Marathon Monday and Tuesday. Oops! 

Let me tell you. Yesterday I hit the ground running at 5 am and didn’t stop until after 9 pm. I started my day off shadowing one of the best personal trainers in town, went to work, and then enjoyed family time with my husband’s brother and family. It was a long but beautiful day. So I had zero time to blog yesterday. I meant to pre type this all but after my 22 miler Sunday and Sunday’s post….I just didn’t even.

Anyways. I am so excited to start this edition’s Marathon Monday off with this:

Look what came in the mail!! Stuff is getting real y’all! Only 6 more weeks until the big race. 

Instagram cut my head off but it’s cool. The tank is the main focus.

I ran eight miles today in it and plan on running with it in the marathon. The weather was relatively cool this morning, like 38-40* to start out so running in a tank may have not seemed like a bright idea but I had broken a sweat by the end of my run. I am enjoying our sunnier weather so much!

Last week’s training was a huge success for me personally hitting 59 miles for the week! I haven’t seen that kind of mileage since I trained for the OKC Memorial Marathon back in 2013. I’m feeling fairly confident that this IS the marathon where I am able to give it my all. I’m a little sore and tired but no major complaints or injuries to speak of (again, knocking on wood here!). I  believe it’s time for me to invest in some more CheriBuni. Tart cherry juice really is a fantastic inflammation reducer! Beats popping IBU daily. So we proceed…

As per usual life is rocking and rolling so here’s my weekly mileage plan:

Monday: REST (thank you Jesus!) + 30 minutes easy flow yoga

Tuesday: 8 w/8 strides — done!

Wednesday: 9 w/6 x Yasso 800s (if you are unfamiliar with Yasso 800s or what it means check it out HERE.) + upper  body strength

Thursday: 7 easy

Friday: 8 w/6 @MP

Saturday: 6 easy + yoga

Sunday: 22 LSD w/fast finish

Total Miles: 60

In looking at next week’s miles I only have to run a 14 miler for the LSD….Let’s make it through one more monster week! So that’s all I have for today….going to my real job. You know, the one that currently pays most of the bills.

What’s the highest mileage you’ve run in a week? Do you use a natural alternative for inflammation/pain? How warm does it have to be for you to run in a tank? Any exciting happenings over your weekend?

blessed and beautiful running.



7 thoughts on “Marathon Monday and Tuesday. Oops! 

  1. 93 miles is my weekly high.
    I drink tart cherry juice after I run. It’s supposed to help with inflammation.
    I’ll usually wear a tank in the 50’s. If I’m racing, I’ll wear a tank in the 40’s.

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