Quick Fit Tip Friday: Accountability = Results!

Hey guys, happy Friday!! 

In honor of my new CPT status I’m celebrating this Friday by offering Fit Tip Friday. Until I decide the future path of my blog I’ll try keeping Fridays for fitness and see how you like it. 🙂

Health and wellness is not a single journey. I mean, it’s a deeply personal journey and only you can control you,  but without friends or family to encourage us along the way it can be a long, lonely, and even daunting journey…making it easier to give up. 

Plug in: accountability. 

1.) Find a trusted friend or family member, let them in on your plan and ask for a little support. You can encourage each other as a team even. 

A personal trainer can help keep you motivated, push you beyond what you thought you were capable of safely and effectively, and offer moral support as well. 

2.) Write out your plan!

3.) Then have said accountability partner call or text you daily/weekly, workout with you, just be there for you, and give moral support. You are less likely to break a date with a friend or a paid trainer!

4.) Celebrate EVERY accomplishment together!! Small or large. 

5.) Regroup when you slide back or have an “off” week. 

6.) Never, ever give up on each other. 

Accountability partners can help remind you that YOU are worth it and that YOU are capable of great things. 


Never, ever give up a dream. Especially if it still burns in your heart everyday. We are not perfect people and there will be those who oppose us, degrade our personalities, disagree with our motives, but at the end of the day it boils down to your heart and soul and what God sees. Pursue your passions relentlessly. GO change the world. You’re beautiful and bold!! ~ Jess 

Do you have an accountability partner? Would you consider a personal trainer or are you a self motivator?

blessed and beautiful running.


5 thoughts on “Quick Fit Tip Friday: Accountability = Results!

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