Wisdom Wednesday: Rear view Mirror Runner…Only for Checking.

We have rear view mirrors on our vehicles to briefly check behind us for any oncoming traffic, human beings wondering around aimlessly, and/or other things that might be obstructing our path. And this is a beautiful parallel for life. Often times our past failures seem bigger than what they really are…as with the rear view mirrors… Our past is only meant for a brief check. Not to gaze behind long in regret, or could haves or should haves…

Go ahead and check your past.

observe what went wrong; what went right.

review what needs to change, if anything.

pause for a moment to allow things to pass or move out of your way so you’re not plowing ahead or behind and running people or ideas over without care.

but what ever you do, do not stay stuck.

because who you are today is not who you were yesterday, but you wouldn’t be who you are TODAY if it wasn’t for yesterday….did I lose you?

I am not who I was yesterday. Thank the LORD!

we are constantly learning. growing. shaping.

don’t let past failures shape your future. rather, allow lessons learned grow you.

This is also a practical application for your physical training, like marathon training. I like to review past workouts to see what worked and what didn’t. But I refuse to dwell on where I goofed for too long. Instead, I press forward to find new ways to work on my training. One method didn’t work. Oh well. We move on.


pssst..please review THIS past post briefly to WIN NUUN! Thanks, y’all are the best.

How often do you check your “rear view mirror” in life? Do you keep a running or fitness log to review?

blessed and beautiful running.



8 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Rear view Mirror Runner…Only for Checking.

  1. I really try to learn from my past, but not dwell on it! I inherently like progress and moving forward.
    I do keep a handwritten journal and training journal. Otherwise I’ll forget what I did!
    Great post!!

  2. This message makes my heart smile. It’s not realistic to not look back, but it is possible to stay back there. Glancing back just to see all that you’ve done, how you felt or reacted, and how you changed, makes us better humans. ❤

  3. I love this message and your metaphor. I think it can be really uplifting to take a quick look at the past, especially to see how far you’ve come and the things you still need to work on.

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