Quick #FitTip Friday: Log It + Heart Rate Max + H2O

Praise Jesus! It’s GOOD Friday! photo source

Well…we made it to Friday, Good Friday, my friends. We have so much to be thankful for… and if you are a believer than we have Jesus to praise each and every day. Friday was a dark day but Sunday is a comin’… His life gave us incredible life here and beyond.

For our Quick Fit Tip today I’m talking logging your workouts and/or food intake. Last week I talked about accountability with a friend or personal trainer and part of being accountable means remaining accountable with yourself. I think this is even more of a challenge. One way to overcome  and conquer this challenge is by keeping a journal be it online like DailyMile or the good ‘ol pen and paper. I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post HERE, but it’s worth repeating for the fitness peeps as well, not just the runners.

There is something so powerful about seeing it written down in black and white. There is no lying to yourself. You either did or didn’t today. You either ate five cookies or a leafy, green salad.

  • It also teaches you what worked in the past and what progress you’ve made.
  • Goals. Write them. See them. Conquer them.
  • Water intake. How much water do you need? I’ll go into that another Friday for sure. I bet it’s more than what you currently intake! But as a general rule of thumb: the average sedentary populations requires roughly:

Women 2.2 liters

Men 3 liters

Here’s a visual of what 3 liters looks like:

I carry this around with me. Hydrate baby!

Some say drink half your body weight in ounces. From PopSugar:

“drinking about half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water (or other calorie-free beverages). Cold water provides a brief shock to your metabolism, raising it by about 30 percent so that over the course of a day, your body will burn about 100 more calories.”

If that’s not incentive enough to track your h2o intake I’m not sure what else is!!

  • You can track weight, reps, and set increases in the gym. I like to see how heavy I can go when performing a bench press! Right now it’s not greater than 95#…but currently I’m focused on endurance and marathon training. All the longer runs wear me down so I’m using lighter weights to stay toned during the harsh marathon training. It’s all about balance…but after this marathon IT IS ON.
  • For some of you tracking heart rate will be important. To calculate your MAX heart rate simply take 220-your age. For example: I’m 29 so 220-29=191 MHR. This is a rough estimate and more of the “old school” way of calculating. Generally when I’m going all out for speed work I definitely see that higher number. For a new approach check out a Runner’s World article HERE.  In the mean time, when cardiovascular training here are five zones to consider:

Zone 1: 50-60% of MHR aerobic endurance zone. Light and very comfortable. Building endurance. 

Zone 2: 60-70% moderate to average. Conversational. Building aerobic and anaerobic endurance. 

Zone 3: 70-80% challenging to above average. Building speed.

Zone 4: 80-90% hard but sustainable. Building speed and power.

Zone 5: 90-10% all out max effort. Kickin’ tail.

We can go into more depth about heart rate training on another Friday but for now we will leave it simply put and keep on with keeping a workout log and tracking! 

  • Log your workouts and food intake to track your habits. Find where your weak spots are. Do notice a pattern of when and where you eat more junk? Or tend to work out less?
  • You can also log your sleeping patterns. Are you resting enough for the amount of work you’re giving each day?
  • Something to consider, try having something positive to write down with each entry. Not every day will be all glorious in it’s weight but there’s always some sort of take-away you can come up with. Like, “well that workout totally stunk, but I discovered that eating toast before my HIIT session didn’t upset my stomach.”  (Don’t worry, I plan on giving y’all some good workout tips, including effective HIIT sessions in future Friday posts but currently I’m working on getting all my ducks in a row as far as the personal training biz goes. Wowzw. It takes a LOT of work! Lots of lists, organizing, prioritizing, creating, developing…and I haven’t started to market yet! Baby steps.)
Try to find the beautiful in every day. Be beautifully fit from the inside out.

Do you track your food, water intake, and/or workouts? Do you use heart rate training? How are you celebrating Good Friday?

blessed and beautiful running.



4 thoughts on “Quick #FitTip Friday: Log It + Heart Rate Max + H2O

  1. Water intake is sooooo important. And as much as I know that, I know most days I don’t get enough :/ Ooops! Something to work on. Perhaps I should track my water intake as much as I do my workouts! I track my workouts on my phone, on paper, and on my blog. Though I erase them from my phone once they’re in my paper training log.

    I’m not doing anything tonight but me and my family are having a nice Easter dinner on Sunday 🙂 Hope you have a Happy Easter weekend as well!

    • Water intake is always a work in progress for me too. I find that if I carry how much I need with me I’m more likely to drink it all. Thank you so much!! I do work Easter but we are celebrating Easter and my son’s birthday this evening. 🙂

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