Thoughts for Thursday: Say Hello to Your New Personal Trainer + #shoeobsessed

 Hey guys! If you’re friends with me or follow me on Instagram then you may already know that I passed my NASM personal trainer exam and am officially Jessica Payne, CPT!! If you’ve been following my blog than you know it’s been a long time coming. Many people stop chasing their dreams because of the time it takes to get there….but the time passes anyway so you might as well pass it with something you’re passionate about. And my passion is helping others achieve their dreams and goals! t feels so incredible to know I didn’t give up. There were times I thought there’s no way I’ll ever finish this thing…with wedding, working full time, managing a home…you know real life. But this new path IS my real life now! 


we got this. I know y’all have seen this before but I love this pic. His face… game on.

Dreams are possible. That’s one thing the marathon taught me. With hard work and persistence you can accomplish anything. And who cares how long it may take?! This is YOUR journey. Own it. 

So now what? 

  • Well I plan on absorbing as much knowledge as possible and shadowing a personal trainer for a while. I did pass my exam and I am relatively in good fitness shape I respect the fact that I’ve not taught or trained anyone and this is a new thing to me still. We all have something to learn.
  • I’d also like to take on a few willing candidates as guinea pigs and work on creating a resume. 
  • Work in a gym for about a year to get a handle on ALL the different modalities and methods that I can. Pick brains of other PTs. 
  • Work on creating a website for online personal training. 

I’m currently trying to figure out the direction of my current blog and new career path So that’s where YOU come in. I designed this clever little poll to help me decide on the blog aspect anyway. 

Would you like to see:

  1.  this blog continue as it; running, motivation, marathons etc and create an added page for fitness
  2. integrate my new fitness journey with same Flying feet in Faith w/ (FIT) Feet blog and online coaching/training 
  3. completely recreate the website with a new name for the sole purpose of coaching/training
  • a.) flying FIT feet
  • b.) Fit coach Payne
  • b.) fitness with Jessica Payne
  • d.) Payne fitness
  • e.) other __________ 

No decisions will be made for quite some time. I’m just trying to brainstorm a bit and get an idea of where I need to be headed. And what better way to do this than to find out what my audience, that would be you amazing people, wants to see. Thanks in advance guys!! 

On another note, I’ve been breaking in my Mizuno’s Sayonaras for race day. So far I’m really enjoying them. Other than the fact that they are completely Easter egg themed…but as a runner on a budget I found these sweet rides on super sale at FootRx in Asheville, because they were the last pair, previous edition, and in my “long run” size. So I swiped them. I usually like to run in a size half up from my normal 6.5 to a 7 because my feel swell big time when running long and my normal 6.5s seem to to squeeze my feet uncomfortably tight.

Sayonara, baby! I'm hoping that's what I'll be saying on race day to my competitors. ;-)

Sayonara, baby! I’m hoping that’s what I’ll be saying on race day to my competitors. 😉

I had yet to try on Mizuno’s Sayonaras but the reviews were all good. I was wanting a lighter shoe with at least some cushioning for the marathon and once I tried them on they certainly seemed to fit the bill. I love my Wave Rider, Wave Prophecy, Wave Precision, Wave Inspire, but they tend to run heavier, except the Precisions. Good for long term training but I want to feel light on my feet race day. I really liked my Precisions but they no longer make that model. That’s how it goes….a company makes a stellar product only to stop producing to make something new. But that’s cool. I still love you Mizuno.

Some people call it obsession...I call it devotion.

Some people call it obsession…I call it devotion.

Are you brand specific when it comes to running shoes? Socks? Or any other running apparel? Do you run in a different size for long runs? And let me know what YOU would like to see on this blog in the future!

blessed and beautiful running. 



10 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday: Say Hello to Your New Personal Trainer + #shoeobsessed

  1. I am SO happy for you!!!
    I typically run in sauconys, but I still love trying new shoes.
    I always wear Swiftwicks Zero socks.
    I go up a half size in run shoes.
    I think you’ll nayutally blend your running and training into your blog:)

  2. Congrats!!!!
    I’ve tried Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Brooks and Asics. Brooks and Asics are my favorites, but I’m not against trying something new 🙂

  3. Congrats on passing the test! Id personally like to see you integrate your new endeavor with the current blog. We can join you on your new venture, but still get the motivation that your blog provides for our running etc. You could always try something and if you see it’s not working, switch it up later. But I will continue to read no matter what you decide to do! I have some pretty crazy-colored running shoes too,I’m all about the clearance racks. Just ordered a new-to-me shoe, Brooks Adrenaline, can’t wait for them to get here!

  4. Congrats, Jess! That’s amazing news – I know you’ll do great as you take on your new journey! I think you’ll be able to integrate your personal training and running into a great website/blog. I definitely don’t want you to lose all your personal running touches/motivation!

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