more stretching and more work. Pharmacy has been high stress! Still felt a little lethargic post marathon and traveling.

Wednesday: Garmin FREEEEE easy 3.5 miles. some of the happiest miles.

Thursday: gym time.  elliptical and some weights with the pulley and double pulley. kept things light. just enough to feel like I did something.

Friday: 5 miler jog in town. sunny and happy.

Pisgah Forest is SO green this time of year. love it!

Saturday: Garmin FREEEEE trail run with the BRF. roughly 7 miles. some more of the happiest miles ever! Running on trail is so much kinder to your body!

Sunday: Stabilization/strength 30 minute routine. I plan on creating a poster of the workout and sharing it with y’all this Friday! Mind the little things (ie boring stability workouts) so the big things don’t crush you. + an easy 2.5 mile walk/jog with this crazy group of gals:

Sunday evening  group run #FlyingFeetChicks

I started a weekend group run in part to help new runners to have a safe, no judgement zone place to start. We have a mix of beginners to more experienced. There is no too fast and there is no too slow. You just run, walk, or jog whatever YOUR pace. A huge component of my personal training style is encouragement of playing in the great outdoors. When you’re out having fun you don’t even realize your working it out! If you’re in the western NC area and are interested in joining in, get with me and I can add you to our growing group.

Right now Flying Feet Ladies Group Runs are Sundays @ 6:30 PM.

What’s next for me

Onward…my personal game plan until July 20th is to fiercely work on core strength, overall strength/stability, and slowly work on building mileage back up to a solid 40 mpw (miles per week).  Don’t worry. I’ll be back at the marathon training soon enough. 😉 it’s an addiction. I know. And I plan on ramping up the next season’s training even more. I am so stinkin’ ready to shave off those 11 minutes and BQ by a landslide!! FIERCE. During marathon training I tried keeping core strength a priority but it honestly just did not happen enough. I mean isn’t running 50,000,999 miles enough?! no. no it’s not. After the marathon my lower back ached a little which is a tell-tell sign that my core wasn’t strong enough.

And this week’s focus takes us back to the good ‘ol 5k. Laura over at Mommy Run Fast talks about speed and man, has she got some! She also shares 5 workouts for a faster 5k HERE.

This Saturday I’ll be running the Tata Trot in Rosman to test my 5k fitness. I haven’t raced a 5k since last Novemeber so I’m super curious to see how well I fare. I think the 5k can almost be more challenging than the marathon. I’m so used to running long and slow that running hard and fast hurts.

Then I will loosely train for the half-marathon in June and 10k in July. The last time I raced a 10k was back in 2013…Been a little while. And I haven’t really ever raced a half-marathon. So before I start marathon training July 20th I’ve got a tune-up game plan. See where I run fitness wise.

I’m ready to run FIERCELY.

Any Summer races coming up? Do you struggle with the rest period post marathon? Do you find the 5k harder than the marathon?

blessed and beautiful running.




11 thoughts on “#Motivational Monday: But She Be FIERCE! 

  1. Love the quote – I like to say I’m 5’2 but I barely touch the “2” 🙂 I’m with you on tuning up the little things like core and stability. I let those things slide big time over the past few months. Bring it on!! And I would race a marathon over a 5K ANY day of the week, sister! As for summer races, MAYBE a 5K (aka race of absolute torture) in May and leaning towards Grandma’s Marathon in June. I just need to sign up already!!

  2. I haven’t scheduled any races past Memorial Day. I plan to run a marathon this fall so I’ll eventually filter some races between those dates. I think 5K are the worse…the shorter the race the more tough the challenge.

  3. We have the same plan! I’m doing mostly 5 and 10K’s this summer just to keep and stay motivated. I’m doing a Race the Bar series all summer which will be fun! I need to concentrate on core more too this summer. You’ve inspired me to kick it up! 🙂

  4. LOVE the quote because it’s so true! 🙂 Great job this week – running with friends is so much fun and helps the miles fly by! Have fun with the 5K!! (It made me smile to see the Relay for Life logo on the ad for the 5K – I’m on the committee for our local Relay event!) 🙂

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