Sweet Sunday

Ahhh, sweet Sunday! I LOVE my Sundays off when I do get them…Jesus, running, family, food, and rest. I sure hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend! Mine started off with the Oskar Blues 4-miler on Saturday followed by the best cheeseburgers in town at Dugan’s Pub. I am pleased to see the Oskar Blues 4-miler event grow each year. I reviewed it last year HERE. A few things changed like they had Asheville Running Co. now. But I will note that they added a few things that I mentioned in my cons:

  • This year they had a horn to announce the start.
  • There was music pre and post race this time not just post.
  • There was a larger crowd support. Could be because the race is growing.
  • The husband got a Tee this year even with registering day of. Last year they had run out.

I’m not sure if they read my blog post from last year or if they just coincidentally added these things… at any rate I give it two thumbs way up! Nicely done.

It is one of the nicest courses running mostly flat with a slight incline halfway through with ample down hill. And it’s always a good time with music, food, and goodies from our local bakery. Weather was pretty perfect as well. Just a light drizzle of rain at the start but it tapered off. But like my #IRun4 buddy says.

“Raindrops are just giggles from they sky!”

the hubs signature post race pose. yummy.

The husband killed it by taking about TEN minutes off last year’s time! Little D had his first 4 miler experience. #proudmom #proudwife I’m training them good 😉

I wasn’t in it to race this year. I ran as a volunteer coah with our SMART girls. Four miles is quite the accomplishment for an elementary aged kid. I’ll have more on that next Wednesday when I join in with Kelly at Miles-to-Go for her Making a Difference link-up.

Miles To Go

So in other news this weekend, I’m becoming increasingly excited about the marathon in April. Training has been going well (knock on wood). And I’ve been stalking the online Farmer’s Almanac online…it looks like it will be sunny and cool for the marathon weekend. Fingers crossed the good farmers got it right for the year! I’ve used the Farmer’s Almanac for all my marathons and it’s been correct thus far. Weather can sometimes make or break a race (um like heat and humidity for me!) and as good as my training has been I’m just praying my hardest that all the stars align and that somehow I manage to BQ this time…It for sure won’t be because I haven’t given it my all this training cycle!!

I’ve also been studying relentlessly for my personal trainer exam until my eyes get all crossed and fuzzy. Less than two weeks to go and I should be able to add the CPT tittle to my name! I can not express to you all in words adequately just how excited I am to start a new chapter in my career life. It takes courage to change from a steady ten year career to a whole new dimension. But I know that the field I’m trying to break into has such potential to change lives for the better. Not just medicate them. My mission is to encourage people with the right ‘tools’ for life so that they in turn can rock their own corners of the world. The ripple effect. Change ONE life and watch the world change. I’m still debating if I want to continue on with this blog and add a “Fit Feet” or something like that section or create a whole new blog/website. I’m not really great with the whole official looking website and stuff…like sending out weekly e-mails and such. Any tips on creating a successful online training system would be appreciated!

Finally I finished my running week with the monster 22 miler! Check it out, the sky matched my shirt this morning. God was smiling. I truly believe there is more than one way to worship and I think enjoying His creation qualifies. Especially if you find yourself thanking Him and praying for others while running. During my run today it was as if the entire world disappeared and it was just me and Jesus… My last mile was dedicated to our SMART girls because I finished running at the elementary “track”. 🙂 They make my heart smile.

Long run fueling logistics: CamelBak, four ClifBar gels at miles 4, 9, 15, and 19 including a double shot! buzzzz.

killed it.

I was a block of salt. mmm.

His glory on display.

I finished the day off with recovering right. Protein shake and a game of cards with the kiddo outside. You probably already know this if you follow me on Facebook.

Then snuggle time with the hubs. 😉

ahhh. Sweet Sunday!!

Do you consult the Farmer’s Almanac for weather before races two or so months out? Or am I just a weirdo? Was there a time in your life that you changed careers? What do YOU think, should I stick with Flying “Fit Feet” or create a new personal trainer page something like PinkPayne? Any sweet news on your Sunday? 

blessed and beautiful running!



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