Marathon #MotivationalMonday: Slowin’ my Roll + #IRun4 Love

Observe & Enjoy. Something we need to do more! Photo Source

Happy Monday! How was y’all’s weekend? Mine was a bag of mixed tricks with trail running with a friend plus hubby and kiddo on bike, working at the pharmacy, and working towards my new career! Last week was also definitely a cut back week for me. So much so in fact that I cut back more than I originally anticipated to… This was the first week during this marathon training that I didn’t run my planned total mileage… But as I stated on Facebook sometimes taking unexpected breaks can be a matter of acquiring an injury or building strength. I chose to build strength. Again, KNOW YOUR BODY!! I truly believe your body will tell you when it needs rest. Don’t wait until it’s screaming at you….training for a marathon does require lots of running, but not every one persons body can handle 50+ mileage weeks. Add yoga, cross training, and strength training throughout to stay healthy and strong. Plus, slowing down gives us the chance to observe and enjoy everyday life.

Mommy, Run Fast hit the nail on the head in regards to signs of over training. I suggest taking a peak HERE about what she has to say!

I was starting to feel overly agitated, lethargic, and hungry-all-the-time. That was my body’s way of telling me it needed rest. So I listened and cut it way back. I’d rather take it easy one week than be injured and out for the big event.

We are now only four weeks away from #RnRNashville!!

So what’s on tap this week:

Monday: total rest

Tuesday: 8 miles hills

Wednesday: 10 miles w/8 yasso 800s

Thursday: XT/core or 6 easy w/6 strides

Friday: 7 easy

Saturday: 18 LSD (plan calls for 23 miles but in using my own body’s judgement I’m opting for 18)

Sunday: 6 easy + yoga

Total miles: 55

Okay so this happened today:

#IRun4Dylan #IPray4Dylan

My #IRun4 buddy mailed me a set of custom shoe tags so that he could run with me. I may or may not have sniffled a bit when I opened it… I immediately laced them on my race day shoes.

Hi Dylan! We love you!!!!


We are truly blessed. And today I was reminded again of why we do what we do. My son will run and ride his bike in honor of Dylan occasionally as well. I strive to teach my son what it means to appreciate the things we do have and the bodies we were given. Not everyone is so fortunate to remain in good health all the time. But maybe in their struggles we find that they are indeed the strongest, kindest, and loving people of all. I am proud to be raising a son who is learning daily what it means to give back and love others. Sometimes all it takes is one foot in front of the other and mega doses of daily prayer.

I don’t claim to get it right all the time. I am sure I am the farthest thing from the “perfect parent” image. But there is one thing that is always certain: I love deeply. And I truly don’t care too much about image and what others may think they know. Because at the end of the day I am at peace knowing that I am running this race of life with every ounce of my heart and soul.

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us… -Hebrews 12:1

Change one life and you change the world.

Have you every cut back more than originally intended in a plan? Give me one blessing in your week!

blessed and beautiful running.



10 thoughts on “Marathon #MotivationalMonday: Slowin’ my Roll + #IRun4 Love

  1. You were so smart in listening to your body! I did the exact thing last Fall. I had 20 miles planned and I think I ran 15 or 16 and stopped. I didn’t want to go any further. It helps to take that break. You’ve done the work! 🙂

  2. Love it Jess!! I am on a waiting list for my little running buddy! I can’t wait to share it with my son as well!!

  3. I had to cut way back on my training in January and I’m so glad I did. It was scary, but I wanted to make sure I’d have a strong spring training season.
    My friends are a huge blessing!!!

    • It is scary! I kept thinking, have I done enough work? Will I bonk at the marathon because of this? Only four weeks left though and I know I’ve put in some serious work!! So as long as the rest of my plan works out I think I’ll be good to go. Friends are the best!!!! 🙂

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