Friday Five! 5 Things I Do Race Day


woooo! #crazywife


 Hello friends, it’s Friday and I’m blogging via iPhone in Nashville!! Can I get a woot woot?! I’ve be training relentlessly for 16 weeks for THIS weekend. I started posting #QuickFitTip Fridays, but I was just too excited about the Friday Five link-up hosted by CourtneyCynthia, and Mar this week cause it’s about RACE day which happens to be tomorrow for me. Complete with rain, hills, 50,000 tangets, hills, and thunderstorm warnings in the forecast. And I chose this race to try and BQ?! Awesome. Bring it. 


I’m pretty sure running in a rain storm qualifies as total hard core runner. right? ;-D



Anyway y’all should def check out the Friday Five rules and future topics HERE! The BEST way to meet new fabulous bloggers and join in on the fun weekly convo. 

Today’s topic:

5 Things I always do the morning of Race Day:

1.) Drink a good cup (and a half) of hot, strong, black coffee and wait for the manic to happen. I love my coffee every morning. I need it…I mean c’mon. You all know what you have to do before you start off running..heaven help if there’s no coffee. Or this guy resembles my face: 

i better get my magic juice..

2.) I eat a cinnamon raisin bagel, drink NUUN, and pee about 10,000x. 

3.) A long hot shower to wake up. 

4.) Pray. I usually do this as I’m getting ready but also have a special pre-race prayer for all those I love. 

5.) Short jog, dynamic warm-up, and run my heart out!! 

So that’s my basic, boring runner routine. 🙂

**You still have time to WIN a tube of NUUN by guessing my marathon time HERE!!**

~What do you do race morning? Any unique rituals?!~

blessed and beautiful running. 


10 thoughts on “Friday Five! 5 Things I Do Race Day

  1. Love this post! Good luck in your race. Don’t worry about the weather – it is one factor you can’t control! But you have a great attitude about it so you will have a great day. I’m with you on the coffee, sister – I need a good 1-2 cups so I can wake up and “get things moving”! I get up early and like to drink my coffee and spend some time just relaxing! I need that to calm my nerves 🙂

  2. Coffee before a race (and every morning for that matter) FOR SURE!!! I could not go without it 🙂
    My routine is pretty similar to yours – nothing really unique about it.

    And finally – GO GET IT TOMORROW! I’ll be rooting for you. Is there a way to track your race? GOOD LUCK, JESS!!!

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